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ATM Software Services

Empowering Crypto Transactions, Get Cutting-Edge ATM Software Services

Being a user-friendly programming language Python is equipped with a wide range of in-built features that enables the development of high-performance mobile applications. At Zrix our highly proficient Python developers create dynamic Python solutions as per your business requirements with ease and efficiency. With more than 17 years of experience, we tailor Python solutions with an interactive user interface as well as robust features at a competitive price range.

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 Worldwide Clients


Worldwide Clients
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Successful Project
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Team Members
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Crypto ATM Software Services That We Offer

ATM Hardware

ATM Hardware Integration

Our developers provide customized solutions to personalize ATMs, providing customers with a unique transaction experience. We program the software, integrate it with the hardware, and give you the best easy-to-access ATM.
Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway Development

Make it easier for your customers to pay for any products/services on your platform. Payment gateways power transactions between the user, different cryptocurrency wallets, and businesses around the world without interference. With which you can perform safe and secure cryptocurrency exchanges. Using our ATM software one can easily perform transactions using hard cash.
ATM Monitoring

ATM Monitoring Systems

Our ATM software development team in the USA implements secure, updates-enabled, enterprise-wide ATM management software for remote diagnostics and monitoring of worldwide ATM networks. Our system properly monitors your Cryptocurrency ATM on a regular basis and makes it more secure against vulnerabilities

ATM Migration Solutions

Our ATM developers code software for EMV migrations and integrations, meeting regulatory and security compliance requirements. We integrate banking CRMs with Business Intelligence (BI) features and improved transaction capabilities for cryptocurrency ATM access.
Crypto ATM Server

Best Custom Crypto ATM Server

We offer you a fully customized crypto ATM server. This server helps you in faster processing of crypto transactions. These transactions can be performed using various stages which are Waiting, Pending, and Invalid transactions. So if any user keeps it awaited for depositing the amount it goes in the waiting stage. If the customer has deposited the cash to purchase a cryptocurrency then it will show pending for some time after that generates the receipt of completion. Finally, an invalid transaction is shown when the user doesn’t pay for the transaction.

Crypto Custom Dashboard development

We offer you a fully functional and custom feature-oriented dashboard. Using this dashboard you can easily keep track of all the transactions. Using its Analytics feature you can also track all the profits that you have earned. You can even set the preferences and limits of your ATMs as per your requirements. It also has several other features that will facilitate your business.

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Features of Our Crypto ATM Software

Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analytics

We offer you a fully featured dashboard to track all the reactions that are commenced on your Crypto ATMs. It even tracks all your profits and the commissions you have charged.
 ATM Limits

Setting Up ATM Limits

Using our Crypto ATM software you can easily set up the currency limits in your ATM that it can hold and even you can set up the transaction limit per user.

Secured Login Using FIDO

Our Crypto ATM software ensures Fast Identity Online. It helps you in authenticating a valid user and then provides full access to your crypto ATM system.

Decide Your Commission

Using our Crypto ATm software your company can set up the rate of commissions that you have to charge from your clients. You can even provide discount offers to your regular and esteemed clients.


Our cryptocurrency ATM software also consists of proper compliance for its users. With this compliance feature, you can easily avoid the overuse of your ATM and also ban the users if needed.
Currency Preferences

Custom Country, Time and Currency Preferences

You can easily operate Our ATM software in several countries. You need to set up the country in which it should be operated, the Time zone of that country, and the Currency that is operable in that country.

Cryptocurrencies Supported By Our ATM Software

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    Bitcoin Cash
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High Performance
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