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Why Chatbots Are The Future Of Social Media Platform?

Chatbots Are The Future Of Social Media

In April 2016, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced something significant about chatbot creation online via FB messenger. Third parties can make their own chatbots by using the FB messenger platform.

This was the moment when the whole world started talking about artificially intelligent technology. As a result, people then to leverage their businesses started chatbot development.

Many top custom software development companies in USA, and marketers were delighted to see that chatbots will now go public. Furthermore, chatbots aren’t anymore backend process!

Today being in the frontend, the chatbots handle the company’s branding, marketing, sales, conversions, lead generations, etc. Their online real-time conversational experiences to online visitors, customers, and clients were proven safe and useable.

It was 2017 when chatbots increasingly became common for online communication between brands and us (customers). Additionally, this bot-driven system, aka chatbots in social media marketing, was a successful hit.

The customers regularly contact business!

Surveys say that more than 80% of online shoppers get assistance for completing a purchase. As this digital marketplace is open 24x7 every day every year, one cannot hire more and more people for customer communication.

This will probably increase business investment and expenditure. Hence, the use of AI-enabled chatbots is a must.

"Chatbots will save $8 billion of the different businesses within the next five years. It means there exists a genuine use case for our chatbots."

Let's Meet The Modern Marketers Best Friend - CHATBOT

Modern Marketers Best Friend - CHATBOT

Chatbot Definition: Chatbots are computer programs that emulate human intelligence while chatting or conversations. By utilizing deep learning, speech recognization, business data, and some pre-set phrases, chatbots provide accurate results or answers on online queries.

Furthermore, if AI faces the same query time and again, their way of response becomes better. Not only this but the chatbots offers a wide range of benefits such as;

  •  It is able to process large volumes of data
  •  Makes fewer mistakes and eliminate human errors
  •  Low maintenance costs
  •  Saves time

These digital assistants now have found their own space in the company’s marketing strategy. Moreover, chatbots for eCommerce have become boon in the eCommerce website development services.

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Chatbots can check your emails, can respond to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc., also can make bank transactions. For this, you need your own personal chatbot assistant.

“These chatbots can make you feel of living a tech life which we see in Hollywood movies.”

Although the social media bots apparently have disappeared from the public consciousness, the businesses are using them in their social media marketing. Thus, a lot of work is going behind the scenes to which we will come eye to eye in a couple of years.

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2018 Was The World Of Chatbots

World Of Chatbots

There is no doubt that the bot-driven social media system is the future! However, there are a lot of improvements to be made before these bots officially take over.

Earlier chatbot deployments have flaws, but the latest developments show that these are genuinely benefiting businesses and customers. People always want speedy, effective support services, and bots easily meet those demands.

For example, in 2018, many Microsoft dynamics solutions and salesforce development services integrated chatbots with softwares like CRM, ERP, inventory software, HR management software, and many others to make easy use of the software.

In terms of digital marketing, chatbots assisted professional marketers to increase sales, leads, conversions and successfully improved business revenue. While in social media, chatbots give the business an ability to talk to customers, automation of customer services increases.

“If 2018 was the big year of chatbot implementation, then 2019 will glorify the social media chatbots.”

These machines to AI-powered agents possibly will deliver better-personalized services across the world’s digital network.

However, the question is, how businesses will manage chatbot-powered communications?

In Today's Smart World, We Need Smart Auto System

Chatbots allow consumers to engage with them by consuming content, providing customer services, and doing transactions. These AI-enabled bots have become a leading frontier in these activities for a long time.

These bots are Shifting gears for consumers and businesses by using social media portals.

Research indicates that half of the consumers prefer social media instead of the telephone for customer support. It is because they expect real-time responses. This is a tough challenge and quite a handy task for the brands.

“But with the enhanced artificial intelligence achieving these tasks is easy and highly feasible.”

It is true that chatbots are going to revolutionize social media marketing future. However, a number of improvements are yet to happen. Moreover, the good thing with chatbots is they learn, implement, and are becoming more efficient.

According to various top Salesforce development companies in USA, humans have a place in social media before chatbots become mainstream in social media marketing. The new software will put humans to monitor chatbots’ work and activities.

How Chatbots Benefits Social Media Platforms?

Chatbots Benefits Social Media Platforms

Around one billion people use Facebook Messenger!

Thus, having a chatbot installed in this application on your company’s homepage is a good option one can consider. As per the reports, Fb messenger uses over 100,000 bots for purposes like recommending products, collecting information, processing orders, etc.

If your audience uses the messenger, then creating an FB messenger chatbot can help you to connect to potential customers, can automate customer engagements, and increase the interactions while doing several more tasks.

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A similar thing can be done with a Twitter bot!

Actually, on a more generalized basis, by augmenting the human experience, you can take social media strategy to another level by giving a more personalized experience.


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Ways How Chatbots Dominating Social Media Platform

  •  Chatbots makes interactions with customers and clients better
  •  Chatbots helps in generating leads
  •  It increases sales opportunities
  •  Makes the process of content filtering in FAQs, reviews, comments, etc. easy.
  •  Lastly, it makes your customers’ engagement on social media platforms intuitive.

Businesses today are moving forward in many ways. Employees at all levels in an enterprise are using chatbots. Chatbots, on the other hand, are accessing information, real-time data more scalable. Every digital marketer, therefore, supports chatbots as it helps them in staying ahead of the competition.

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In the next three to five years, bots will become mainstream in the wide place of social media. Hence, as the bots become equipped with more intelligence, they will provide richer ways to engages us by including virtual and augmented reality.

Despite the Hollywood horrors on artificial intelligence around bots vs. humans, social media will remain a dual arena where both can coexist and work fruitfully.

chatbots are the future of social media