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4 reasons to opt for Infinite Scrolling Web Design

Scrolling web design

Web designing plays a vital role in shaping the user experience and if implemented properly it can also enhance the conversion rates. Even the major search engines have started taking web design seriously and there are rewards and penalties based on the site structure. That is why people now prefer to go for a minimalistic design with almost zero hassles. A wonderful web design technique that facilitates the user experience and boosting the speed of a website is infinite scrolling. It is a web design technique that results in continuous content loading as the user keeps on scrolling down. Due to the continuous and automated loading of content, it eliminates the role and need of pagination. Here are more benefits offered by infinity scrolling technique:

Enhanced Loading Speed

One of the greatest advantages of infinite scrolling is that it boosts up the loading speed of your site website and thus leaves the positive first impression on the user. Though old, the statement “First Impression is the last impression” still holds true.

Instead of requiring to click separately on each page and wait until it loads, the audience can explore the entire expanse of information on the same page and that saves lots of time.

It also encourages your audience to keep on exploring different locations of your site and thus elongates their stay period.

In fact, by inviting them to surf through the expense of content spread across the page, you may just be buying some time before the audience finally lands at the “Wow Factor!” triggering him to take the action aligning with your commercial objectives.

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A great asset for image sites

There are a number of sites specially designed to attract the visitors who are fond of awesome images. Many such sites register heavy traffic and can earn great revenue by selling the copyright images, via affiliate links or displaying Google ads. The success of such sites lies in keeping the audience engaged and amused.

Convenience, presentation, and variety play an important part. With the use of continuous scrolling, the audience can conveniently slide down to the entire expanse of relevant images instead of having to visit multiple pages that can interfere with the browsing experience.

Such audience is very choosy and specific to pick the images they want to purchase. For example, the exact image that the audience is looking for may be positioned towards the end of the search results spanning 5 entire pages. By the time the client reaches the end of the third page, he starts losing the interest and may switch to another site if he doesn’t see the desired results in the first half of the 4th page.

However, the Ambiance of infinite scrolling encourages them to keep on exploring the entire set of results as there are no visual thresholds to remind them of how far they have ventured that can trigger them to change the decision. The infinite scrolling also prompts them to complete the search activity until the end and thus you can be sure that the audience will land at the exact image even if it is positioned towards the end of the list.

A great model for touchscreen devices

Due to the increasing popularity of Internet-enabled mobile devices has altered the browsing preferences of users. Repeatedly tapping the iPhone or Android seems annoying to many users. Infinite scrolling eliminates this pain point and facilitates the browsing of a touchscreen. So, the infinite scrolling technique can help you to acquire a huge percentage of touchscreen users and win their loyalty.

Looking at the huge and ever-increasing size of such users, it could help you to increase your potential clients manifold and enhancing the conversion possibilities.

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Enhances user experience

Audience find it annoying to go through a labyrinth of content just to discover that they still have to visit another page to find what they are looking for. Such a structure can have multiple disadvantages. First of all, it elongates the time as the client has to sift through the content and wait until the next page loads.

It creates a feeling of discontentment in the audience that keeps on strengthening as he sifts through more pages without finding what he is looking for. That is because the pagination allows the users to quantify their efforts in terms of pages they have to explore, the number of search results they have to go through or the number of clicks. Most importantly, the pagination prevents the users from enjoying the uniformity of browsing experience.

Infinity scrolling, on the other hand, facilitates smooth browsing, maintains the uniform flow of mind and thus positively affects the users’ ability to take a precise decision.