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atm software design

Make Next Generation Custom Cryptocurrency ATM Software!

Zrix is providing world-class solutions for Custom ATM software design and development worldwide and also for your Bitcoin ATM business and Financial services. We bring mobile tech, blockchain-based technologies, and digital currencies together in the software for GENMEGA G6000 ATM for public use!

ATM Software For Public Access To Digital Money

We, as a leading Cryptocurrency ATM software development company in Raleigh, USA, help you create perfect software for your customers to transact cash from banks, ATMs, and crypto currency anytime they need.

Zrix's Bitcoin ATM software development experts ensure your software complies with consumer protection standards, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), EMV, and other payment application protection standards.

In the ATM service business, our professional expertise is capable of providing total solutions to our customers, ranging from ATM Installation/Un-Installation, Relocation, Bitcoin ATM Software Development, ATM Testing Kits, Monitoring & Operational software, and many more.

We provide sophisticated advanced analytics with our advanced technology to address emerging threats created by ATM fraud; thus, empowering financial institutions and their worldwide network.

We provide standard ATM services and other on-demand cashless solutions at a reduced cost, in less investment, and in less time! 

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Best ATM Software Services

Zrix's banking software developers in the USA configure and customize existing ATM software, and provide end-to-end ATM software development services for national and international financial institutions.

Get the following, easy to use unified, flexible solutions and services related to the software of ATM dealing in national currencies and cryptocurrencies:

custom app

ATM Hardware Integration

Our developers provide customized solutions to personalize ATMs, providing customers with a unique transaction experience. We program the software, integrate it with the hardware, and give you the best easy-to-access ATM.


Payment Gateway Development

Make it easier for your customers to pay for any products/services on your platform. Payment gateways power transactions between the user, different cryptocurrency wallets, and businesses around the world without interference. With which you can perform safe and secure cryptocurrency exchanges. Using our ATM software one can easily perform transactions using hard cash. 

Wearable apps

ATM Monitoring Systems

Our ATM software development team in the USA implements secure, updates-enabled, enterprise-wide ATM management software for remote diagnostics and monitoring of worldwide ATM networks. Our system properly monitors your Cryptocurrency ATM on a regular basis and makes it more secure against vulnerabilities

Block chain apps

ATM Migration Solutions

Our ATM developers code software for EMV migrations and integrations, meeting regulatory and security compliance requirements. We integrate banking CRMs with Business Intelligence (BI) features and improved transaction capabilities for cryptocurrency ATM access.

Furthermore, we also help you to make other banking solutions and services such as Online Banking systems, Loan Management Software, Banking Websites, Mobile Banking Apps, Insurance Management Services, Blockchain Banking Solutions, and many more!

Our Success Story

Software Installation on GENMEGA G6000 ATM

Cryptocurrency is one of the most popular forms of secure digital currency which is in trend nowadays. Most people Nowadays looking to purchase & exchange Cryptocurrency using a secure medium. Keeping the requirements of Crypto buyers we have developed the most secure software based on blockchain technology. They are all like ordinary ATMs the only difference is instead of Cash deposits users can perform any form of Cryptocurrency transaction with cash or Credit. We have successfully implemented it on an ATM device Named Genmega G6000 in which the software is working efficiently. It is tested so many times after which our testers have given it a clean chit after it has performed transactions successfully.

Our Success Story
Our Success Story1

Development Phase

Our team has completed this project with the help of trained developers who have opted for a custom Platform for developing both the front and Backend of this software. Also after the development, our Software testers have conducted Different tests on the working of this software on Crypto ATM GENMEGA G6000. This software provides good results during the testing phase. This Software consists of a good user-oriented Interface which makes it easy to use. Our developers can also customize the software according to the requirements of users because they have opted Custom environment in its development.

Successful Completion

At last, we have successfully developed this software for the Cryptocurrency ATMs which have successfully passed all the tests conducted by our software testers. We have also used it in a machine named GENMEGA G6000 which is a physical ATM device. We have faced a lot of challenges during its development phase but at last, our developers got success not only in its development but is successfully implemented and used by some of the users who provide positive feedback about the Software. So if you are a company working on Crypto ATM devices then you can contact us for the best ATM software Solutions. 

Our Success Story2

Cryptocurrency ATM Software Development

The idea that cryptocurrencies will eventually replace the Fiat currencies is the main reason why people are investing in them now. Though it is in theory, one day you will use bitcoin for all types of purchases.

The number of global crypto ATMs has grown to over 8000 out of which 60% are in the USA. At present, there are 42 different manufacturers of cryptocurrency ATM software. And we are one of them. 

These ATMs allow the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies with hard cash like USD, EUR, INR, etc. with relative anonymity. It also provides client statistics after the transaction is completed. Cryptocurrency ATM software is a machine that gives access to people for purchasing cryptocurrencies after they deposit cash in the ATM. These machines are integrated with a scanner, a cash dispensary, and an automated system to manage transactions. After a limit of the transaction is achieved Our software charges nominal exchange rates. 

There will be a time in the future when you will be able to make transactions at Pubs, Cafe Casinos, online payments, digital payments, and many more via cryptocurrencies like -

bitcoin Bitcoin
ethereum Ethereum
ripple Ripple
EOS Bitcoin Cash
Litecoin Litecoin
Tether Tether
Zcash Zcash
Stellar Stellar
ontology Ontology

Building a secure product experience enables trust and allows you to bring in more customers. Secure Cryptocurrency ATM software development involves the implementation of high-grade secure encryption that ensures the highest level of data security and privacy.

Zrix's cryptocurrency software developers are at the forefront of the industry, configuring and customizing existing ATM software, as well as providing end-to-end best cryptocurrency ATM software development services in the USA for national and international financial institutions. We are using the Latest Blockchain technology in our Crypto ATM Software to Enhance Security.

“We follow all the policies of cryptocurrency regulation and compliance in developing cryptocurrency ATM software!”

Why Choose Zrix?

We're a young but determined company built by a professional and enthusiastic team, driven by our customers' success stories. Although we come from different backgrounds and have very different skill sets as individuals, as a team we're united by the same goal to make the best ATM software Development services in USA.

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