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What is Drupal Used for? What Makes Drupal a Popular CMS

What Makes Drupal a Popular CMS

Drupal for Web Content Management

Drupal is an open-source content management system software used to make different websites and applications for our everyday use. The standard features of Drupal website development services make content authoring easy and reliable with excellent security.

Among many Drupal advantages, the use of flexible tools builds a versatile, varied and well-structured content according to the compelling need of web experiences.

The integrated digital frameworks and thousands of add-ons improvise the Drupal module development with other applications and other external services.

Drupal web design services is an “out of the box” customizable platform that gives different themes for content presentation. No other CMS is this scalable, powerful and robust to make your website longlasting.

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Why Drupal Web Development is Advantageous For You?

  • It can manage websites with the highest traffics.
  • It supports responsive design for a seamless content experience on any mobile.
  • It easily integrates with digital marketing technology, business applications, API and focuses on making content more powerful.
  • It automatically identifies vulnerabilities and creates a patch to keep your site secured.
  • With flexible content architecture, it is easy to control content and include any media types.
  • Since it allows easy and quick site creation, it can manage multisite on a single platform.
  • For your very specific business need, Drupal offers you different tools to create a solution.
  • It consists of strong technological foundation Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • With Drupal, you can reach the global audience as it is a multilingual platform.
  • Additionally, our Drupal web design company also offers a worldwide community experience.
  • Drupal migration service tops other CMS where content is as a service.

When it comes to the Drupal migration, our Drupal CMS website development company transfer everything from your old CMS website or non-CMS website to one of the latest Drupal versions like Drupal 7 (D7) and Drupal 8 (D8) as per your choice.

These migrations migrate all static web pages, posts, media, articles, blogs, content categories, attachments, comments, tags, user ids, URLs, metadata, SEO tags, etc. without losing a single bit of your website data.

Today, Drupal is offered as the “most superior” CMS when compared to Wordpress, Joomla, Radiant, Silver Stripe, etc. This the only reason why drupal website development is the business's first choice from the last 16 years and still is insanely growing bigger day by day.

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What Is Drupal Used For?

There are over 1,000,000 websites running in the world via Drupal. Most of them are heavy traffics and organic reach oriented websites. Keeping all Drupal-related services and advantages in mind, let’s learn who actually uses Drupal.

As we know Drupal website development is free and can be easily downloaded, you can plan a big website and accumulate a huge audience on it daily as done by some of these industries.

  • Creative and entertainment agencies
  • Travel and tourism website
  • NGO’s
  • Digital service providers
  • Life sciences
  • Public sectors and government bodies
  • Retails
  • Educational sites
  • Community and support websites
  • Company websites
  • Financial services

There is no doubt that the Drupal content management system is one of the most powerful due to its features of functionality, availability, integration, customization, and security. These advantages, features and massive task completing infrastructure make it a popular CMS of the 21st century.