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Top 10 Drupal 8 Modules: Extend Your Website's Functionality

Drupal 8 functionality

Drupal is one of the most trusted CMS employed by a large number of fortune 500 companies, government organizations, healthcare sector and other relevant industries where security is paramount. In fact, it is the foolproof security offered by Drupal that has made it the preferred choice for most sophisticated clients. However, many people would like to enjoy an extended functionality while working with Drupal. For such people, there are a number of modules that they can employ for extending the functionality. The all new Drupal 8 now allows you to work extensively with a number of modules to take the functionality to the next level. you should upgrade your project in Drupal 8 to get all functionality of Drupal. Here are a few useful modules that can further enhance your experience while working with Drupal 8 site:

Admin toolbar

This module is specifically designed to enhance the functionality of the original menus by adding the drop down menus. It offers the speedy access to various administration pages. By including the extra link for cleaning cache you can further enhance the speed. You can also make use of the links for running Cron jobs. Collectively it will add a further boost to the speed.


One of the challenging tasks for content producers is to memorize the complete URLs of various internal and external links that can be a daunting task. But their dilemma can perfectly be solved by using the Link module. It offers an auto-complete feature for different external and internal links. With its helps, the content producer will no longer need to memorize or type the complete URL that can not only add to their convenience but will also increase the productivity.

Path Auto

One of the key requirements for a better SEO strategy is relevant URLs that are easy to recall. However, manually creating such URLs for each page can be a very tiresome task. Path auto-generates the appropriate, easy to recall URLs matching with your web page. Such easy URLs enhance your web page performance in SERP and thus help you achieve a better ranking.

Field Group

The proper content organization plays a vital role in enriching the overall working experience and making things streamlined. The field group is specifically designed to help the content editors. It organizes the content in a more sensible format. Using this module multiple fields can be grouped together in horizontal or vertical divs, tabs, and accordions that add to the user experience and extensively facilitates the editing task.

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Better user experience is not only necessary to attract the audience and win their loyalty but is also a major requirement for ranking high on major search engines. Speed is the key component that closely influences the user experience. While a great speed can bring you to the good books f the major search engines, slow speed can attract unwanted penalties, hurling down your site several positions.

This module employs BigPipe caching for considerably boosting up the speed. Noticeably, BigPipe caching is used by Social Media Giant- Facebook to add wings to its site. It first facilitates the quick loading of cached page components followed by the dynamic components. This organized loading process considerably boosts up the page loading speed and thus leveraging the user experience.


BY using this module you can easily transfer the configuration and components of your website to other websites and use them without facing any tough challenges.

Blog Modules Blog is the major component of any website and can play a great role in leveraging the SEO endeavors. The Blog module offers a dependable functionality and format for building a blog and maintaining it effectively.

Share This

Writing a unique blog is only half the battle won. You also need to share it with the relevant groups and maximum netizens in order to reap the maximum benefits of the blog. Understandably the social sharing plays the key role in attracting, maximum eye view to your blog and inviting better user interaction. By using the Share this module you can add attractively designed social sharing buttons that make it easier for the readers to quickly share your blog on social media that can effectively multiply your reader base.


Newsletters are great ways to maintain the connectivity with your audience and establish long lasting relationship that can win you the audience loyalty and may eventually increase the conversion rate. The mail system module allows you to design the attractive and professional newsletters in a jiffy by offering you numerous themes and templates. It also facilitates regular distribution of your newsletters to the subscribers.

Image Effects

Adding extra visual effect to the images can make them more appealing and instantly attract the eyes. By using the image effects module you can add powerful, eye-caressing effects to various images thus taking visual delight to the new heights.


Images can dramatically enhance the overall appeal of your website. However, one content rich page the images can be distracting. By using this module you can display the images on your website more conveniently by superimposing the, over your content page. Thus it allows using the images within the text without creating the distraction.

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