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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Website Design

interesting facts about website design

No.of websites is rapidly growing these days. So as the requirement of website design. With the rapid growth in technological advancement these days all users have shifted online. From there they can easily perform different tasks from online shopping to searching for their desired services. This is the main reason why most businesses have shifted online using websites. Not only businesses but different users are also owning different websites for posting valuable content of which they are having higher knowledge.

Today you will get everything over the internet. You just have to search for your desired things over it.

Website development is a lengthy process that includes several different operations. It consists of operations like requirement analysis, market research, UI/UX design, web development, testing, and implementation.

Out of all these operations, the web design operation is one of the most necessary and important tasks during the web design process.

The web design process decides the benchmark of your website so that you can confirm its layout for content placement. There are different interesting facts about website design that you are not aware of.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the web design facts that people are unaware of. These facts will help you in designing your website or improving the user experience of your existing website. Even some of the top web design companies in USA will not state these facts to all of you.

10 Exciting Website Design Facts That You Are Not Aware Of

The website Doesn’t Look the Same on different devices

When the user is accessing a website from multiple devices. The web design will be differently presented on each device. This is the main reason why the design industry is working to design a responsive website. So if you have decided on a particular design for your website then make sure that your content will be visible on other devices also. Just because the sizes of different devices are not the same at all. So when the devices are not equivalent how can the layout of your website on multiple devices will remain the same? You have to set up your website design as per the multiple devices and also don’t forget to make your web design a responsive one.

More than 90% of users access websites through mobile devices

With the latest innovations in mobile devices. The usage of mobile devices has increased a lot. Almost more than 90% of the users are preferring mobile devices to surf the internet. This is the reason why users prefer accessing all the websites from mobile devices. So if you are looking to design a website then you must add up a responsive and mobile-friendly design to your website. To improvise the traffic on your website. This is the main key fact of web design that most people don’t even know when they are designing their website.

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Add content in the form of lists instead of paragraphs

Content plays a significant role in making your website look attractive. Most people place paragraph-based content on their websites. Such type of content doesn’t look appealing and occupies a lot of space on your website. Even most of the website visitors don’t read such type of content. To improve the user experience on your website you must add listing-based content. Instead of paragraphs, these listings can make your users easily understand what your motive is. You must add this part to your website design process checklist to design your website in such a way that is suitable for listing-based content.

Some website templates may restrict some of their functionalities

Most website users choose templates for adding up the design to your website. They wouldn’t be aware of the fact that these templates sometimes may restrict some of the capabilities and features of your website. This is the reason why some of the websites don’t perform up to the mark. Even if you have added dynamic features to your website during your web design process. If you need to avoid this issue then always choose dynamic templates that support all your website functionalities and features.

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Add Multimedia for Positive Response

According to research, no one likes to read paragraph-based content. This is the reason why the websites that have focused on textual content are not successful enough. For making your website highly successful and ranked in the topmost positions in the search engines you must focus on adding up multimedia-based design and content to it. Using this tip you can add up more values to your website like easy understandability, the high reach of users, etc.

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Small Web design Mistakes put a severe impact

Most web designers make small mistakes during the design process of your website. Mistakes like unresponsive design, improper layout, adding up heavy design, not adding contact information, cross-browser compatibility, etc. These smaller mistakes can cause a big loss to your website. So it is necessary to test your website before you implement it to avoid all such kinds of mistakes. You must also adopt the modern web design process to develop a fully-fledged and top-class website.

Most of the clients discover the website from your blog

You must have to add up a separate blog section to your website. According to research most of the audiences visit your website from your blogs. You have designed it in such a way that your blog attracts your audiences toward the products or services the website is offering. This idea is highly recommended by the top web designers serving the web design industry.

Adding up the brand value is more important to your web design

As per some of the top website development companies in Raleigh, you must add up your brand value to your website’s design. It is because when you have highlighted your brand in your website it states your website's authenticity to all your clients and increases its trustworthiness. You should add up this thing to your website design process checklist because it is one of the most necessary processes.

The source code of your website affects its search engine ranking

Sometimes source code for adding some functionalities of the website design to your website also affects search engine rankings. You must understand the ranking criteria of all the search engines. After that, you have to add up design functionalities in such a way that it can easily rank in the topmost position on any of the search engines. You must also add up cross-browser compatibility to your website. So that it can be accessed using any of the client’s desired browsers. 

Add Your company’s contact info

Company information and contact details are the necessary things that you must add up to your website. You must also design a separate contact page on your website. On this page, you must add up all the contact details by which the clients can easily reach you. Providing contact information increases the trustworthiness of your website among all your clients.


Website design these days has become a simpler process. We have seen a high growth rate in past few years in the number of websites. So when there is higher competition in the web design industry you must provide your clients with a better website. It is only possible when you follow the best web design practices. In this article, we have offered some highly recommended tips and tricks for website design. Which will definitely rank your website and provide you with much better results. These tips will definitely improvise the user experience of your website.