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Can Beacon Technology Benefits the Airline and Travel industry?

beacon technology can benefit airline & travel industry

The travel and tourism industry has seen rapid growth in the past few years. Earlier when the Travel businesses were fully operational on the traditional methodologies. Due to this the tourism industry had to face different problems. Not only the industry but also the people that are looking to travel from one place to another have to face different issues.

Due to the implementation of technology in the tourism industry, a lot of issues are now solved. Technological implementations have made travel easier and pocket friendly. One such technology is named beacon technology.

Implementation of beacon technology in the tourism industry has improvised it a lot and also facilitated a lot of travelers.

Beacon technology is based on IoT(Internet of Things) This technology is capable to detect the presence of humans. After detecting the human presence, it can perform the desired tasks for which it is developed.

Beacon was firstly introduced by Apple in 2013 which was named iBeacon technology. This technology transmits signals through Bluetooth on other mobile smart devices. It is a wireless technology based on Bluetooth connection for the transmission of Signals.

Beacons are transforming the Travel Industry in different sectors like hotels, airlines, and many others. 

In this blog, we provide you with all the details of how beacon technology is transforming the travel industry. Also, we are going to discuss some elements of the Beacon technology and its implementation in the travel portal development.

There are several Travel Portal development companies that are working on Beacon integration with mobile apps. Beacon technology in the travel and tourism industry is improvising both the customer’s experiences and travel industry operations.

Types of Beacon Technology 

Normal Beacon: It just looks like a WiFi Router. It helps you perform small tracking operations based on indoor activities. It doesn’t have a higher range

Portable Beacon: Portable beacons are smaller in size that can be easily carried from one place to another. It consists of different solutions that help in tracking different assets. 

Ai-based Beacon: Artificial intelligence and machine learning-based beacon technology is used to auto-track different movements using the gesture detection of the feature.

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USB-based Beacon: USB beacon is also one of the best innovations for the travel industry. It just looks like a pen drive used to track signals using a particular system. It is also portable and can be carried to different places.  

Video Beacon: It is also a small device that is used to track the global audiences that are watching your video. This device is attached to the display of smartphones or video-creating devices like cameras. It is mostly used for live streaming in different OTT apps. 

Dedicated Beacon: Dedicated beacons are used to track all indoor activities. These are used to find out the items that are misplaced. You just need to add beacon data to those items that are important and it starts working.

The Functionality Of Beacon Technology market

In Airports, there are several places where Beacons are implemented in IoT-based Systems. It is basically used to detect all the movements of people. So when any of the users cross the area where this technology is implemented. It is mostly used for security purposes in airports. Beacon technology required three different things that are Beacon Bluetooth devices, Mobile apps, and App permissions given by the users. Firstly just by using the beacon technology, the developers used to develop a proper mobile app. After the mobile Beacon app is developed it is integrated with the beacon device for performing different operations.

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How Beacon data Technology Benefits Airline and Travel industry

Ensures the Smooth traveling of air passengers: Beacon technology is a highly used technology by different airlines. With this technology, the Passengers just have to select the flight that they are boarding. Beacon technology will help them in completing all the processes more easily. It can easily book taxis for the passengers to visit the airport or from the airport to their desired location. Not only taxis but also help the customers in fulfilling all the formalities before boarding the flight. It provides different push notifications to you about your flight. Not only this but it can also track your luggage at the airports.

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Comfort your stay in hotels and the hospitality industry: Beacons also provides better functionality to hotels. Beacons enhance the experiences of the customer by greeting them when they enter the hotel premises. It also provides a keyless entry in the hotels using the beacon technology. It reduces human interventions in hotels. Not only does all such processes but it provides regular notifications to the users on their mobile devices about the special offers provided to them by the hotels. 

Facilitating users in discovering Nearby travel locations: Whenever you have visited an unknown destination. You don’t have any idea about the places and attractions to visit there. Leverage Beacon technology market facilitates people in discovering nearby sightseeing places. Not only it discovers the places but it also provides you the detailed information about that place. Like its history, culture, etc. It also provides you with the proper navigation facilities for the places that you need to visit. As per a survey, the use of Beacon technology is transforming different travel apps.

Sales and Promotions: Beacons are improvising the supplementary sales of different airlines by performing up-to-the-mark marketing services. Deploying beacon technology to your travel portals or mobile apps can easily provide push notifications to the users. That notification consists of the different deals that the travel business is offering its targeted customers. It automatically detects the preferences of the customers and provides them the deals according to their predictions. It leads to a rapid increase in the supplementary sale volume of travel companies. It will help you in improvising your digital marketing strategy by providing you with global market insights.              

Provide knowledge of different offers to customers: Smart beacon technology offers notifications of different offers that your travel business is offering to its clients. When the users will directly get the deals than they automatically book their desired travel packages. The deals consist of both special offers and discounts that a travel agency is offering to its clients on a special occasions. It attracts customers to your offers and boosts your sales experiences.

Future of Beacon Technology

Beacon technology in the travel and tourism industry is enhancing the customer experience of travel to an extent. Not only enhances the customer’s experiences but also provides better operability to all travel businesses. Smart beacon technology provides different other functionalities to travel businesses. So in order to cater a much better travel experience to all your clients. You can opt for the Beacon technology. It will help your business to grow with efficiency providing the proper travel satisfaction to your customers.