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10 Most Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App Free

Ways to promote your mobile app

Mobile app creation opens several new ways to go near to customers online 24x7. Your app is the best gift to all your dedicated audience who are permanent on your website.

But, the set of hundreds or thousands of customers will not help you to grow your business. Thus, you need to find out the ways to promote your app to get more customers.

App promotion is the biggest challenge faced after mobile app development. Actually, launching and promoting an app are two different strategies.

App launching is always loud at high volume!

However, app promotion is a bit slow and takes time to give your results. Therefore, every top best-selling mobile application development company in USA believes in a bit calm launch and a high-tide promotion.

If you are someone who is looking to promote your app, then this is the right web page for you to learn the best ways to promote your app.

Get The Download Leads: Website To App

Anyone before reading this article may think that local market promotion is the best app promotion idea. It is quite obvious to see it correct because many business owners followed person to person communication modes via word of mouth and a grand launch.

Additionally, a grand opening has successfully driven audiences and customers to the app. However, is it possible that the same method of the promotion will work today for your app in Education, Real Estate, Healthcare, etc?

No, it’s not!

A grand opening can put audience eyes on your app, but they would not blindly download it without gathering information. Thus, the first thing they would do is to go online, search Google, and try gathering information about your app.

Thus, the base of your grand opening now depends on your app’s available information.

“Hence, to give greater visibility, you need to work for improved visibility.”

Moreover, to support this quote, I have one strong fact to share with you. A bit so strong that clearly tells you “how to promote your mobile app?”

Customer Retention ∝ App’s Visibility

Once you are visible online, people get access to your upcoming app’s information, and the curiosity keeps them searching & subscribing for your app at web platforms, i.e., websites.

Thus, the first step among the 10 Easy Ways To Promote Your App is to start blogging at different websites about your app promotion. Try writing for your app, create some stories around your app, and publish blogs with your upcoming app links.

This strategy will help customers to know about your app! In addition to it, blogging can also give you pre-launch subscribers. If you’re able to convince the online audience, then your grand opening & app launching will be a great success.

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Launch A Mobile Website Of Your App

How to promote your mobile app via the mobile website?

Suppose you have an XYZ App ready in the launching phase. Before, your app launches, I would suggest launching a mobile website XYZ for your app. It is one of the best ways to promote your app online among users.

At one point or another, anyone seeking your app-building top custom software development company will find their ways to your app’s mobile website.

Also, if you include blogging about your app on your mobile site, then collecting data of consumers will become easy. Later on, you can directly market your app to their mail ids, and social media account for free.

Consequently, after launching the app at app stores, you can include your app’s download link at your site, on your blogs. It is an alternate approach to make people download your app for being your loyal mobile website visitors.

A large pop-up or some sudden attractive & extraordinary display on the mobile site is helpful. This way, upon every online visit, your app must be visible for five times on the mobile website.

There are 80% chances your mobile app will get downloads from mobile sites.

App store optimization

ASO - App Store Optimization: SEO In Your App Business

The most important part of ASO is not to rely on the Apple and Google App store. On the other hand, you should know a few other app stores where people can download your apps quickly.

Here are a few alternative app stores that will surely increase your app downloads to 200%. Use GetJar, AppBrain, Opera Mobile Store, SlideMe, Amazon Appstore, and AppsLib play store.

Putting your app on these app stores along with Google and Apple store, you must learn App Optimization properly. It is a pre-launch strategy that puts your app in the first place when someone searches for it directly on the app stores.

However, you need to follow some rules and regulations. To make it easy for you, we have briefly described the whole process as follows:

  • App Title: Your App title must be less than 50 characters, simple, memorable, and easy to spell. Each app store allows different character limit. Thus, visit the app store and frame the title as per their guidelines.
  • App Icon Name: It is the name with which your app downloads in the mobile/smartphone. Limit to 15 characters only!
  • App Description: Like meta description for Google tabs, you need to put an attractive, easy to understand app description under 50 characters. Once finished with these, you can write a full description in 4000 characters.
  • App Category: Category names are quick keywords that you can use with your app name in the description. Also, select the most feasible category that is appropriate. Some examples of top categories are - food, education, finance, restaurant, shopping, news, sports, games, and many more.
  • Keywords: In meta description, you must include keywords related to your apps. A blend of high and low search volume keywords in your description will greatly help you in increasing your apps rank at the app store.
  • Images & Icon: You can take your app’s screenshots and place them on the app store under your app. It gives users an idea of graphics, UI/UX, and enhances the chance of downloading apps. The same goes for the app icon! Try to make attractive and out of the world icon for your app.

Using these ways to promote your app on play stores will put your app in the first place. Thus, before you launch your app on different play stores, don’t forget to follow the process of ASO.

