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Best Website Builders To Develop A Small Business Website

Website Builders To Develop A Small Business Website

We would start with a thought that a lack of money never stops you to start your business. At least, it’s not true in the digital space or the world wide web market.

Now, creating a website without investing money is possible with free website builders!

In USA, using a website builder is considered the fastest way to create a website. With simple drag & drop features & customization, creating a website becomes easy.

Furthermore, to use a website builder, you don’t need an ample amount of technical knowledge.

If you are really creating a website, i.e., simple and straightforward, then the website builder is a perfect solution to develop a small business website.

However, the only problem remaining is the choice of the best website builder! Choosing one website builder for your online business needs is quite a tricky task.

Subsequently, to reduce the pain over your brain, we have prepared this guide “Best Website Builders To Develop A Small Business Website,” describing 5 best website builders ruling the market of website automation and customization.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 website builders in 2019 that are reliable, flexible, secure, and most popular. But, here I would like to raise a question;

As a web development company in USA, our question is -

Website Builder vs. Hiring A Web Developer: Which Is Best?

A good custom website development costs $2000 minimum. This is the average rate in USA that increases when you hire a dedicated developer of website development.

Moreover, if you take the help of an outside company to develop a small business website, then it will definitely cost you more.

In case if you are a beginner, then opting for a website builder to build a site is a better option for you. Here in this article, you have a chance to read website builder reviews and compare all 5 to pick the best one for you.

How To Choose The Best Website Builder?

Before comparing all website builders, we suggest you pen down every specification of your website requirement; such as website goals, aims, color scheme, your template design idea, and many more.

As soon as you read this article and compare the website builders, check out how well your specification matches the web builder software customization tricks.

Also, you must take care that does the chosen web builder platform can update itself in the future, is it SEO-friendly, can it address to various designs, and most importantly can it make revenue or not?

We can also assume that you instinctively choose the right web builder. But, can it be well hosted or not?

Before you start developing your website, you need a www address for it. Site builders generally offer you the domain name like It is a custom domain that hosts on the website builder and gives you a commitment to give the exact feel of a .com website.

But, a custom software development services in USA directly purchase a domain name, hosting services, and gives you an address like In this scenario, spending money over a website is a better option as you have direct control over the site.

While using a free website builders template, it never gives direct control! On the other hand, they are best suited for beginners.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 best website builders for small businesses!

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An All-Round Website Builder - WIX

Wix is entirely dragged & drop customizable best website builder used by everyone to create websites easily. The customization tools in Wix are stylish with easy personalization with a few clicks. Wix features are -

  •     500+ best website builder templates designs
  •     Scroll effects are better
  •     Options in media galleries
  •     Animation to make the site user-friendly
  •     Customization in maps and contact forms are easy

In Wix, you have all the tools at your fingertips, along with many in-built features of SEO. Moreover, if you want to include extra features and tools, visit the App Market for expanding the functionality of your site.

In Wix’s free plan, you get impressive features while the paid plans can quickly scale up your site as per business growth.

  •     Gives value to your money
  •     Easy customer support
  •     User-friendly
  •     Best website builders for nonprofits


  •     Changing template is difficult after the site is live
  •     Less scalable
  •     Features look great but not overwhelming

Creative And Quality Designs - SQUARESPACE

With modern, seamless & sleek templates, Squarespace provides quality designs in the market. Being ideal for creative beginners, real-time customization Squarespace makes your site good in look and feel.

The 14-day free trial offer gives you creative freedom, and the paid plans unlock some shopping carts, eCommerce functions. However, if you are a total beginner, then Squarespace isn’t a pretty face.

You might struggle with Squarespace, but Wix is a better website builder for beginners in comparison to Squarespace.

Squarespace’s quality features, multiple templates, custom codes, and optimization create top quality designs via customization.

  •     Quality Features
  •     Best templates
  •     Ideal best website builder for industries
  •     One of the best website builders for eCommerce


  •     Expensive paid plans
  •     A bit slow website builder
  •     Gives a limited creative freedom

Best Website Builder For Small Businesses & Portfolio - WEEBLY

Weebly is also a drag & drop website builder that offers less creative freedom. On Weebly, it is easy to create websites with structured templates, but a lack of creative control makes this web builder less efficient.

With 50+ industry-tailored templates, Weebly never forces you to commit one design forever. In case, if you are interested in rebranding or refreshing your site with a whole new design template, then you can go for it with Weebly!

Advanced features like inventory management & unlimited products open in Weebly paid plans while the basic elements are always available in standard and free plans.

However, it has more features than Wix and is a top website builder to grow your online business. Though Weebly is not that creative or easy to use, it’s still an excellent choice for making websites in small businesses.

  •     Presence of scalable features
  •     Large app store
  •     In-built SEO guides
  •     Easy to change the template after the site is live
  •     Portfolio website builder


  •     Structured template restricts creative freedom
  •     Expensive plans
  •     Quite tricky for beginners

Best Website Builder Supporting Live Chat Feature - SITE123

SITE123 create simple websites with live chat support feature and easy designs. Also, it publishes your site quickly without any time delay. The main strength of SITE123 lies in its brilliant customer support.

To a beginner who is interested in fast website development, we recommend SITE123 as the safest choice. With an extensive app market, SITE123 is way far behind than other website builders.

You can make a basic website with limited features, but we don’t think that you will get a quality product which you can get from above three!

  •     User-friendly
  •     Can build simple websites
  •     Best live chat support
  •     Beginner-friendly


  •     Limited creativity control
  •     Lacks in quality & scalability
  •     Changing the template after the site is live is difficult

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Best Website Builder For Blogging - WORDPRESS is the world’s most popular website builder with best themes, design templates, code-free customization, social bookmarking, archives, and RSS feed features.

Since it is a blogger's favorite, it allows the author's bio/description. Though it is easy to understand the website building process on WordPress, it is not an easy platform to use.

With high-quality feature-riched blogging tools, it isn’t that easy like Weebly & Wix. WordPress helps in building technical confidence, and that’s why it is suitable for bloggers.

Many WordPress development services in USA, use this website builder and are successfully running software companies.

  •     Best blogging platform
  •     Wide range of features
  •     Less expensive plans
  •     Best designs and templates
  •     Contains all kinds of modules and plugins


  •     Not a beginner-friendly web builder
  •     Needs basic web development coding

Our Pick: The Best Website Builder IS


After careful evaluation and gathering all website builder reviews, we have concluded that WordPress is the best pick from a plethora of options.

Top Reasons

  •     Easy-to-use after learning about it
  •     Flexible, scalable, secure and less expensive
  •     SEO-friendly with Yoast Tools
  •     Thousands of designs, templates and more
  •     Presence of a variety of modules and plugins
  •     Easy hosting services, etc.

It is a beginner's choice, as well as helpful in making business websites. Above are the few reasons why WordPress is the world’s top brand in building a website. Hence, if you create your website, then always get started #1 choice in website builders - WordPress.