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Smoothly Transitioning: Drupal 9 to 10 Migration Guide

Drupal 9 to 10 Migration Guide

Drupal, one of the most efficient and dynamic open-source content management Platforms (CMS) that is widely used for managing and creating websites and web applications. It is considered one of the widely used CMS having the best in class features and functionalities. It delivers users robust features and functionalities that help you build and efficiently manage your web solutions with higher efficiency. Using this framework one can easily and effectively create, organize, manage, and publish a sort of digital content for your desired web solutions.     

Drupal has recently released its latest version that is Drupal 10 in the month of December 2022. If you were a Drupal 9 or Drupal 8 user then you must be aware of the release of its latest version which is Drupal 10.

Drupal has provided you with an easy upgrade option to its latest version from its older versions which are Drupal 8 and 9.

Upgrading to Drupal 10 from its predecessor is much easier as compared to its earlier versions. Just because Drupal 10 is compatible with Drupal 9 and shares multiple similarities. Its development phase only takes some time ensuring the efficient migration of your website to Drupal 10. Even though there are several companies delivering Drupal migration services in USA delivering you much better Drupal migration & upgradation services.

In this blog, we are going to discuss different aspects of the upgrade from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10 that help you migrate your existing web solutions from the earlier versions of Drupal to its latest version that is Drupal 10.

We are providing you with the different aspects that you must be aware of when going to migrate your existing Drupal web solution to Drupal 10.

Some Interesting Facts About Drupal 9 to Drupal 10 Migration

Drupal 9 was released in the month of June in the year 2020, with its release it offered easy upgradation from its older version which is Drupal 8. Similarly, Drupal 10 is also offering the same as its predecessor which is Drupal 9.

According to the announcement by Drupal, the support for Drupal 9 will be ending in the month of November 2023. After the support ends the company will not be releasing further upgrades for improvising the security and functionalities of Drupal 9. So you need to upgrade to the latest Drupal 10 version for securing your web solutions.

Since Drupal 10 is now released and if you are going to switch your existing web solution platform or need to create a new web solution using Drupal then you should opt for Drupal 10 which is the latest version currently.

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Upgrade to Drupal 10 brings high security and consistency to your web solutions as compared to its earlier versions that are soon going to end their support.

Latest Features Of Drupal 10

Drupal 10 is recently released with a lot of new features and functionalities. Here are some of the latest features and functionalities that Drupal 10 consists of:

Latest Drupal 10 Modules: The upgraded version of Drupal 10 consists of modules that are similar to Drupal 9 but this upgraded version consists of some of the module advancements that help users in creating their desired web solution with ease.

New Themes: Drupal’s upgraded version that is Drupal 10 consists of a completely upgraded version of administrative front-end themes that are named as Claro administration theme and the Olivero frontend theme. Providing your website with a completely dynamic and engaging interface thus delivering a much better user experience.

Updates to CKEditor from V4 to V5: In Drupal 10 the editing experience is also altered and upgraded to a new version that is CKEditor V5. Earlier in Drupal 9 users were using the CKEditor V4. Its upgraded version will provide you with a more efficient and modern experience of text editing.

PHP Framework Upgrade: Upgradation in the PHP version delivers you with a high-performance and secure PHP framework enabling developers to create high-end web solutions for your business. That’s the reason why it is considered one of the most advanced Drupal 10 features. There are top Drupal website development services companies offering you the upgradation of the PHP framework to migrate your web solutions to Drupal 10.

Streamlines JavaScript: With the advancements in Drupal’s latest version the JavaScript modules used by Drupal is also been modernized. With Drupal 10 here comes the much larger JQuery library, providing users with high-quality, top-notch Drupal solutions with efficiency.

Upgrading Methodology From Drupal 9 To 10

Check & Update Your Drupal Version: Firstly, you have to check and update your Drupal version if it is not updated to Drupal 9.4.4 then first you have to update to the above-mentioned version of Drupal for accessing the CKEditor 5.

Run Rector Code: You should scan the complete Drupal code for checking out the functions that are not working efficiently, Running Rector Code helps the developers to upgrade the Drupal version.

Update CKEditor: Since CKEditor has now become an outdated version so you have to upgrade your existing CKEditor 4 to its latest version which is CKEditor 5 for upgradation to Drupal 10.

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Check & Update the PHP Version: When you are updating your existing Drupal solution to its latest version that is Drupal 10 then the latest PHP version required is PHP 8.1 or higher so you have to first check and update the PHP version before going to update your web solution to Drupal 10.

Check your Modules & Themes: For updating your web solutions to Drupal 10 you should check your existing modules and themes just because not every module and theme of Drupal 9 is supported by Drupal 10.

Perform Update: After checking and updating all the above-mentioned modules and framework versions as per Drupal 10 requirements one should start updating your Drupal version to Drupal 10.

Testing: After updating your Drupal version to Drupal 10 you must start testing all its aspects to make sure that your web solution is performing smoothly after the upgradation process.


In this blog, we have discussed several aspects of upgrading Drupal 9 to its latest version which is Drupal 10. Just because Drupal 9 will not be continued with its support and security upgradation, that’s the reason for the proper maintenance of your web solutions you must upgrade to the latest version which is Drupal 10. We have also discussed several aspects like the Facts & figures, the latest features, and the process to upgrade the web solutions that will help you in easily upgrade to Drupal 10.