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10 Mind-Blowing Myths About 5G Technology!

10 myths about 5g technology

Our society is growing fast! We are daily learning new technologies, innovations, digitalization, and communication methods.

Our lives are getting easy with the increased usage of automation, the internet, machines, electronic gadgets, and more.

In the world of wireless devices, technologies, and many IoT development firms in the USA, the 5G is the hottest topic!

Although the consumers are aware of the 5G technology promises, advantages, market share, some myths around 5G tells that there are many problems with 5G technology.

5G enthusiasts believe that the 5G is the new future in wireless network devices and advanced industries because of its unlimited capacity, quick mobile data speeds, and high-quality internet access, providing an autonomous new communication system.

The 5th generation of the network will bring fast, efficient data for device communications! 

The best examples lie in the exponential improvements in the internet-enabled car technology, industrial automation & remote manufacturing, healthcare capabilities, and internet-networked smart cities. 

All this will be possible due to 5G technology advantages and features!

By 2025, the 5G mobile users would increase, and 5G technology market share in the mobile industry will jump to 51.4%.

However, a lot of discussions are currently going on among the public domain on, “how 5G will drive the consumers, but not the business?” There are many opinions and myths!

Also, there has been no relevant use case of 5G for the consumer market. Before talking about this, let's get a short note on 'What is 5G technology?

How Does 5g Technology Work?

5G is the fifth-generation internet network in telecom technology that promises faster data download, fast upload speed, and stable connectivity.

German Telecom is a 5G company that is capable of 10 Gigabit/s data transfer rates. It is 100 times faster than the 4G services or standard 4G LTE services whose data transfer rates are around 100 Megabits/s.

Thus between 5G and 4G, there is a high magnitude difference covering a wide range of communication capacity.

5G Technology Advantages: High data transmission speed, Lower latency, More IoT & IIoT connected devices, Increased Bandwidth, Increased Network Capacity, Bring Telemedicine into IT solutions for healthcare industry in USA, and Industrial advancement in AR, VR, & AI!

Is 5G dangerous? It is considered hazardous by some because of the wavelengths of radiation, ultra-high frequency, ultra high intensity, and increasing our radiation exposure. Thus, we can say that it is 5G technology, dangerous and radiated!

5g technology

Currently, the users are happy with their current 4G service, and for them, there is no reason to pay extra money to use 5G.

By 2023, we can see 1.3 billion 5G users in action. Furthermore, it is expected that IoT, Industrial IoT, Connected Cars, and Smart Cities initiative will start around 2023.

But, the only disadvantage of 5G is its monetization rate. In comparison to 2G, 3G, and 4G, the 5G is not-cost efficient. Hence, it is said that 5G is more steered towards industrial solutions and enterprise use cases.

However, the technology is new, and people have their concerns about its development, safety, and security. Those concerns are generating rumors and myths on the 5G network technology.

10 Myths About 5G Technology Explained!

First, the 5G will fundamentally transform the networks to make opportunities for many industries. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Data Analytics, and Robotics will accelerate towards the ways of working.

As the industries enhance, the business product will amplify, and upon its usage, the user will start using 5G. However, it is still an emerging technology; thus, there are lots of questions about its potential for the consumers.

Many industry experts and top mobile app service providers in USA are raising those questions. Daily new opinions are coming, and 5G technology myths are increasing.

As a result, we prepared a list of 10 misconceptions about 5G. And it is time to bring some depth and realism to the debate.

Let's bust the 10 important 5G myths!

"5G will completely replace 4G." 
No, it is not correct! 4G will exist but will not go extinct. However, to use 5G, you will have to spend more.

"5G will give you cancer."
It is a hoax because there is no evidence telling us that cellular networks cause cancer. But, they give rise to radiation, and the human body can adapt to that radiation.

"5G will only impact the telecom industry."
This is also untrue because 5G facilitates instant communication between devices. Thus, any industry using internet-connected devices will benefit from 5G.

"5G is about download time."
Again this is not correct because 5G is the result of better bandwidth and lower latency making communication fast, decreasing response time between data sender and receiver.

"5G will enhance cybersecurity."
This is yet unknown because if security gets enhanced, then the malicious attack, hacking attempts, etc. will also increase.

"No benefits of 5G to the consumers."
It’s a myth because consumers are expecting 5G for better network performance that is not available due to urban network congestion. Users want new 5G home broadband.

"No real use cases of 5G yet."
It is not true because consumers see 5G services valuable in most cases and see it going mainstream in the coming 2 to 3 years. They are willing to pay for it, whatever the cost is!

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"5G is only used in smartphones."
5G adoption will be worldwide in all the internet-connected objects in addition to the current smartphones. Thus, the myth about 5G usable only in smartphones is wrong!

"5G is the new future demand."
This is a very debating topic because of consumer demands for those things which they really need or which they want to explore once in life. Is it a myth or not? We live this to you based upon your cellular network demands.

When you keep the 5G Myths aside, 

Globally, 6 people out of 10, 43% of 4G users report issues facing problems in 4G in a crowded location.

That means those meg/metro cities really need next level cellular connection to 4G. This is where consumers and industries forget problems with 5g technology.

Myth 10: 5G Technology Will Come Soon To You!

If you live or work in big cities, then this is sort of correct. But for everyone else, especially living in the remote parts of the world, 5G will take some time to come to their area.

5g technical contribution

If we have to simply conclude 5G in one line, then it is that 5G is not a cost-effective solution, but is the need for commercial futuristic advancement.

Among those looking to switch, 8 people in 10 are interested in replacing their existing home broadband by a 5G home wireless broadband.

Are you interested in switching to 5G technology?

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5g technical contribution