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Beginner's Guide: How To Build a SaaS Application Easily?

SAAS Application Development Company

If you are thinking about launching a SaaS product or application, then you might need our help!

Nowadays, 51% of organizations are running their operations on SaaS programming language whereas experts predict that SaaS product market will reach $80 billion in the next couple of years.

SaaS - Software-as-a-Service is a new software distribution model which provide access to internet applications without any requirement of custom installation and physical media.

The SaaS programming language has grown as a model delivering core businesses applications. A few hon'ble examples include Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. using SaaS applications.

There are several types of SaaS products, and a typical SaaS application development company focus on designing, developing, hosting and managing the products.

Thus, if you are planning to start a SaaS business by offering SaaS application development, SaaS product development, SaaS hosting providers and SaaS application hosting, you might need these beginner's guide to make a free SAAS application.

Best Framework For SaaS Application

If you're really developing a full-on SAAS application, eventually building it without a framework is not possible. Web frameworks create abstraction levels that make it easier to build a product, but harder to optimize it.

Therefore, use something like Ruby on Rails framework, Django, Python SaaS framework, etc. Also, you can use MongoDB and MySQL as an open-source database for the best performance of your SaaS application framework.

There exist several steps to develop a SaaS application! In this article, we have formulated a beginner's guide to make a SaaS application which you can use at the early stage of your development.

How To Build A SaaS Application?

Check Your Idea

Focus on all the significant features, and test your SaaS ideas with several different users who can give you feedback. Ask yourself if your SaaS product fulfill the purpose of each feature or not?

If it does not solve the challenges for your audience, then it is useless because you will get the opportunity to make any changes or add new features only after the first launch.

“With SaaS, it is possible to make APIs, websites, databases, CloudFront, and user management system.”

Work On Building Blocks

Your idea is on its place, you know how much it can yield you! But you now need to work on a few SaaS building blocks like multi-tenancy, tenant isolation, and audit logs.

  • Multi-Tenancy: It means single software installation and many users can use it.

  • Tenant Isolation: It is a thread of data which stores information and identifies the current HTTPS requests or tenants.

  • Audit Logs: It helps to determine what the developers, customers, and tenants are doing with the available data.

Your SaaS product should be well secured, and if you follow this approach of development, then it is easy to work.

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It is a structural and schematic way of visually representing a product by defining the layout of the app elements on the screen before creating a detailed UI design. With the help of wireframes, it is very easy to juggle the UI elements, layouts, sizes, and placement.

“You can draw wireframes of your SaaS applications with hands or can use online tools that help in creating wireframes.”

Design In Your Way

Once the placement of each element is over, you can now start designing your product. Almost all people use mobile devices, and if your SaaS application has a mobile design, then it is good to go on the development floors.

Keep in mind that all features must come on the mobile screen with an attractive small-sized icon and mobile-focused angle.

Code and Develop

You have now a clear picture of your SaaS application, and under the pre-development stage, you can now start coding. Remember, coding is not a one-time game. You will need coding at different stages of development.

  • Pre-stage development

  • Testing

  • Launching

  • Updates and Upgrade

  • Testifying and error reductions, etc.

Therefore, coding needs a large amount of knowledge and experience in the SaaS application. You might get help from a few free SaaS application builders, but can they give you the correct result based upon your idea is a question.

Therefore, the best SaaS solution here is to hire a SaaS application development company that can help you with wireframing, designing and development after understanding your idea.

Like it or not, but once your product is ready, you need to test it time and time again. Also, after positive testing, you launch it and get your first feedback from the audience.

According to their reviews, you change several things, the iteration of the development process undergoes unless all the challenges are cleared.

A Few Points To Take Care In SaaS Application

  • Always choose the best SaaS hosting provider which can guarantee a life in SaaS application hosting.

  • Everything is data, and security should be your highest priority.

  • Every user should be able to access each and every feature.

  • SaaS solutions should be updated and upgraded time-to-time.

  • Your final SaaS product should be integrated with Cloud Platforms such that a third-party can use your SaaS application.

The SaaS development process takes time, and it is not the work of individuals. Therefore, a skilled team must be formed for which you must hire dedicated developers of SaaS application development.