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Develop A Pregnancy Tracker App in Easy Way

Develop A Pregnancy Tracker App

The life of a woman changes the moment she knows that she is pregnant and giving birth to one more life. Pregnancy gives the most wonderful experience to any woman as she holds her baby in the womb and goes through emotional, physical, and mental support. 

With advanced technologies, we can now track pregnancy with a pregnancy tracker app. With such an app, we can make women feel enraptured and fortuitous for their 9-month journey of motherhood.

zrix is developing a pregnancy tracking app using its pregnancy app development services. Do you wish to know about this?

Pregnant women can watch out for each progression of the development of their infant, with the assistance of a mobile-based pregnancy tracker application that would allow them to access all pregnancy-related important information and data. 

The pregnancy tracker app includes all tweaked solid tips, necessary precautions & safeguards, best medication requirements, regular checkup schedules, and appointments, etc. The pregnancy tracker application functions as a friend to women during their pregnancy. 

These pregnancy trackers and baby tracker apps permit the users to remain personalized and customized in a longer manner. They offer features such as weight tracking, pregnancy symptoms tracking, baby growth tracking, and many more. 

Aside from this, there are likewise different features and functions inside a pregnancy tracker app for the would-be Moms such that they can keep up with the pregnancy timelines in a proper manner with daily and repeated assistance by the application.

Thus, the ones who are pregnant and need help with terms of the correct information, simply need to reach their smartphones or tablets and decide to download a magnificent, user-friendly pregnancy and baby tracker application according to their prerequisites.

Are Pregnancy Tracker App and Baby Tracker App Game Changer?

The one thing which is interesting with respect to pregnancy is to perceive how much a child can develop inside the womb in weeks' time. If we have an app for this, then would it be amazing to know about it in a broad manner. 

Thus, these applications come around as helpful buddies to women during their wonderful experience of 9 months. Regardless of whether one needs to follow by day, week, or month, these applications easily assist women.

The pregnancy tracker app development needs deep research and analysis by every custom healthcare software development company in the USA. With proper knowledge and ideas, app development will not only become easy but should emotionally connect to the end-users.

Therefore, first, we now discuss the benefits of pregnancy and baby tracker apps in the journey to motherhood.

  • You can track the day-to-day growth of your baby’s development.
  • Get expert tips from doctors, nurses in your pregnancy journey. 
  • Get positive, knowledgeable, and small helpful articles about pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy tracker apps help you to grab all the latest news and information.
  • The app helps in guiding you on food and nutrition by telling you about necessary protein, mineral, and vitamin intake.
  • The app shares exercise & yoga advice for pregnant women and helps them to practice it.
  • Get a weekly checklist and reminders on medicines, pregnancy weight tracker app, and pregnancy symptom tracker.
  • The contraction timer feature in the apps tells a woman about the labor stage and prepares her mentally and emotionally. Also, the app counts the kick of your baby.
  • Would-be parents are always excited, and the app helps in capturing belly photos.
  • The pregnancy tracker app knows the blood pressure you face at different stages. Thus, the app monitors blood pressure.
  • When all the moms are on a pregnancy tracker app, they all can connect together. It is similar to have a real-time connection with other moms.

“The pregnancy tracker application is a fundamental plan to give keen data to the would-be parents in a wonderful bundle and make them stress-free.”

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Key Features To Develop Pregnancy Tracker App

A feature-rich quality user experience and the user interface are what every woman would desire in the application. In any case, with pregnancy being an essential perspective, the app development features must be at another level, with emotions attached to it.

Let’s check the pregnancy tracker app development features:

TOP FEATURES: Q/A Community, Daily advice, Baby growth updates, Contraction tracking, Sleep guide, Food and feeding guide tips, Health and safety tips, Baby care advice, Doctor and nurse online counseling, Baby registry checklist, Pregnancy journal, and many more.

PATIENT APPLICATION FEATURES: Register/ Login, Calendar updates, Join Communities, Manage Profile, Monthly, Weekly, and daily tracking feature, Health fitness tracking, CHildbirth club, etc.

ADMINISTRATOR PANEL FEATURES: Sign In, Manage Patients/ Users, Tools Manager, Add/edit content, Expert interaction, Vitals monitoring, Personal Health Devices, etc.

ADVANCE FEATURES: 24/7 offline access, Pairing with Gynaecologist, Graphical Trends, Pregnancy Card, Social media sharing, Safe medication, Information exchange, Real-time videos, etc.

Challenges In Pregnancy Tracker Development

App development is a significant advance that requires a clear objective, aim, considerations, and knowledge. The advancement is separated into a few stages which require a team of best designers, developers, and marketing members to take the torment of repeating the nearby store into a computerized one. 

Pregnancy tracker development requires serious innovative work. But, there are a couple of challenges in this kind of app development, and we need to overcome them. 

Those challenges are as follows: 

  • The best test is to convey something extraordinary. For what reason do a couple of applications get well known? The appropriate response is the number of features and functions. Put special highlights functions to lean forward for pregnancy app development. 
  • An application has various users or visitors, where Android and iOS both have their devoted audience base. The choice of picking between two requires both a specialized and showcasing point of view. 
  • A conversational UI and UX attracts users a lot. Furthermore, including the integration of the latest technologies and trends is necessary. Developing the best UI/UX is challenging
  • Security dangers are an incredible concern point for entrepreneurs. With new innovation, the application is inclined to be tempered. For making it secure, an accomplished engineer is required. 

Above are the overall difficulties, an engineer needs to confront and for the customers, it is the purpose of concern.

“Some top pregnancy tracker apps of 2021 are Stork, UMC Pregnancy App, 280 Days, Baby Bump, Preglife, Pregnancy +, The Bump, Sprout Pregnancy, and Hello Belly.” 

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Let's Final The Budget To Develop Pregnancy Tracker App!

Now is the ideal opportunity to decide the expense to build up a Pregnancy tracking app. Indeed, the app development cost is dictated by figuring the size and intricacy of an application, deciding on a pregnancy tracking app would be difficult! 

Additionally, it relies upon the features you want in the app, the time limit to launch the app, and the work efforts of app engineers, developers, and designers.

In view of different zones, here we have laid out the expense to build up a fully-featured pregnancy tracker mobile application:

  • USA: $100 to $250 an hour
  • Eastern Europe: $80 to $180 per hour
  • India: $70 to $180 per hour

Let’s take a look at the general cost of developing a Pregnancy Mobile App in a stepwise manner:

  • Technical documentation: 40 hours - $3000 to $4000
  • Designing: 60 Hours - $3500 to $5500
  • Development: 400 Hours - $12,000 to $25,000
  • Testing: 80 Hours - $5000 to $7000

A sensible application with good features and functions can cost up to $23,000 to $42,000 for a single OS (either iOS or Android). In case you want to create an extensive competitive application for tracking the pregnancy of women, then a high-quality and premium app might cost you around $70,000.

You will find several healthcare service providers online, but your selection of the healthcare IT company should be meaningful.

How Do Zrix help In Pregnancy Tracker App Development?

Zrix is the best pregnancy tracking application development organization in the USA. Picking a versatile mobile app development company would be an extreme undertaking; however, we guarantee you that we trust in serving quality to our clients with charging ostensible expense. 

We have committed versatile mobile application engineers, developers, designers, and UX architects who are capable of their work. You will love to hire mobile app developers in the USA from us. 

Our skilled teams have a pool of experienced and educated designers & developers who have worked on a ton of complex app development projects and have given the best customer-friendly apps.

Just tell us your requirements for pregnancy app development. We will do our best!