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Google Releases Its Beta Version Of Site Kit Plugin For WordPress

Site Kit Plugin For WordPress

It isn't a secret anymore that WordPress and Google integration has always been high for the websites!

Perhaps WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) among others, the latest WordPress plugins add more significance to this website building tool.

Moreover, Google receives a large number of queries every day about anything which we already know. Additionally, the search query for the top WordPress development services providers in USA is highest as compared to Drupal, Magento, Umbraco, Laravel, and many more.

Given the rising curve of the WordPress services, we can say that the integration of the Google site kit plugin for WordPress is the right decision. The site kit plugin of Google is the latest WordPress plugin, which is an open-source and perfectly suitable for WordPress.

According to worldwide website owners, one can use it to monitor, analyze, and improve the functionality and performance of the website effectively and efficiently.

“Google released version 1.0 of its Site Kit plugin for WordPress and is now officially out of beta after the 6 months.”

Many custom website design services, in the meantime, see Site Kit plugin a more drastically simplified setup with no bugs at all and presenting a better user flow.

What Is Google Site Kit?

With the Google Site Kit plugin installed, WordPress users have the liberty to access unified insights and all Google product capabilities & functions directly from the admin panel of WordPress.

Though the Google Site Kit doesn’t add new functionalities to WordPress, it provides unified data that is already available separately everywhere in different Google services.

As a result, the webmasters which you use to find out your website analytics experiences better and faster access because of this plugin to Google services.

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As the Google Site Kit for WordPress needs expert development expertise, only a few top web development services companies are presently using it. However, that doesn’t mean small service providers can’t use it.

“To use the plugin well, you need to be familiar with the OAuth and Google Cloud Platform verification processes.”

Google’s only agenda is to simplify the plugin use while increasing the number of available services in the public release version. More importantly, this latest WordPress plugin is getting hailed by all web development services providers.

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Important Features Of The Google Site Kit Plugin

Google Site Kit fetches the data related to website management and performance from Google and displays it directly in the dashboard of your WordPress website.

After the installation of the Google Site Kit on WordPress, you get the data in the WordPress dashboard for the following products.

  • Google Search Console: We know that the Google Search Console is a great tool to analyze the website performance related to Google Search. The Console reports the status of indexing, website traffic, impressions, and other significant search engine optimization (SEO) metrics.
  • Google AdSense: Google AdSense is the leading platform in the industry that runs contextual ads on your WordPress website. It is also known for its monetization and advertising networks in today's digital market.
  • Google Analytics: It is the industry-standard visitor tracking tool whose job is to provide multiple ways and methods to track visitors’ behavior, traffic stats in real-time, other important performance metrics like bounce rate, number of visitors (new and returning) on your website.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights: This popular PageSpeed Insight tool from Google help the webmasters to optimize the website for loading more quickly on the website visitors’ device.

Installing Google Site Kit plugin is easy for everyone, but using it sometimes might go problematic. Therefore, Google emphasizes that it’s highly useful for professionals like the best WordPress development services providers who work on sites for their clients.

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The reasons to support our statement is as follows:

  • Clients, WordPress development team, and others having your WordPress website access can easily see the data from Google products just merely by logging into the WordPress dashboard.
  • Clients are also able to see performance states and can keep full track of improvement recommendations, which are directly from Google.
  • Site Kit plugin of Google will also allow you to set out the roles and permissions, but keep in mind that only a few relevant people can see the data. It is because not everyone should be allowed to keep a watch over the data.

Furthermore, if you are interested in getting the most out of Site Kit plugin, Google has already recommended reviewing the main dashboard at least on a weekly basis. And if that is the case, then I would surely check the dashboard twice in a week.

In addition to it, you can check the statistics of all the webpages of your website by navigating to a certain page and clicking on the Site Kit plugin present in the admin bar.

“Here, Google recommends us to check and compare the top-performing pages and see how the people found them.”

We think that it can help you to discover trends where you would be able to find out the topics and get the most engagement on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


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Why Should You Install Google Site Kit?

With WordPress running one-third of all the world’s total websites, Google’s new plugin actually makes perfect sense for the online businesses.

Google Site Kit is a power-packed plugin helping and linking different Google services, displaying data straight into WordPress website admin dashboard, and eliminating the need for individual plugins performing one static function.

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Also, the plugin will make the analysis and tracking process hassle-free for the site owners. Thus connect the latest WordPress Plugin - the Google Site Kit to your WordPress website.

Some webmasters have already started saying goodbye to the other WordPress plugins, while others are installing the beta version to test it together with the competitors.

Thus, what I think is that this new WordPress plugin will become a game-changer for the webmasters in the web development industry.

What are your thoughts on Google Site Kit WordPress plugin? Please feel free to share them in the comments section below!