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Will Low code and no code replace the traditional way of coding

no code and low code replace the traditional way of coding

What is coding used for? Developers use code for making their applications perform desired tasks. Application development using a set of code is termed the traditional app development methodology.

We all know that traditional coding requires a lot of time and effort. It not only time and effort but also requires a lot of training and knowledge.

Low code and no code development is one of the latest and newest inventions in terms of application development.

According to their names, this method of application development requires less or no code at all for application development. There are several traditional coding languages for application development. Using this you can build software and applications with a lot of functionalities.

As the low code and no code development is currently a new software development methodology. It doesn’t provide you with as many features as a traditional app development methodology provides you. But the low code and no code development methodology is the future of application development.

The inventors are adding a lot of functionalities to it on a regular basis. In the future, it will help you build smart applications and software. In this blog, we will provide you the details about how low code and no code development will replace the traditional way of coding.

Advantages of Low code and Low code development Vs Traditional app development

Advantages of Low Code/Low code development

Agile Development Process

The process in the Low Code and No code development makes its applications capable to work easily on multiple devices. This development process makes you operate the same application on both the smartphone and desktop. Low code/No code development process enables developers to make responsive applications. This will make your apps function much smoother than the traditional ones.

Pocket Friendly

The low code/No code application development process involves lesser effort that’s why it is considered an affordable and pocket-friendly app development approach. It is also a faster app development process as it involves less or no code for providing the functionalities of an app. It just requires drag-and-drop operations. With which an application can be easily developed. This is the main reason why it is not as costly as the traditional app development method.

Higher Productivity

Low Code/No code app development provides the developers with higher productivity using lesser efforts. It almost doesn’t require any coding for the application. The only coding is required when you need to integrate the application. Otherwise, this platform provides a lot of functionalities to the developed applications. Deployment of software solutions is comparatively easy in Low code/ No code development.

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Easy to use

No code/Low code development is one of the easiest development processes. It doesn’t require any kind of special training. Using such a platform anyone can easily develop applications that are more interactive and user-friendly. Any person having less technical knowledge can easily use this platform for application development.


Low-code solutions are adaptive in nature. Applications developed on this platform can easily adapt to the changes as per the requirements of the users. So you can easily make any of such changes to this platform without the need for any code. No code development supports immediate and rapid changes as per the user’s requirements. You can make changes in the functionalities of the application as and when required.

Faster and easy testing

Testing is one of the major elements of the software development process. It helps testers in detecting the different bugs and errors that an application is having. It doesn’t require any form of code so there is no need to test the code of that application. Instead, you can easel;y test the application just by performing the functionality testing. That’s why it is said that this platform supports easier testing

Easier maintenance

Maintenance of an application is one of the necessary elements that make your application more efficient and secure. Low code and no code development provide you with easier maintenance. There is no need for coding so you can easily make the changes and update the application by improvising your security.  

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Advantages of Traditional app development

Adds a lot of functionalities to your app

Traditional app development methodology involves the addition of a lot of functionalities to an app. You can add up your desired functions as per your requirements. You just have to add the code for that functionality and it's working. By adding the code you can add any of your desired functionalities to your app. This feature is only offered to you in traditional app development.

Smooth development process

traditional code supports smooth development of software development. The development process in the traditional methodology provides you with different functionalities that enable you to create a custom mobile application with the user's desired features. You can add or remove such functionalities as and when required.

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Unlimited resources

Traditional app development provides you with a lot of resources. All these resources can be used to ease the work of the developers. The traditional app development process involves the use of unlimited resources. You can use as many resources as you need. You can even provide a lot of functionalities to your app using such resources. These resources are also capable to make your app more interactive and user-friendly.

No restriction on the coding language selection

There are several coding languages available in the market. You can choose anyone as per the requirements of the functionalities. You can choose a platform and coding language after understanding all the requirements of the users and the system. It is totally dependent on the company or the developer that is working on that project.


In this blog, we have compared how low code/no code app development and traditional app development. Both platforms are having their own benefits. After researching the traditional coding and Low code/no code development.

In traditional programming, you can use multiple programming languages. But using the low code/No code development platform makes the application development easier and faster process.

As compared to traditional code and low code the low code is much faster but the traditional code is currently much more efficient. But it is the future of application development.

Deployment of software solutions is much easier in a low code/no code development process. So there is a greater scope of app development in the low code and no code app development.