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How To Create An Uber Like App For Your Cab Service Business?

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Taxi services like ‘Uber‘ not only disrupted the traditional physical taxi services in the market but also impeded how the people carry out their business.

Uber’s on-demand service model applies to every Uber clone apps and is the increase in the concept of taxi services is the result of the imagination of young entrepreneurs.

However, everyone wants to try out Uber’s luxury cab services.

Uber launched in 2010, in its first 6 months has about 6,000 users and 20,000 rides.

Uber started its cab services with Uber Black and became a cab-hailing service with UberX. Furthermore, to enhance customer experience, UberPool came into play that gained immense popularity and success.

And now Uber has started to lead the skies with UberCopter. Isn’t it fascinating how a car cab services got the wings to fly in the air? Let me know in the comment section.

Early cab service providers lacked in easy going on-demand business and user facilities. But, after the launch of Uber, people took to social media and blogs, praised the new app that resulted in marketing via word of mouth.

Today, Uber gives 50% discount on any new customers’ first ride and then give them coupons for other trips. This makes the user a full-time permanent user upon needs.

If you are planning to create an app like Uber, try not to create a total Uber clone, but implement Uber app features into your cab service app.

And once you are done developing an app like Uber then I suggest you follow Uber’s brilliant go-to-market strategy.

This guide is your GPS enabled road map, which will help you to know everything about Uber. Also, how your mobile application development company in USA can create an Uber-like app.



Features Of Your Cab Service App Like Uber’s

Basically, Uber is made up of three mobile applications; the Admin App, the Driver App, and the Customer App. If you have used the Uber app, then understanding the features isn’t going to be difficult for you.

In case, if you have never used the Uber app, then continue reading the article to get the best idea of creating an app like Uber.

Let’s first see customer Uber app features

  • Track a Ride: In your Uber-like app, you need a system to pin customers’ location (pick up address), drop location (drop address), car selection (bike, mini, micro, prime and sedan). Once you select the car, confirm the price, and within a minute, your cab will be booked. After then, you can track the driver driving your chosen car.
  • Fare Estimation: It is the most important feature because of the fare, you get revenue, and the driver receives the salary. Try giving all types of car options to customers such that they can decide how much they want to spend.

A bit like online bargaining where everyone gets the benefit - online bargaining system.

  • Payment Modes: For user-friendly ecosystems and hailing taxi services, you must provide a various form of payment options to pay your fare to the driver. Include internet banking, payment gateways, cash, mobile banking, credit card, debit card, mobile wallets and many more in your uber like the app.
  • Track Service History: Uber’s track service history feature is for daily passengers who commute Uber rides daily. Customers/passengers can see them all rides and can track the complete history of used cab services. Make this section more interactive, attractive and intuitive for customers better understanding.
  • Book Now Ride Later: It’s an advanced feature which let you pre-book your rides and schedule them for some other time. But, remember the cab scheduling shouldn’t be more than 15 hours. After your cab is done, you get the driver and cab detail one hour before the ride time.
  • Book For Others: Create an app like Uber that allows you to book or schedule the rides for your friends, family members and many others. If you are booking a ride for your father, then a message of booking with details and OTP code must be sent to the rider for who the ride is being scheduled. To address the details to the rider, you must ask the working phone number of the rider in order to send the message.
  • Cab Service Wallet: Every cab service like Uber has its own money wallet system integrated to the users' bank account. After the end of your trip, you can add money to the wallet to pay the driver.

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  • Emergency Button: If you really want to create an app like Uber, then passenger safety is a must. Thus, keep a panic button directly linked to city emergency helpline services. When the user presses the button, a notification is sent to the nearest police station, Uber authorities, and the family member.
  • Favourite Destinations: One more advanced feature that let the traveller create a list of preferred destinations. Like Uber, create a separate column of favorite destinations where passengers with a single tap can book the ride.
  • Split Charges: It is also an advanced feature! If you are riding on Uber with your friends, then you can split the charges of the ride with them if they have Uber app in their mobile phones.

It’s a brilliant move to increase the downloads of your cab service app.

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Let’s see driverUber app features

  • Route Optimization: With the help of GPS, this feature allows the drivers to take the most efficient and shortest route to reach pick up point and drop location on-time without any pain and delay.
  • Driver Destinations: Like traveller destination, driver destination is also an advanced feature where the driver can select its favourite location in order to get the rides.
  • Quest earnings: You can include this Uber-like app feature into your own cab service app. Set a few targets for the drive so that they can earn maximum money and continue using the app.
  • Driver Delivery Reports: It is a kind of feedback to the driver after the completion of every ride from different passengers. The ratings and reviews help in generating weekly and monthly reports.

Good reports yield good work, good comments and good money.

  • 2 Minute Cancellation: Customer/passenger must be on time because the driver will not get late unless the traffic is more. But, a passenger mustn’t get late as the driver doesn’t have more time. Thus, like Uber 2 minute cancellation window is enough in your app.
  • Heat Maps Signature: It is the most advanced feature of the Uber app, the most costly one. With this app, drivers get the location of the maximum Uber users. They can move to that location and can get some rides.
  • Forward Dispatch: If you are really focused on creating an app like Uber, then forward dispatch is a must feature for the benefit of drivers, as this feature allows the drivers to confirm the ride while dropping the other passenger.

