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5 best modules for converting your Drupal site in a power online store

Best Drupal Development Module

If your business website is powered by Drupal and you now want to transform it into a fully-fledged e-commerce site/online store, then you can consider using a wide array of Drupal modules that can help you to add the basic and advanced e-commerce functionalities to your basic Drupal site. These modules are versatile, purpose-built and highly effective. Let us know about some such modules:

Drupal Commerce Module

Sophisticated, Powerful, yet lightweight- Drupal Commerce module is the perfect tool for transforming your Drupal website into a professional e-commerce store. Apart from the security and flexibility, the Drupal commerce module also offers you a swift loading speed that adds t the UI/UX.

Salient features and benefits

With the use of Drupal Commerce module, you can create the products having custom attributes, add a distinct, dynamic approach to online product displays and effectively manage the different phases of your orders.

It effectively handles the calculations of discount prices, VAT, and tax.

Drupal Commerce allows you to add multiple payment gateways to your store and thus adds to the convenience of buyers.


Ubercart is another, widely used e-commerce application to turn your Drupal platform into a fully fledged online store. This feature rich application perfectly blends all the necessary elements needed for running your online store smoothly. This module is specially designed to offer the maximum options and flexibility to the sellers while minimizing the manual efforts. Its easy, uncomplicated interface does not demand any special technical skills and thus you don’t need to hire top-notch web developers with heavy price tag.

Salient Features and benefits

Ubercart is aptly designed to support the selling of different goods or services. Whether you are selling physical goods, media content, digital downloads, or subscription based services with periodical payment modules- Ubercart will offer you the most relevant options and ideal interface for online selling.

Ubercart allows you to add a wide array of product images, monitor the current inventory and create product catalogs that can be configured later.

It also comes with wide array of user-friendly options like integrated payment interface, multiple gateways for payment, one-page checkout shipping quotes, order management and multiple reports.

UC Wish

If you already run an online store powered by Ubercart then UC wish list would be a fantastic extension to offer extended options to your potential buyers. The UC wishlist concentrates on potential buyers. It allows them to create and effectively manage a wishlist of products for their future purchases.

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Salient features and Benefits

The users can also create a wishlist and share it with other users

The modules are positioned near the shopping cart and ask/encourage the users to add the products to their wishlist

Amazon Store

If you want to open an online store but lack the required capital or infrastructure for stocking the items then you can opt for the Amazon store. It allows you to create an online store that is filled with the Amazon items. For that you can join the Amazon associate and upon each sales made through your site, you will earn a fixed commission.

Salient Features and Benefits

The Drupal Amazon store allows you to develop an online storefront filled with various Amazon products.

You can display a number of products along with images, prices and complete description that offer a powerful and professional look to your platform and make it appealing for the audience.

Amazon will look after the checkout process and shipping of the products.

Currency Module

One of the biggest benefits offered by the use of online store is that it allows selling the products globally without incurring heavy infrastructure costs. However, in order to fully realize the maximum potential of this benefit, you need to render the pricing in local currency of your global audience. The currency module is an apt solution for you.

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Salient Features and benefits

By using currency module you can allow your local audience to instantly convert the product price to their local currency.

The associated metadata and currency information further adds to the functionality of the currency conversion module and enable to display the product prices in desired currency.

Displaying the product price in familiar local currency can certainly enhance the user experience