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Is It Good To Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Education Sector?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Education

Higher education institutions (HEIs) like universities, colleges, and senior secondary schools are changing their methods towards the users. Education institutions now prefer different ways of operating and interacting with users such as students, teachers, staff, parents, alumni, employees, etc.

Several clients in the education software development sector demands more attention, quick, and instant services. Today, technology is the only effective way that cater to all the demands and needs of universities and other educational institutions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications focus on customer and mode of communications.

Among many CRM and ERP, Microsoft Dynamics solutions is a widely used software that currently is called an education accelerator. After this comes the Salesforce which is being used in the major developed countries of the world.

“In USA and Europe, 25% of colleges and universities use Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These are the only two regions in the world that have fully functional CRM systems in usage.”

Though there are many CRM systems in the market, Microsoft Dynamics CRM software provides special services to fulfill all the unique needs of the institution.

May, be you are using a different CRM but we can guarantee you that the features and advantages of CRM Microsoft Dynamics online are futuristic.

As a Microsoft Dynamics solutions provider in USA, in this article, we tell you everything about this CRM. Also, we explain to you why it is called an “accelerator in the educational industry”?

Let’s kick off with the introduction and cleans the clouds in the air!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM And Education Sector

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is an on-premises cloud-based solution that offers its services in all industries. Since education is a non-profit organization, Microsoft loves to extend its services in whatever way possible.

“Even though Microsoft’s system is not education-specific, many educational institutions favor this system.”

Some Key Features Of Microsoft Dynamics In Education

  •  On-premises Model
  •  Cloud Solutions
  •  Good discounts for non-profit organizations
  •  Integration with Office365
  •  Performance tracking tools
  •  Employee work tracking
  •  Integration with Microsoft apps

Microsoft Dynamics CRM software provides us many applications that help in managing and interacting with different clients and leads.

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Common Functions Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Student Management: Microsoft Dynamics CRM actively manages the students’ life cycle. Management is right from opening day registrations to full Alumni management, including classroom, student reports, performance, clubs, societies, and many more.
  • Contact Management: Building and storing contact profiles, tracking the interactions with them with all persona is easy.
  • Team Management: With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 scheduling tasks, tracking employees, and planning workload is simple.
  • Advanced Alumni Communication: This CRM system has powerful reporting capabilities to monitor student trends before, after and during graduation & post-graduation.
  • Communications Tools: It has several communication tools like phone, SMS, email, instant messaging, social media communication, physical meetings, and more. Also, the system can integrate third-party apps.
  • Improved Internal and External Communications: The Microsoft Dynamics CRM online system at secondary schools, universities, and other educational institutes tracks and allows the cross-communication among faculties, staffs, and other members.
  • Reporting: Since the CRM collects all information it synthesizes the information in data volumes, prepares reports and helps in your efforts.

“All these functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves productivity and streamline the education’s management processes.”

One big spectrum of Microsoft Dynamics solutions is to improve lead conversions and automate the funnel of students - teachers - staff members - alumni - IT cell.

Benefits Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM In Education

Higher education CRM systems in the education and college management sector aren’t a technology. Microsoft Dynamics solutions and Salesforce are helping to manage schools, colleges, universities, and many other educational institutes for a long time.

But the Microsoft Dynamics CRM has earned a better reputation from its users as it provides the effectiveness by integrating numerous technology to give better custom custom-designed education.

With CMS Website Services in USA, you get extra benefits of Microsoft Dynamics in the education industry. Some of those benefits are explained below:

  •  Faster & flexible deployment ensuring data sovereignty to meet your all demands and requirements.
  •  Mobile friendly and empowers your team to work well.
  •  Generates ROI quickly for your organization in a user-friendly manner.
  •  It gives you an enhanced and better integration with Microsoft business applications.
  •  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is designed for future growth in order to ensure more and emerging technologies.
  •  Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers other services to staff, key stakeholders, and students.
  •  The software actively manages all the students, faculties, and staff members.
  •  We support and monitors the communications and interactions as per guidelines and performances.
  •  Also, it is good to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for proper administration between faculties, parents, regulatory agencies, and students.
  •  The Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer manages all records

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What CMS Website Services in CRM Can Offer You?

CMS Website Services in USA is leading the student recruitment and marketing from the past 10+ years. We have completed several successful integrations and has maximized the potential of CRM efforts.

We provide multilingual and geo-optimized CRM solutions. Here are some Microsoft Dynamics CRM services with proper customization for a better educational environment.

  •  Student Recruitment
  •  Administration Management
  •  Facilities Management
  •  Alumni Engagement
  •  Donor relations
  •  Dashboards and Analytics
  •  Departmental Streamlining
  •  Activities Automation

If you are looking to use Microsoft Dynamics in the education industry then, we are always here to guide you and help you in your business product.

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