If you have understood all the features and their importance, then you can understand the amount of data that you are going to collect each hour, every day. Hence, my suggestion is to contact a blockchain development company in usa.

Also, you can include on-demand facilities for users like healthcare, salons, fuel services, food services, etc.

Technology Stack Of An App Like Uber’What are The Best Ways To Cut The Cost Of Mobile Application Development?

Let’s now briefly describe how Uber works and what technologies it relies on from the start, i.e., passenger booking ride to the last step, i.e., collection of fare and submitting a delivery report.

Uber’s founders, Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, always called Uber a GEOLOCATION based startup that runs superbly well on iOS and Android smartphones. In order to make an Uber-like app or Uber clone app for your taxi/cab services, then hire ios and android developers.

If you are planning to create an Uber-like App for iOS users, then use the CoreLocation framework to define geographic regions and Apple’s phone movements. On the other hand, for Android users, you can use Google’s Location APIs.

To display location-to-location directions on maps for users and drivers, iOS mobile application developers can use MapKit to develop a cab services app like Uber’. While Android cab app developers can use Google Maps Android API.

Geolocation is indeed the most important feature in Uber’s technology stack. However, you would feel thrilled to know more about the technologies and requirements of Uber-like apps.

Once you select the ride and book it as a customer/passenger, then you receive the message and PUSH notification. On the same side, when the driver confirms and accepts a ride, he/she also gets the information and text message.

The text messages in Uber apps are powered by the Twilio Telecommunications Provider (TTP). Therefore, you must also find some good telecommunications providers or can rely on social networking development companies in USA.

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Uber for iOS users use Apple Push Notifications Service (APNS), and for the Android users use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).

The APNS and GCM never guarantee that customers will receive each and every notification because transmitting and receiving is a phenomenon that depends upon several factors.

But, the success rate of TTP services is greater than 90%.

Apps like Uber use a cashless system though it includes the facility of making payments in cash. For each ride, Uber takes 25% of the money and gives 75% to the driver.

Thus, it is the most profitable business model for Uber cab services.

Several payment gateways like Google pay, Paytm, Paypal, Phonepe, etc. are the legal modes of transferring money from one side to another.

Thus, you can visit these payment gateways websites, research their integration methods, charges, and facilities and try including two gateways which are widely being used in your locality.

All payment gateway are integrable on Android and iOS devices.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Developing An App Like Uber

  • Use Uber App, understand its working and enlist every positive - negative about the app.
  • Try to innovate new features for driver and user in your cab app services.
  • In your Uber clone app, make the driver and user app very attractive, lightweight, smooth and realistic. Try introducing chatbots and virtual assistants!

Apart from these points, we being an app and web development company in USA recommend you to keep a watch on the following points while developing the Uber clone app.

  • User-friendly navigation
  • Real-time functionality
  • Best visuals and graphics
  • Smooth UI/UX designs

Your USP is the application development market is your concern to create the best uber clone app. Therefore, do not hesitate while pumping the money and remember under $5000, you will get a clone app like Uber, but not a newly designed, imagined cab service app.

Hence, give more time to the cab service mobile application development to get the best success and impeccable business model.

Revenue Model For A Cab App Like Uber

Before we discuss the earning methods for your cab services, let’s focus on the required development cost. The possible revenue streams for your ‘Uber-like’ app can be. The development cost will depend upon three factors;

Viable Features, Advanced Features, and Basic + Advanced Features.

The first thing to notice is that the app development industry is divided into two parts iOS application development and Android application development. Moreover, iOS app creates a bigger hole in your pocket. Thus, the influence of an operating system is always there!

Second is the technology used to code your Uber-like app. Today, Kotlin is widely used in coding apps, which makes it very costly. But, you can make a smarter choice with hybrid and native mobile application development.


Also, if you have little understanding of app development, then the better option is to choose the best software and app development company. Wither outsource one from USA or find one in your own country and state.

During the selection of one company, you must take care of several things; out of them, one is cost-efficiency. An Uber-like app can costs you a lot!

However, if resources and technologies are used properly, then you can build your app under the budget of $7500 to $25,000 with viable + advanced features.

Once your app is fully-functional, bug-free, then you can launch the app after which you can earn money via below means:

  • The commission (10-15%) per ride from the drivers
  • The commission (5-10%) from the customers
  • Cancellation charges from the customers
  • Google Adsense
  • On-Demand services

When you are opting for resources, then you know the scope of work and the investment on the resources.

A basic version of your Uber-like mobile app will need the following set of resources;

  • UI and UX designer
  • A Backend Developer
  • 2 – 4 developers
  • A Project Manager
  • Quality Assurance Engineer

An advanced version of Uber-like app includes;

  • Team Manager/Project Manager
  • 3-4 developers
  • 2–3 backend developers
  • UI/UX designer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer

In case if you have concerns and queries regarding the mobile application development of your cab services project, then you can contact us!

Yes, the estimation of cost in development varies according to features; you might create several options for the development. But, our development process is agile, simple, transparent, and gives your project a friendly-home feeling.

We would love to partner with you in your cab services’ mobile app development.

Do drop us a detailed inquiry and don’t forget to share your views on the guide to create an app like Uber!