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How to Get your E-commerce Website Rocking ?


One of the best ways of earning a reliable income online is to start an e-commerce website. There are a number of big and small players in the field and businesses are really making serious money selling goods or service online. However, in order to get the success you need to keep in mind some of the important things. Here are a few things that can help you in achieving the success for your e-commerce website:

Customer services matters

According to a study, approximately 80% of the customers might change the sellers that doesn’t offer reliable customer services. While this figure is already high, there are several other disadvantages that you will discover as you dive deeper:

An unsatisfied customer can post negative reviews on your website and social media thus discouraging the future clients.

Most importantly the poor customer service unnecessarily elongates the series of follow-ups and further complicates the issues thus sapping the energy and productivity of your staff.

Many clients get annoyed if they have to wait before their issues are resolved.

In order to avoid the undesirable effects you need to offer instant or immediate answer to all the questions sorted by the level of urgency required. But never keep any question in the queue longer than a few hours irrespective of the level of urgency. You also need to appoint adequate dedicated staff to offer live chat support to the clients.

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Follow 3F’ policy

Keeping 3 F’s in mind can go a long way in offering you the desired success. Make your clients feel fantastic by pampering them, Follow up with your clients and ask for their feedback on your products, business and customer services. Also, offer some freebies with every purchase. For a better impact don’t inform your clients about the freebies the time of purchase. Surprise your customers with something extra when they receive the order.

Opt for drop shipping

Having an access to the huge physical inventory is a great feeling. Who doesn’t like the warehouse filled to the roof? However, maintaining such a stock is not only expensive but also adds to the running costs as you would require investing in manpower and maintenance infrastructure/methodologies. You can better go for drop shipping model where you don’t have to deal with the inventory storage or maintenance

Some of the major e-commerce platforms allow you to store your items at their facility and ship to your end clients directly from there. For example the fulfillment by Amazon that allows you to store the goods in fulfillment center of Amazon and shop it to the client when the sale is made.

Automate the processes

Employing the manual processes to tackle various aspects of your business is not only time consuming but also adds to the recurring costs. They are also prone to the human error. Additionally, such manual processes affect the net profits every time a sale is made. You can rather employ the automated tools for taking care of various aspects of your online marketing, sales and client management. There are a number of companies offering automated tools to take care of your business. Right from SEO optimization to maintaining the inventory, initiating the marketing campaigns, designing creative’s and populating your digital inventory with fresh products almost every aspect of your online business can be handled b the relevant tools.

It’s always recommendable to go for the balanced approach while opting for the tools. It is not completely true that free tools are just a waste of time.

Some of the free tools can be surprisingly competent while some of their premium counterparts may turn out to be a disappointment. Especially if you opt for the premium tools ensure to check well for the reviews and relevancy of the same. Many such tools are available on trial basis.

It is always recommendable to opt for the trial offer and buy the premium version only if you are satisfied.

While you use any automated tool, ensure that it should perfectly align with your present ecosystem in terms of format, compatibility and presentation style.

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Invest in design of your website

Some surprisingly simple thing like a small button, a layout or even the colors can play a vital role in the success of your online venture. So, you need to review your e-commerce store deeply and ensure that it should have the right amount of elements with the right visual characteristics. The online visitors are generally short on time and take quick decisions. Much of their decision is based on how quickly they spot the things they are looking for.

You should make sure that each element of your online store should be positioned on the eye level. It helps the visitors to instantly find the most relevant links/products and thus leave a positive impact

Go for the minimalistic approach while Designing your website. Heavy websites not only take a long time to load but also confuse the visitors that can force them to hit the back button.