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React Native Component Libraries Every Mobile Developer Should Know

 React Native Component Libraries

With the increment in the interest for mobile applications, an enormous number of ventures are moving their concentration towards mobile app development. The presentation of new technologies, platforms, and frameworks is permitting mobile developers to make progressive mobile apps.

Cross-Platform App Development has acquired a great deal of prominence lately as it empowers developers to develop apps for numerous platforms like Android, iOS, Windows with a solitary codebase.

React Native is quite possibly the most renowned Cross-Platform for mobile app development presented by Facebook and it has one of the biggest dynamic developers communities.

The developing prominence of React and the ascent of react native app development company for making PWAs isn't unexpected in any way. It is getting more reception in the community consistently.

Similar to React itself, React Native urges you to build your UI utilizing detached components. React Native component libraries and UI toolkits save time and build your mobile applications quickly by using a pre-existing arrangement of the library.

React helps you to keep up with your code while chipping away at huge scope projects. React is about components carrying out a unidirectional data stream utilizing which an application architecture data becomes unidirectional.

The following is the rundown of valuable (kept up with) React Native UI libraries to kick you off. The rundown doesn't rank any framework and is recorded arbitrarily. Go ahead and remark and add your ideas!

React Native Elements

At over 17k stars react-native-elements is an exceptionally customizable cross-platform UI toolkit built altogether in Javascript.

React Native Elements are more focused on component structure than on genuine designs. It means less standard in setting up specific elements; however, full control over their design making it appealing for both new developers and prepared veterans.

React Native Maps

The React Native Map component for iOS and Android offers customizable map components. These give intuitive and react-like APIs for decisively controlling map highlights.

Elements incorporate changing map view region, overlaying elements on the map, customizing markers, and map style. For the establishment, use: npm introduce react-native-maps – save-precise!

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Lottie wrapper for React Native

With almost 12k stars and 1.2k forks, Lottie-react-native empowers developers to dispatch lovely animations in their apps without the aggravation of reproducing them. Lottie library praises Adobe After Effects animations for mobile applications but does it natively.

Similar to React itself, React Native urges you to build your UI utilizing detached components. React Native Component libraries and UI toolkits assist you with saving time and build your applications quicker, utilizing a pre-made arrangement of the library.


This mobile-first open component library is built to give a customizable design system across iOS, Android, and web for React a lot Native. Likewise, it tends to be integrated with React ARIA and React Native ARIA.

NativeBase is controlled by Styled System to assist developers with building custom material UI React native components – 40 of them, including button, checkbox, flex, and stack. Likewise, it is profoundly themeable, permitting customization of app themes and component styles.

React Vector Icons

With almost 12k stars, this library is, all things considered, a bunch of customizable icons for React Native with help for NavBar/TabBar/ToolbarAndroid, image source, and full styling. It's incredibly valuable and utilized by a great many applications just as other UI component libraries.

The library gives pre-made bundled icon sets out of the box, and here are full instances of the relative multitude of icons in the library. These vector icons are not difficult to stretch out and are simple to integrate into your app project.

React helps you to keep up with your code while chipping away at huge scope projects. React is about components carrying out a unidirectional data stream utilizing which an application architecture data becomes unidirectional.

React Native Camera

The Camera component for React Native backings photos, videos, face detection (for both Android and iOS), barcode scanning, and text recognition. This permits developers to communicate with a device camera without stressing over the native code.

React Native Bit

A Bit is a tool for component-driven application development. It is an extensible toolchain for systems that are quicker to develop, less complex to get, test, and keep up with, and simpler to work together on.

Bit's USP lies in permitting developers to build components outside an application and afterward use them to compose however many applications as they need.

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Components can be added or taken out from applications to modify their functionality. To introduce, use: BVM introduce

React Native Navigation

As the name proposes, React Native Navigation is a native navigation answer for Expo and React Native apps for Android and iOS. Navigation is a cross-platform JavaScript API and requires iOS 11 and Android 5.0 or more.

Navigation is platform-explicit and customizable. Also, it is extensible at each layer. That is, developers can compose their navigators or supplant the user-confronting API. To introduce, use: react-native-navigation

React Native UI Kitten

With almost 5k stars and 606 forks, React Native framework UI Kitten is a mobile framework offering effectively customizable elements.

Even though there are a ton of independent components accessible there are exceptionally fewer frameworks accessible that offer the generally utilized components as a solitary bundle with a similar UI design.

UI Kitten intends to fill this hole and lifts mobile app development so you can zero in additional on business and less on view composition. The library carries consistency and scalability to the design and development measure of any application.

It contains a bunch of universally useful UI components styled likewise. What's more, the most wonderful thing: the themes can be changed in the runtime, with no compelling reason to reload the application.


These are the absolute best accessible UI components libraries handpicked for your quick reference. Consider utilizing them in your next project and let us know how it fared out!

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Stay wonderful!