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A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Enterprise Mobile Apps on Salesforce

Building Enterprise Mobile Apps on Salesforce

In today's digital world of growing latest technologies like Artificial intelligence, IoT, and Cloud computing as well as augmented and virtual reality. That’s why mobile apps have become an essential factor in workforce productivity and business efficiency. Just because of this most businesses are recognizing the importance of mobile applications for delivering their clients with, what they are offering, may it be their products or services offered by them.

For making your business stay ahead of all its competitors in the market you have to optimize all your business processes. Optimizing the business process without the implementation of mobile technologies is one of the toughest processes. Just by implementation of mobile applications in your organization, you can easily enhance all your business functionalities, driving growth toward your business.

There are several platforms on which one can create enterprise-grade business mobile apps. One such platform is recognized as Cloud. In this blog, we are going to discuss how one can easily create Enterprise mobile apps using a cloud-based platform using its feature-rich capabilities.

A Complete Overview Of Enterprise Mobile Applications

Enterprise mobile applications are considered mobile apps that are specifically tailored to meet all the specific requirements of any enterprise or business. These apps are built to enhance productivity, streamline business processes as well as empower your employees within an enterprise environment.

There are several mobile app development service providers that are creating mobile apps for your business as per your specific requirements. Developing an enterprise app for your business helps you in maintaining and managing a wide range of business functionalities like Client relationship management, Enterprise resource planning, performance analytics as well as human resource management.

These business applications consist of several in-built tools and functionalities that help your employees effectively manage overall business operationalities. Even these tools help all your employees to work efficiently and ensure the smooth functioning of your organization. These enterprise-grade mobile applications can be created easily using a Salesforce mobile app development platform. Using this platform you can also save your business’s enterprise mobile app development costs.

Characteristics/Features That Enterprise Mobile App Must Have


Enterprise mobile applications are designed in such a way that it fulfills all the specific requirements of any business needs, such as sales automation, service management as well as inventory and human resource management. It is considered one of the main features that an enterprise mobile app must have.


Due to the sensitive nature of enterprise data, security is a top priority for these applications. They incorporate robust security measures, such as user authentication, data encryption, and secure data transmission, to safeguard all confidential information that belongs to your business.

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Easy to Integrate

An enterprise application should consist of easy integration functionality that helps the developers to integrate such mobile applications with your existing IT infrastructure as well as business software. Thus ensuring the smooth functioning between different systems.

Flexible & Scalable

These enterprise mobile applications are designed in such a way that they can function most appropriately according to business growth. This means that the application can easily accommodate the increasing volumes of data according to the demands of all users. It enables organizations to completely adapt and expand their mobile strategies.

Offline Functioning

Most enterprise apps these days offer an offline working functionality that enables all the employees of an organization to continue their work even when there is no internet connectivity. This optimizes the functioning of your business and drives growth towards it.

Step By Step Process To Create Enterprise Mobile Apps On Salesforce

Define Business Objectives

Before going for the technical aspects, it is essential to clearly define all your business requirements for creating a complete feature-rich enterprise mobile app. You should specify all your business needs with clarity and conciseness whether you need to develop cross-platform apps with the features and functionalities that you need to fulfill all your business’s functionalities.

By clearly stating all your business goals and objectives helps the development companies in tailoring your enterprise mobile apps according to the features and functionalities that you require to complete all your business operations with efficiency.

Understanding Salesforce Configurations

Salesforce is considered a robust platform that enables users to create engaging mobile apps according to all your business requirements. There are several configurations in Salesforce that you have to select according to the customizations that you require in your enterprise mobile apps. Thus the Salesforce platform allows you to configure and make any sort of customizations in your enterprise application without writing any sort of code.

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For more complex requirements or customizations, one should choose Salesforce mobile SDK which provides users with the most efficient mobile app development framework. This framework supports native and hybrid app development and enables you to create customized mobile apps with seamless integration into Salesforce. This option is ideal for organizations that need extensive customizations in their enterprise apps.

Mobile App UI/UX Designing

Creating a completely customized mobile app design in Salesforce is much easier. Firstly one should create wireframe designing as well as prototypes for visualizing the overall app’s structure, navigation as well as functioning. If the wireframe is correctly functioning then the users can start designing a completely engaging, user-friendly interface for the mobile applications making them responsive to be operable on each and every device.

Development & Integration

Once the design is finalized the developers start creating the enterprise mobile apps using the lightning pp builder functionality of Salesforce. This functionality helps you in finalizing the apps’ components, layouts as well as app navigation. Once all these functionalities are finalized the developers start coding.

After the coding gets completed they start integrating the mobile app with their desired 3rd party APIs that add up some additional features and functionalities to your mobile app.

Testing & Implementation

After the coding and integration are completed the application testers start testing various aspects of the enterprise mobile apps to check whether the application is functioning properly without any bugs and errors. After the application is completely tested the developers finally implement it into their existing IT infrastructure.


Creating Enterprise mobile apps is necessary these days for ensuring the proper and efficient functioning of any business. These applications provide them with the in-built features and tools for successfully carrying out all the important business functionalities. There are several salesforce development services companies that deliver enterprise apps as per your business requirements. In this blog, we have delivered you a step-by-step guide for creating enterprise mobile applications. Starting from clearly defining all your business objectives to finalizing applications and implementing them for the efficient functioning of your business.