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Top 10 Reasons Why Drupal Is Best For Website Development?

Why Drupal Is Best For Website Development

Why Drupal Is Best For Website Development:

As developers, we always live in a tech bubble and keeps on assuming things that everyone doesn’t see.

In this high tech world when technology is shortening the required time to complete a process, web developers also build content management systems and frameworks to decrease website development time.

It can be done by using the Drupal development framework which has attractive themes and user-friendly CMS. Previously Drupal services comprise a regular CMS, but today it competes well to large-scale enterprise systems in complex organizations.

We currently call Drupal website builder as all in one web application framework that performs effective and efficient web services.

“Drupal modules work on an elementary equation, i.e. Core and unique Code + Modules development + APIs = Best website in less time.”

People know very less about Drupal themes, framework and CMS, that’s why we decided to collect ten best reasons to let you know why Drupal Development is a great tool?

Business Agility

There are two Drupal versions - Drupal 8 and Drupal 7. Both acts as a great bonus to the organizations as it adds new functionality more quickly than any other CMS. It allows you to adapt to the market changes in cost-effective and productive ways quickly.

Adaptability to market needs positively serves your business and helps in achieving high performance by increasing user engagement.

Even more, it gets better with the next releases such that a Drupal website gets a higher response and can reach globally in a shorter time.


Drupal supports the busiest sites of the world like, the White House, Twitter, and The Economist. It is best for website development because it easily handles all traffic spikes and regularly streams high volume traffic.


Drupal CMS features dedicated security patches and an entire community of more than 1 million users that report errors, issues, bugs and security threats on its official website.

Drupal webform is open-source software that is transparent, efficient and keeps your site secure before it comes under the radar of risk.

Drupal developers in the community provide every information about the update of security patches and reports any issue if something goes wrong.

Integration Capabilities

Drupal development provides the most sophisticated CMS framework, different in-built digital marketing modules, and data-integration by using a variety of services and applications.

It gives companies and big organizations an excellent opportunity to implement any functionality in the most appropriate and prominent technology while being connected to the web.

These integration capabilities work for those internal services which aren’t exposed to the general public. The facilities and integration capabilities in Drupal development make it fall into the different categories of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

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Drupal CMS is a great tool to manage content, consequently has a definitive advantage in comparison to other similar systems:

  • It’s already optimized with SEO tools like Keyword Planner, Content optimization tool, Content tagging, XML Sitemap, Page titles, Google Analytics, Redirect management, API integration, etc.
  • It allows better Digital integration, media platforms and handles different file types.
  • It also supports your content strategy and helps you in making it more adaptable to different devices and channels.

A Drupal module called COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) allows a user-friendly way to save time, effort, and money.

These tools allow content writers, moderators, managers, etc. to make data more manageable. It dynamically pulls each content from one page to another and presents the information on different devices.


Drupal 8 and Drupal 7 are by far the most accessible CMS, as it integrates the accessibility standards in the core code. It is also known for sticking to laws, standards and is evolving since Drupal 7.

Multilingual Capabilities

It understands different languages, with the help of multilingual capabilities, it allows you to create language strategies to have a multilingual administrative interface.

After English, French is the second-most supported language that offers Drupal API a tremendous competitive advantage. Also, various language-specific communities offer different Drupal themes and services.

This CMS framework has already proven itself useful to different languages in different countries and now is fostering the multilingual capabilities in Drupal.


Unlike most of the CMS's, it has no limitations when it comes to meeting an organization's needs. Drupal customization allows you to customize specific roles and permissions of your different users.

It also supports specific business logic and provides companies and organizations with a personalized application, that doesn’t damage the usability.  


Drupal development features easy content authoring with a customizable tool WYSIWYG for content creation, publishing, and marketing.

Content authors, publishers, curators, editors, translators, site administrators, moderators, and Drupal developers meet their all requirements as this CMS gives them enough access to different features.

It supports responsive themes and adaptive designs to deliver active content across multiple devices of Windows, Mac OS, Android, etc. Drupal themes are now widely used among different users.

Drupal Community

The strongest and greatest force of Drupal is its community. Drupal's tagline “Come for the Software, Stay for the Community” fits this Open-source software. Here are a few figures to illustrate Drupal support and community:

  • 1.2 million accounts
  • 38,695 active Drupal developers
  • 31,199 modules and 2,141 themes
  • 2,000+ commits / week
  • 2,400+ events each year

The Drupal community maintains a large and extensive platform for digital innovation and ideas, along with marketers, designers, and Drupal web developers for creating and managing the great website, social experiences, web traffic and mobile performance.

A community not only drives innovation but also represent an endless source of resources to guarantee the quality of the module for Drupal.

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