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Best CRM Software: Guide And Reviews For Small Businesses

Best CRM Software

The CRM software is a custom management software advanced in managing and maintaining relationships to customers or clients of businesses, small or big.

Every business needs data, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has tools and applications for collecting, processing and analyzing data received by companies via site visits, emails, phone calls, comments, queries, social media, etc.

The best CRM software always organizes the collected data in such an order that the extraction of useful information can increase sales, business opportunities, and ROI.

The most simple CRM software for small businesses let you know everything about the customers; their need, their preferences, purchasing and buying behavior while putting more focus on customer engagement.

“Every single thing a Customer Relationship Management software does help in increasing business profit and growth.”

Therefore, ever custom software development company in USA is in the race to develop the customized and best CRM software that can help in boosting their client’s business.

Why should not they be engaged in making business easy software?

After all, the market stats of the customer relationship management software have only success stories to tell us.

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CRM Software: Market Facts

  • ROI on CRM is high

  • Converting tools is impossible without CRM

  • 30% of all leads fails due to wrong data sources

  • The adoption rate of CRM is 26%

  • 65% boost in sales is from CRM

  • The revenue increase from CRM is up to 41%

  • CRM software is mostly used for email marketing

  • 47% of leads nurtured in a CRM software gets converted

  • With CRM there is an improvement in conversion rates, i.e. to 300%

  • Average purchase value via CRM has increased to 40%

  • Due to CRM, there is an increase in customer service to 47%

  • Retention via Social CRM increased to 26%

Benefits of Best CRM Software For Small Business

Any business using CRM becomes capable enough to gain the benefits. The various features of this software increase the functionality of your business and suit your needs.

The CRM Microsoft dynamics online is one such software that has been available for years, but recently have made itself more accessible to all the sizes of businesses, including small-medium companies.

Microsoft solution provider’s Dynamics 365 is one custom software that has all the qualities of CRM, ERP and cloud services at affordable rates.

Several Microsoft dynamics solution providers in USA are into software development, making the best CRM software for small businesses as these software offers following benefits which none other can offer:

  • Increase sales

  • Make data-driven decisions

  • Improve productivity

  • Utilize mobile solutions

  • Strengthen data security

  • Integrates well with other applications and tools

  • Easy to learn and customizable

  • Low in budget

Best CRM Software For Small Businesses

Insightly is a Lead Management and the best CRM software highly popular among smaller businesses because its user interface is easy to navigate, in addition to several customization & integration options.

Insightly due to its project management features like tracking and task management tops the CRM software list of 2019. Since it doesn’t provide custom reports, it is really only convenient for SMBs.

Zoho is an enterprise-grade software but is majorly employed by small businesses. In comparison to Insightly Zoho offers more in sales/marketing features like website visitor tracking, sales signals, lead scoring, etc.

However, most of its advanced features are only in the professional and enterprise editions.

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HubSpot offers the best CRM software for free that tracks your company’s activities, contacts, assign & track deals, and manage all data in a dashboard visible to all the team members.

If you are already a HubSpot Sales user, then you can also use this CRM software for boosting your inbound sales. In addition to all these features, HubSpot also offers several integration options with a few popular apps like SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Shopify, etc.

SalesForce is one of the biggest, widely used best CRM software in the market that provides users with features like follow-up reminders, advanced contact manager, integration and customization option in its basic edition, Lightning Essentials.

Agile CRM is an interesting CRM software that offers several big business features like custom appointments, mail reports functionality, drag-and-drop marketing automation supports widgets, API-powered integration, and a library of plugins.

At the moment when you are reading about the best CRM software, custom software development companies in USA are adopting mobile CRM solutions that support all the mobile devices and boosts sales productivity with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Therefore, it is not wrong to predict that the technology will make evolution in the CRM software and it is the right time to put your leg into it, hire a dedicated developer of customer relationship management and boost your business.