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Innovative Travel Mobile App Development Ideas You Didn't Know

Innovative Travel Mobile App Development Ideas

If you are owning a travel business then you must know that in the current world how important it is to increase your business reach. In order to make your business reach worldwide, you have to develop its website or mobile application. This is because more than 80% of the users are having mobile devices.

They access almost each and every business website or travel application for travel bookings using their smartphones. That’s why developing travel portals for your travel business is most important. Building a travel application for mobiles makes your business accessible to a wide range of users. These users can easily plan their travel and can book flights, trains, buses, cabs, hotels, etc.

According to research the trend for mobile transactions is increasing day by day. Almost all people need to travel. There are many travel businesses offering their services using mobile applications. This application provides different services to travelers by just using a smartphone.

There are several travel businesses that are looking to develop a unique travel business idea. They are looking for travel app ideas to provide some unique experience to their users. We have come up with 9 innovative and unique travel mobile app development Ideas. Different travel mobile app development companies are working on these ideas.

9 Travel App Innovative Ideas for Travel Businesses

Hotel Booking Application

Hotel booking application image

It is one of the best or you can say less unique ideas for travel booking. Using this application your clients can search for different hotels on the destination where they have to travel. Not only searching hotels they can easily compare the hotels among the different available choices. After comparing they can also make the advance booking for that particular hotel according to their budget and preferences.

Bus Booking application:

Bus Booking application

Using this app you can easily book bus tickets. This service is provided by almost every travel app. The unique thing in this will be bus comparison according to the facilities and price. This app can compare various buses in terms of price and facilities and provides you the better choices. You can choose a particular bus and book it after comparing all the best choices according to your preferences. This is one of the basic travel app requirements.

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Flight booking application:

Flight booking application

Using this application your clients can search for the different flights to their destinations. This app not only searches the different flights but can also compare different flights in terms of pricing, availability, facilities, and travel time. After comparing it will provide you with the best available alternatives. Among these alternatives, you can choose one as per the requirements and preferences.

Applications for Booking Tourist Guides

App for Booking Tourist Guides

If you are visiting a place as a tourist and are unknown of that place. There will be a need for a tourist guide. This guide will help you in guiding about the different places of that city. We have brought up the idea of developing the application for booking tourist guides at a reasonable price. If you visit any place there are guides that charge a lot of amounts and sometimes this leads to fraudulent activities. This application will only offer you registered tour guides. It is one of the innovative ideas for the travel business. If you need to develop such an app then custom mobile application development service providers will help you with it.

Language translation Application

Language translation Application

It is one of the upcoming innovations in the tourism industry. Language is one of the main barriers that will prevent you to explore different places. If you don’t know the regional language then this can be the biggest problem. For saving you from such a problem there is an idea to develop a Language translation application. Using this application you can understand the language of the people living at the place where you are visiting for the tour. This application can also speak for you in that language using the voice assistant feature.

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Public washroom finder application

Public washroom finder application

This is one of the main ideas of the travel and tourism industry. The washroom comes under the basic necessity of a human. If you are traveling to a place. During travel, if there will be a need to use the washroom then finding a place will be an issue. To solve this issue we have come up with the idea of an automatic washroom finder application. This application automatically detects different public toilets near you. So that you can choose the nearest one.

Finding fuel station application

Finding fuel station application

Fuel is one of the necessary components for your vehicle. Without fuel, you cannot travel to any location or destination. It is a problem to find the nearest fuel station sometimes. We have found the solution for that. This solution is the fuel station locator application. This application will help you find nearby charging stations and fuel stations. If your vehicle is low on fuel or your battery is about to discharge then your clients need this application.

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Price comparison application

Price comparison application

When you are traveling to a particular place or destination then you need a price comparison app to save your money. You can easily compare the price of different travel-based services. This application helps you in comparing the price of your travel packages. This application helps you travel to different places by saving your money. You can also compare the prices of the services and can opt for the best travel-related service. You just have to incur travel app development costs. There are travel app developers that can develop such applications for you.

Travel insurance application

Travel insurance application image

Travel insurance is one of the most necessary things for travelers. In case any accident or misshapen took place during your journey. There is no need to incur any cost for your treatment or any stolen luggage. There are several insurance companies that provide travel insurance packages. These packages cover accidents, luggage protection, and many other things. This idea is to develop an application that provides your best travel insurance at nominal rates. It will compare the plans of different travel insurers and find the best plan for you.