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How Website Microinteractions Benefits The User Experience?

Website Microinteractions Benefits

Good customer experience in the web development industry is when the customer's expectations match at the point of contacts on the websites and apps.

To ensure this experience app & web development company in USA or anywhere else focus on interactive elements. The elements whose presence delights you welcomes you, moreover engage you.

We are talking about WEBSITE MICROINTERACTIONS, whose sole objective is to give you a human touch in them!

In our digital lives, where we wake up with phone alarms to liking social media posts, reading notifications, etc. - encountering microinteractions is our programmed routine.

The online industry is fastly pacing with IoT, AI, and other advanced technologies; such that we generally fail to notice how the features of these techs are continuously thrilling us.

Take the example of Live Chat feature at website or apps! Every online interaction we do with them is programmed! But, we enjoy it, we act as if we are talking to a human - this what an online human touch means.

Additionally, such interaction is being done to increase your user experience.

The website designs are advanced, data collection is seamless and risk-free, chatbot interaction is secure, emoticons present your emotions in one word during online chatting, etc. are few micro interaction examples which you will learn here in detail.

Everything you are experiencing online now looks beautiful, care-free, and fascinating. Thanks to the term Microinteractions - benefiting the user experience.

Designing with Details - Best Microinteraction Tip!

Good website design is a champion in an online business. Obviously, your product or services are far more important, but attracting customers is the first need of any business.

Take the example of a small grocery store near your home. A Neat & clean, freshly smelling, well decorated and manged store attracts us more. The same case is with websites.

A beautifully designed and developed website attracts more online visitors.

In addition to your excellent product quality, if you provide highly engaging user experience at your site, then I’m pleased to meet your site, “Welcome me as your regular customer!”
Therefore, focusing on website designing details is important to give a better and best user experience. Nowadays, web development companies providing Content Management System (CMS) website services like Wordpress development services, Drupal web development, Python development services, etc. are increasingly taking designing part in their development accounts.

“They always try to maximize our rewards while minimizing development cost.”

If you can also accomplish this goal by designing an interactive and delighting user experience, then the people keep coming back to you.

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Microinteractions Examples

Experts in custom software development companies have a clear thought;

According to them, by 2020, UI/UX - customer experience can overtake price and product quality. User experience can become a key brand differentiator.

Thus, listening to today’s customers for engaging the future one is essential. Moreover, for being in the long term success of an online business, you must offer website microinteractions benefits to the users.

Below is the list of trending microinteractions that you can implement in your website designing. Let’s take a look at each of them one by one:

  • Swipe & Tap: We regularly click buttons to switch on the tabs, swipe to scroll a list, etc. However, if you give a little room for the user to think, then the addictive and insanely funny gesture will disappear. Also, providing guides to swipe and tap will help the user in going forward at your website.
  • Data Input: While filling data at survey forms, feedback forms, online login forms, you must include some effects of interaction to make users proceed ahead lightly.
  • Animations: Animations are improving microinteractions. In the presence of good website design, putting animation stops visitors from getting frustrated. The best way a custom I use this microinteraction is during the loading pages.
  • Current System Status: The same animation is also used when you don’t want visitors to get annoyed while waiting to check some status or result of the process they did on your website. Even if sending a message fails, then with better designing and interaction, you get the chance to delight a user.
  • Make Tutorials Interesting: Online platforms are for knowledge seekers. Everybody seeks knowledge online. Working collectively on UI/UX and giving interactive tutorials simply highlighting the basic features of your website keeps the customer engaged.
  • Call to Action: This particular feature engages in enticing your interest by injecting a feeling of achievement upon your every click, tap, swipe, scroll. I.e., whenever you call something on the site, it gives back you an action.
  • Animated Buttons: Buttons are by far the most interactive element of micro interactions. Paying more attention to color, special effects, shape, placement, animation, and texture can make a seamless user experience.

Implementing Microinteractions Depends Upon FEEDBACKS

By using website microinteractions, collecting experience, feedback, and data on specific pages, and features become easy. Remember, successful microinteractions are noticeable if they are clearly visible in the best colors.

On the other hand, a large micro interaction will only annoy the user. Thus, always try making light and small interactive elements. Also, in case of communicating information, you must pay brief attention to how your customers can talk.

Microinteractions can save users’ time by instantly communicating information. The initial purpose of creating functional animations is to enhance the user experience. Also, opening up an alternative communication channel between the website and you.

That channel entirely depends upon positive feelings. More specifically, receiving positive feelings otherwise emotions from the websites. And this is possible only when the website microinteractions are adequately done.

Your Developed Motion Creates Human Emotions
Let’s Wrap It!

Many website designers and developers ignore microinteractions. Maybe, because they don’t know the real advantages of website microinteractions. Not using microinteractions is like your site getting smashed with a rock bottom!

Website interactions improve website navigation, makes user interaction easy, establishes relevant reaction to user call, and directs the attention to visitor/customer needs.

Next time, if you visit a site with good microinteractions in it, then see it as a clear sign of user care. That’s why the value of implementing is more, but web development companies in USA are trying their hard to provide it at less cost.

Today, 70% of software development companies believe in to deliver exceptional customer experience. There are many methods to achieve it; out of which one less expensive and easy way of making site more interactive to benefit the user experience is - Microinteractions!