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8 ChatGPT Chrome Extension Plugins You Should Know

ChatGPT Chrome Extension Plugins

ChatGPT works on one such AI language model which is an AI chatbot used for interaction with its users. It uses a certain dialogue format that is used for solving all the queries of the users. It consists of some of the AI features and functionalities that can easily read instructions provided to it in a prompt. ChatGPT is simply a chatbot that is recently created by OpenAI and is one of the best chatbots based on artificial intelligence. 

Despite having such robust features and functionalities ChatGPT also has some limitations. Just because of such limitations, ChatGPT is also having its chrome extension that is used to extend its capabilities. Several chrome extensions are used to expand its features and functionalities. In this blog, we are going to make you aware of some of the top ChatGPT extensions for the chrome browser. 

8 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extension plugins


ChatGPT, having different capabilities lacks one of the main things that is accessing the latest data and information available over the internet. The information or data over the internet keeps on changing according to the latest research and findings. Since the ChatGPT is not having the capability of accessing the latest forms of data available over the internet. The use of the WebChatGPT chrome extension works on the natural language processing methodology that enables the ChatGPT to search the relevant terms as per the query entered by the client. It consists of several bots that visit the different relevant web pages to provide accurate information to the clients.

ChatGPT for Google

It is one of the top ChatGPT chrome extensions that is used to make the chatbot accessible in multiple tables with ease. Since the ChatGPT is limited to being accessible only on a single browser tab. This extension resolves such issues and makes the ChatGPT all-time accessible in the browsers by bringing up the google bots to the search engine. Every time the user searches for anything in the search engine this extension provides you with the display of chatGPT in that window. When you are using this extension then there is no need to provide special instructions to make it accessible for the users. This extension is mostly used by IoT development companies to reduce the efforts to make the ChatGPT accessible every time the user searches on google.

ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT writer tool is one of the most important chrome extension that is having conversational AI capabilities that works on the AI language model. Whenever the user needs to write any email-or message on any website then this tool has proven to be very useful for them. There are several benefits of using the ChatGPT writer tool out of which is its faster responsiveness. Whenever the user enters any query regarding the E-mails or messages it immediately processes that query and provides the well-defined E-mail or messages as asked by the users. You just have to log in to OpenAI.

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Merlin ChatGPT Powered Assistant

If you need an extension with browser-wide capabilities that is not limited to search engines then the Merlin ChatGPT extension is the best alternative for you. This extension works throughout the browser it provides you with a similar response using a wide range of commands. Whenever the user enters any query in the ChatGPT Merlin immediately reads that query and responds within seconds. Merlin ChatGPT powered extension uses an AI language model with conversational AI capabilities to provide prompt and quick responses to the users. So if you need a quick reply to all your queries then install this extension in your chrome browser.

Youtube Summary ChatGPT Extension

The main motive behind youtube surfing is that the users don’t need to get bored with long-term content. But now there is no reason to worry. You can choose the ChatGPT youtube extension that provides you with summarised youtube content in words. When the users install this extension and start watching any youtube video a youtube summary box appears next to the video they are playing that shows the summarized content of the youtube video in the text format. However, the performance of the extension is somewhat lower but for some of the videos it works with efficiency. Just because the condition is that the video must contain clear audio.

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For tweeting different things on Twitter or sending replies to the comments on your tweet most of the users are using the tweetGPT extension. This extension helps users redirect them on Twitter whenever they provide the command to make a tweet or send a reply to your desired tweet. All you have to do is just paste the tweet text and copy its response. It can easily reply to tweets as per your requirements and instructions that you have added up to it.


The ChatGPT youtube extension is only just limited to the video summary but when it comes to ChatGPT Summarize then one can summarize every type of content using this extension. All you have to do is add that content to the chatGPT. After which this extension reads the content and automatically summarizes it using the natural language processing methodology. This AI language model helps you by providing you the summarized details about lengthy articles that save the time and effort engaged in reading a full-length article. This tool is mostly.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius

One can easily perform a lot of things using the ChatGPT chatbot. You can even convert simple content to a full-fledged program code. One can easily choose from several available prompts on the ChatGPT extension then just with a single click the extension starts converting the response and delivers the desired outputs. If you have to try out the multiple outputs then you can choose the Prompt Genius extension. One can even find several prompts from some other sources as well.


In this blog, we have discussed several aspects of ChatGPT and its extensions. Since ChatGPT is one of the robust platforms that is capable to perform different tasks using artificial intelligence technology. Several ChatGPT chrome extensions are created by several IoT development companies to provide this platform with high-end capabilities. We have discussed some of the important extensions of which you must be aware.