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Evolution In Agriculture Technology To Grow Crops Efficiently

evolution in agriculture technology

"Around 900 million people in the world suffer from hunger, and by 2030, 12% of the world population will become undernourished. Furthermore, by 2050, we will need 70% more food production to fulfill the hunger for three times a day." - from the reports of the United Nations World Summit, 2015.

However, in some of the last months of the year 2020 due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, the global Agriculture GDP has decreased by 3%.

That means we are not close at all in finding a solution to the problems in agriculture. Now, many global trends are impacting food security and the sustainability of the agriculture system in many countries.


As a result, we need to act differently in the farm and agricultural operations to meet the challenges of Food Scarcity, Food Waste, Climate Change, and Demographics!

In doing so, we need an evolution of agriculture technology that is capable enough to bring out a solution for agriculture problems and food production needs. 

Yes, this is achievable, if the world governments, businesses, and technologies combine with each other to create a new revolution of agriculture system and market!

This collaboration might appear easy for you. But upon effective implementation to meet 'today's unending food hunger' by 2030, it is highly costly with an annual worldwide investment of $280 billion.

And the most prominent key role is of the governments with their schemes, goal-oriented programs to drive us to the evolution of agricultural marketing.

Additionally, a cluster approach from businesses, technologies, tech tycoons, and e-Government Software Solution in USA is mandatory to make farming safe, efficient, profitable, environment-friendly, and meet hunger needs.

Hence, the obtained ecosystem, i.e., AGRICULTURE 4.0 will put the foundation future of agriculture technology at the world level.

What is Agriculture 4.0?

The stressed natural resources such as global deforestation, soil degradation, unsuitable lands, greenhouse gas emission, overgrazing, improper crop rotation, unbalanced fertilizer use, and climate changes like floods, drought, water scarcity disturb the food production timeline. 

All these create problems in agriculture & farming; thus, impacting the globalized food supply system and increasing the selling price of food grown. As a result, it leads to hunger, poverty, and the farmers never get their share of the money!

What is Agriculture 4.0

Therefore, we need to change the traditional approach of the food industry into an advanced and fastly productive approach that maintains production, meet demand side, and mange value/supply chain.

AGRICULTURE 4.0 is the only solution of agriculture problems, which is green and has science & technology at its heart.”

In the new evolution of agriculture technology, farmers will use minimum quantities of water, fertilizers, pesticides, organic seeds, and more, making abundant and clean resources on a specific target area to grow crops, not only on the fertile land but on the arid climate too!

To meet this firsthand, we are providing cost-effective, IT solutions for Agriculture in USA that revolutionize the entire food value chain!

So, what are the digital and technological advancements, new technologies and solutions in the Agriculture 4.0 industry that meet problems in agriculture and farming?

Our IT Solutions for Agriculture Technology!

To take full control of your land, farms, and farming equipment, you need to manage farming solutions effortlessly while automating crop production. Also, a farmer must think upon the irrigation facilities, food safety measures, customer relations management, inventory pricing, and accounting. 

We help our clients/customers create agriculture software solutions that promote their agribusiness and let the farmers make data-driven decisions for sustainable business growth in farming.

With this aim, we’ve set different IT solutions for agriculture to develop, confirm, and balance innovations by providing teams, technologies, and expertise in precision farming, AI automation, GPS guidance systems, cloud computing, remote IoT sensing, including soil mapping, location mapping services, and remote sensing.

With our goal to convert farming into smart farming, we help you to integrate new technologies and digital agriculture solutions such as;

  •  Precision Agriculture Software Solutions
  •  Livestock Management
  •  Farm Management Software Services
  •  Aquaculture Software Services
  •  Seed-To-Sale Development
  •  Agriculture Drone Software Development
  •  Indoor Vertical Farming Services
  •  Modern Greenhouses Farming Services
  •  Soil Mapping And Crop Sensor Solutions
  •  Breeding And Cattle Management Solutions
  •  Agricultural Drone Spraying & Seeding Solution
  •  Cannabis Mobile App Development Solution

technologies and digital agriculture solution

Our modern farms and agricultural operations use technological advancements, including sensors, devices, machines, IT, GPS technology, and more to reengineer the food production services and agriculture marketing systems. 

The agribusiness solutions discussed above use latest technology services like:

  •    AI Development Sevices
  •    Blockchain Development
  •    Software Development
  •    Mobile App Development
  •    IoT Development Solution
  •    Data Science Services

Still, for an industry that lags behind others in adopting technology, the challenges go beyond the dollars of investment flowing into AgTech (Agriculture + Technology).

Smarter farms require smart farmworkers to operate the new technology along with business, government regulations, trade, and tax policies, and even the simplest of technology infrastructure.

All this would make an ecosystem of innovative farming!

What is the Future of Agriculture Technology?

All the above-discussed farming and agriculture are fundamentally transforming the ways of growing crop and food production. As the sector becomes increasingly automated, the impact would be on human jobs and human workers.

However, it doesn’t mean that the Agri-Automation will replace humans. Though some jobs will be lost, many new will be created. In the future, farming will become a proud career choice, and many professionals will come into the market.

Robotics, automation, drone technologists will be in high demand to fly in the air above the farmland to check on the crops and increase the protection and security. There will be Food Scientists, Farm Scientists, Agriculture Technologists, Agriculture courses, Faculties, and many more.

The most likely scenario or say the future of agriculture is humans and machines involving and working side by side to boost crop production, reducing farming costs, and ending the hunger problem of the world.

Final Words!

Considering the rapidly growing world population, stressed natural resources, and the growing food demands, it is currently impossible to end hunger of everyone with traditional farming methods and techniques.

To meet the demand and supply while facing the challenges, the adoption of emerging farming technologies and ongoing innovations are necessary.

Thankfully, we believe that this transformation will make agriculture into a highly successful sector in terms of business, skilled employment, and quality of human life!

What are your thoughts on the ‘Evolution In Agriculture Technology’ happening in the world? Don’t forget to mention them in the comment section below.

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