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12 Features You Must-Have In A Successful, User-Friendly Mobile App

features in user-friendly mobile app

With regards to designing a mobile app interface, some design elements are flat-out must-haves for apps. The elements discussed here make a good app design worth more than its actual value.

Developing apps straightforward and intuitive in addition to other things is necessary. These characteristics make the app simple to utilize and make the app experience pleasurable for the clients.

The elements lend simplicity, and intuitiveness, and seamlessly integrate the app, making the app greater in functions and features.

This article tells you the main design elements and innovative mobile app features that increase the appearance, look & feel, and worth of the app; thus increasing its significance!

Designing a user-friendly effective mobile app is tough feet to do!

A well-designed app not only enables consumers to complete transactions, gather information, and contact your business but also has an easy-to-navigate interface that doesn’t frustrate users and features that assure them their personal information is protected.

Developing mobile app design features including features and functionalities that allow users to easily accomplish what they want to do will keep them coming back to the app—and your business.

Tablets, smartphones, wearables, and other types of devices that use applications have seen incredible growth in the deployment of rich-in-feature mobile apps in the large and powerful market.

The best user-friendly app features for Android and iOS smartphones should be taken into in-depth consideration to integrate an app into the model of business.

Implementing invaluable app features to reflect brand personality and values does not depend on the business type you run, but it depends on the custom mobile application development company that develops your business application.

12 Must-Have User-Friendly App Features!

The following key features of a successful mobile app can enhance and help you to include details while creating the best applications for increasing your business.

Check out the below list of must-have app features:

Usability First

Top-notch app design and development are exceptionally essential. The app ought to be creative, instructive, and simple to navigate. It should put more focus on communication and robustness, be not confounded, and incorporate the normal things.

A User-friendly App Design

A mobile app ought to have a user-friendly interface, which is responsive too. Clients/users need to have a consistent encounter and comprehend how to manage the app, which catches to click, etc. Since there are 3.8 billion smartphone users overall, the app ought to be versatile for various screen resolutions.

Push Notifications

Utilizing simple notifications is the most fundamental feature for direct correspondence with your clients by applying a device. It is utilized for covering new features and sending limited-time offers that drive engagement and monetization openings.

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Chat Support/Callback Functions

Must-have mobile app features incorporate chat support and callback capacities. In case I'm in support work I'm probably effectively disturbed, so going to accomplish something independently on an alternate site or look out for hold just exacerbates it. Everybody ought to be viewing support as a customer growth opportunity.

An Intuitive UX and Clear Privacy Options

In a perfect world, each app ought to incorporate an intuitive user experience and discretionary, exceptionally apparent privacy notifications. The intuitive UX will upgrade the consumers' impression of your brand personality, and the forthright privacy notifications will show you care about your consumers' data—at last further expanding brand fondness.

Payment Gateway Integration

Tolerating payments is fundamental in trading and additional marketing. It is profoundly invaluable to increment in the raising of the sales, and along with these lines organizations market share. This feature is applied for checking the user's data approval, guaranteeing an appropriate measure of cash for making a buy is.

If you want to include these features in the apps specifically made for iOS devices, hire iOS app developers in USA.

A Search Option

A search option is an unquestionable requirement that has a highlight that numerous business apps still need. Regardless of how straightforward your mobile app is, a search option is fundamental, as individuals have distinctive tech abilities. Make it as simple as workable for them to navigate to what they are searching for and guarantee they will not lose interest in your app.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Exploring mobile telephones requires a hand for holding the telephone alongside taps and swipes. However, for individuals who can only with significant effort utilize their hands because of inability or injury or who have their hands full, a voice-accessible app is getting significant. Utilizing a speech SDK, engineers can cost-successfully send automatic speech recognition or text-of-speech, giving a frictionless encounter to clients to connect with the app.

QR/Barcode Scanner Integration

QR and Barcode Scanner is an exceptionally favorable components permitting customers to come straightforwardly in a helpful manner. QR code is picked to be outlined and filtered to divert a client to a thing subtlety page assisting with saving time, giving the best client experience or UX, and improving conversion.

Data Collection Opt-Out

You ought to consistently incorporate the ability for users to opt out of data collection. Client protection and data security are critical. While it may not be as smooth or cool-sounding as other cutting-edge features, giving your users more authority over their data is a simple method to set up trust and transparency, both critical segments of long-haul success.

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The essential feature that ought to be executed to secure data confidentiality. Security capacities and security enhancements ought to be added to the application to keep data both hidden and secure. It assists with expanding and improving the trust factor of the portable application.

Data Caching

Ensure your application caches/saves however much data on the gadget as could reasonably be expected. It will shift from application to application, however, ensure your application is pretty much as usable as conceivable with no internet connection. For instance, with an internet business application, I think that it's valuable if I can peruse and add things to the truck even while in a metro here in NYC.

Here we’ve just presented you with the 12 most impactful mobile app features and have given you a lot of information about each. Now, it is upon you how to use them in the mobile app design.


iPhone and Android operating systems do have a great impact on the large mobile industry, especially on mobile app development and implementation. The better the app design and creation, the better the features used, and the better robust intuitive, friendly, and simple the app becomes to use.

Good features in the mobile app fulfill the needs of the clients and end-users. Above 12-most critical mobile app features in the article present how relevant is it to use trending technologies and skills to make apps that are profitable to the business.

We hope that you will use these features in the iPhone and Android platforms for building the best intuitive and fast apps. If you want to include these features in the apps specifically made for Android devices, hire a dedicated Android app developer.

We wish you good luck!