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AI And IoT Development Changing The Future
May 19 2022

Are AI And IoT Development Services Changing The Future?

What is Artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) is a collection of technologies that work together to allow robots to sense, interpret, react, and grow with human-like intelligence. Perhaps this is why everybody has a distinct understanding of artificial intelligence. Machine learning and natural language processing are two present and future examples of AI infrastructure. Each…
Wearable Technology Disrupting the Hotel industry
May 13 2022

Can Wearable Technology Disrupting the Hotel industry?

Electronic technology or electronics placed into products that can be safely worn on the body are known as wearables. These wearable technologies are used to keep track of data in real-time. The feature includes motion sensors that record your daily activities and sync them with mobile phones or laptop computers. Wearable electronics, following the creation of smartphones, are the next…
BigCommerce vs Shopify
May 09 2022

Which One Is Better for Your Online Store? - BigCommerce vs Shopify

What is Shopify? Shopify is an eCommerce platform that offers organizations the to expand online sales with about 80% less effort, expense, and complexity than on-premise software by combining corporate capabilities, market-leading efficiency, and an open architecture and app environment. Shopify features several add-ons that can assist you to expand your business. Shopify Payments, which…
test the security of Android application
May 03 2022

10 Tips to test the security of an Android application

Android is a Linux kernel mobile application that has been widely used on a wide range of devices, especially mobile smartphones, throughout its life. Most businesses, spanning from banks to telecommunications corporations, have developed Android apps. These mobile apps, like the generic web-based applications, require a pen-test activity as an element of their SDLC life cycle. With the…
Artificial Intelligence being used for climate change
Apr 29 2022

Artificial Intelligence being used for climate change?

Artificial intelligence is the hottest topic in technology right now. In the history of science and technology, there have been several inventions and evolutions. Artificial intelligence is the process of constructing a computer, a computer-assisted robot, and software that behaves logically in the same way as a human mind. As a result, logical software and systems emerge. How can AI help in…
tips to consider for ruby on rails performance
Apr 25 2022

Important Tips to Considering For Ruby On Rails Performance

What is Ruby On Rails? Ruby on Rails is specifically known as a RubyGem package library that is installed via the operating system's command-line interface. Ruby on Rails is an open-source website development platform that gives Ruby programmers a faster way to write code. It's a group of code libraries that provide a ready-to-use solution for common website chores like creating tables, forms,…

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