Top mobile app developers, either iOS or Android, keep these strategies in their minds during mobile application development. In case your app marketing team doesn’t follow ASO, we can offer you another method that automatically brings your app to the first rank.

Reach out the influencers

Connect With The Influencers, Reach Out To Them

App marketing starts before app launching - This you have already understood till now. In order to get an international audience, you need a face and voice out of your country to target your app internationally after your app launch.

I am not telling you to sign Robert Downey Jr, Tom Cruise, or Jack from Titanic! Because it will increase your budget!

How to promote your mobile app internationally without them?

Neither they are my friends nor yours! Thus, the best option is to contact international websites, bloggers, and vloggers.

You can take the help of app listing websites, can get reviews and generate subscribers to your app for the next version download.

Alternatively, you can reach out to top websites and social media personalities (who runs their personal blog). They would probably include your app in their content and would help in bringing out your app’s awareness.

However, the best ways to promote your app is by engaging directly with the customers. In fact, to suspect that I have prepared a way to specifically be in contact with the customers.

Therefore, once you get the chance to promote your app, copy-paste your download link, and sit back and relax.

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Engage With Online Communities

Online communities are not limited to forums, and groups like Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn Community, etc. Helpful social media groups related to your app’s category can help in app promotion.

Furthermore, you can join, vlog communities and Pinterest to promote videos and images respectively related to your apps. Joining online communities is fruitful!

They help you to directly promote content after your app is launched. You need to hire dedicated developers of content who can create bulk videos and text content when someone asks queries and questions.

Moreover, you can suggest your app as a solution! This is the new word-of-mouth promotion on the internet, which increases your download probability ratio.

In case you have money stored in your pocket, then you can make your app’s community. Also, you can add people theirs via social media promotions. It looks time-consuming and definitely needs a lot of effort.

Therefore, I would drop down the idea of forming a community! But, will continue to promote the mobile app on pre-present communities.

Social Sharing Is Must

Social media sharing is very important nowadays. The best examples of such sharing are #10yearschallenge and #faceapp. Customers always need better apps. Otherwise, they need apps which entertains them while being useful in their daily lives.

Thus, a less user experience app will be thrown by them easily. The customer range is high, and reading their mind is not always easy. Therefore, always plan an app that gives them enjoyment helps in word-of-mouth promotions.

Share your app-related posts, videos, content, images, and many more on the internet via social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. But, remember; every time you share a post, don’t forget to attach a download link to it!

Use social media app promotion, take the ways to promote your app deeper, increase your app visibility, and allow users to express their thoughts for your app’s betterment.

You might find a few challenges in this! First is the type of platform on which your app is built. Most of the people build Android and iOS apps separately. They hire iOS developers and Android developers separately to make separate platforms for the different user base.

But if you prefer developing a hybrid app, then your app promotion will be hassle-free with less use of money.

Email Marketing - Among The Best Ways To Promote Your App Internationally

We had used communities, forums, social media, text messages, online interviews, video promotion, etc. however, the best and the most classical way of promoting your app internationally is via email marketing.

You need to announce the world in your mails about your features, user reviews, user ratings, critics, benefits, advantages over other apps, and many more. Frankly speaking, your mind should be all set to relate every global scenario to your app.

Frame the best headline, subject line, and small but fact-based hard content and send bulk mails internationally. This kind of email marketing will definitely bring more downloads in less time!

In-Store Promotion Of Your App

In case if you have a local market-based business in your area, then you can place posters, stickers, and flyers to increase local visibility.

Adding QR codes on your business cards is also a way where everyone gets a direct download link to your app. But, for this always make sure if the customers are well aware of the app features and how it will benefit them.

Take help from the early adopters of your app. Make them your brand ambassador, increase their local visibility to increase your app’s promotion!

Also, create competitions between people about your app, make them win the competition such that they spread their glory of becoming winner via your app. Furthermore, you can also ask your family members and acquaintances to help you with sharing the mobile app.

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Press's App Promotion: Get Free Publicity

Getting free publicity nowadays is not an easy task. Nearly every app wants to take the highest PR and TRP on television and advertisements. Thus, connecting to the press locally is the best option for you to do a huge level of marketing.

Sign a deal with some local news channel, a local newspaper, magazines, and papers of the local organizations. Publish something about your apps, spread pamphlets, and advertisements. The support of local organizations will help you to increase app visibility.

The above-mentioned app promotion strategies or ideas are regularly followed by the best mobile application companies. Though these methods are a long term approach and take more time, the correct use of them would definitely help in gaining and retaining more customers.

These ways to promote your apps are not some hit and trial methods!

These ideas are fast, easy, and when done successfully on mobile applications, the increase in download numbers is an assured result. Don’t forget any step because the real indicator of your app’s success is hidden in the well-approached app promotion.