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5 Web Design Principles To Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate

web design principles

Are you interested in boosting conversions on your website? Increasing conversions on any site are the task of digital marketers but are incomplete without website designers.

The smart marketers know it very well that website designs make a significant difference. Several marketers stick to SEO, but there exist some effective web design principles that act as lead magnets and boost your site’s conversion rate.

Stanford University’s research paper reveals that 46.1% of people decide a company’s credibility based on website designs. Two-thirds of people read something online, which is beautifully designed while 38% of people leave unattractive sites.

Thus, it is imperative to get introduced to web design principles in web technology.

Top web designers and website design services in USA understand the secret of increasing conversion rate from web design principles 2019, and in a few moments, you will also know it.

Here are the five web design principles checklists to boost your site’s conversion rate;

Call to Action Button

Call to action button plays a crucial element in the website. The interaction between you and your users happens through such buttons. Therefore, it is a great need to introduce such actions on the site to make it easy for the users if thought upon interactiveness.

The position of the call to action button should be highlighting and must consider the visual pattern. This now brings us to our next web design principle, i.e., responsiveness.

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Responsive Web Design Is Important

Users are more likely to abandon a task at some website if the site isn’t mobile-optimized for users. In 2017, mobile traffic dominated 52.64% of the total global web traffic.

This shows the importance of responsiveness in website designing. Also, if your website isn’t responsive, there are more chances of losing audiences.

Accessing a website on small screens of mobile, palmtops, tablets, etc. sometimes is an annoying experience if the site has sluggish pages, awkward buttons, and less pleasing UI/UX.

However, designing an attractive, responsive website is now possible because there are tons of CMS’s, which makes your site look excellent, robust, and interactive.

The best one is Drupal CMS and Drupal web design services in USA top WordPress with the daily increasing market share.

Always Use Faces

Using faces on-site attracts the user’s attention because it conveys emotions. Humans always empathize with the faces; moreover, if it depicts emotions, consumers more likely to connect to the website.

Mirroring this user face feeling with facial images helps in driving the customer's decision. Therefore, many advertising companies all over the world focus on it as it increases the chances of the site’s conversion rate.

But, you must care for the images representing your brand and try avoiding the stock photos.

76% of consumers believe in a website’s design as it makes it easy for them to find what they are looking for.


web designing tips

KISS Your Web Design

Keep it Simple, Sweet.

It is the most important web design principle for your visitors. I have heard many people complaining about websites, "They couldn’t find what they were looking".

This is the reason visitors jump on to some other website, thus, increasing your bounce rate. You need to make sure that visitors easily navigate through the site’s web pages and get what they need.

Step into the minds of the visitors and try to understand them quickly. The Organized navigation pattern, a neat design, uncluttered content, etc. are a few practices which website design services, USA use in their approach of boosting conversion rate via web design principles.

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Utilize White/Negative Space

White space is a negative space which is kept vacant on a web page. The space between the sidebars, header, paragraphs, and texts helps in making a website look neat, legible, and eye-soothing.

If a proper combination of these spaces is used, then it makes the user experience great and efficient. The use of this web design principle is seen on Apple’s website.

The inconsistency of colors in web design makes it looks unprofessional. A website is the digital representation of your brand, and if the colors aren’t used properly, then it affects your brand image. Thus, the next web design principle is COLOURS.

Your site is a brand of your business in the digital world. So, any inconsistency in your web design will affect your brand image. The fonts style, color scheme, type of images, logos, etc. must be of the same manner.

Pick The Right Colours

Colors tell a lot about your brand! They make your web design simple, sweet, as well as improve the responsiveness. You must always remember, color is an initial factor in the judgment of a product.

Color characterizes the buying behavior of consumers, and within 90 seconds, the consumer decides whether to go for the product or not. The same thing happens with the websites.

Different colors and a well-established custom website design services take a keen interest in the choices of your color scheme while designing.

Now that you have a clear understanding of these five web design principles in web technology, put them together, and make your best web design ever.

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