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6 Smart Insights to Grow your eCommerce Business Everyday

Grow your eCommerce Business

There are millions of eCommerce websites and hundreds of best eCommerce apps across the globe. As an eCommerce startup owner, you will get a tough competition. However, the overwhelming competition indicates higher demand.

If you can find a void in the existing eCommerce market and carve out a way to reach a larger target audience, then be happy; you are going to do a good eCommerce business. This article is all about increasing your eCommerce business growth!

We will tell you why the eCommerce website fails? What are the top eCommerce trends to increase eCommerce business? What are our insights based on all the discussions with you?

Let’s start and get deep with the existing eCommerce business and coming future!

“According to the reports from Statista, the eCommerce sales in 2019 were worth $3.5 trillion that grew to $4.2 trillion in 2020 and will touch $9 trillion in the next five years.”

When we dig deep into the eCommerce business stats, we actually wonder how Amazon became a prominent example in the eCommerce market development. Amazon first launched back in 1994 to sell books online, but today it sells everything by connecting itself to all types of demands and audiences.

Today, there are around 27 million websites. In order to become an eCommerce entrepreneur, you need to flourish among them and that’s a very difficult task.

In this article, you are going to learn many new things, some basic all-time usable tips, and how the eCommerce business and grown and evolves throughout the year.

But, before that let’s learn -

Why many eCommerce Businesses Struggle in Making eCommerce Business Strategy?

Everyone has their problems and reasons behind failures. However, in online business systems like eCommerce, the problems are universal and the same for all and we all have to fight and face them every day.

But, if you have no idea facing them and believe in doing good investment to solve the problem, then you can hire custom eCommerce developers to solve big problems in big ways.

Around 80% of eCommerce businesses fail because of three main reasons. First, businesses are unable to know their customers or target audience. Second, guiding users through the website and its navigation is difficult. And the third problem is that businessmen don’t really know which products must sell.

Though these problems appear big, solving them is quite easy. In the USA, 80% of shoppers prefer bing online rather than visiting any shop offline!

Hence, you have an audience that is always ready to buy things as easy as possible. You will be amazed to know that in the eCommerce industry, the number of customers on an eCommerce website grows by 2x times.

The faster your audience base increases, the more eCommerce business opportunities you get, and your sales increase. This makes better eCommerce market development for you, ultimately you are able to grow your eCommerce business.

Many times, customers become impatient due to fewer online shoppers. It’s because many eCommerce businesses fail and new entrepreneurs don’t put their brains into capitalizing what the previous businesses fail in.

Basically, you have to stop yourself from falling into 5 important things, i.e., Branding, SEO, UX (user experience), Transparency, and Engagement. Along with this, you have to put yourself in the line of making the best website.

To make the best eCommerce website, you have to hire WordPress developers in USA. You must take into account those factors which competitors value more. Doing this will help you to build up a strong eCommerce business plan.

Now, if we are on the move to make a realistic and world-class level eCommerce business strategy, we need to look at the following ongoing trends that will evolve and shape into better eCommerce market development factors.

Let’s look at the -

Top Trends Driving Online Retail and Evolving eCommerce Market Development

drive online retail

As we are close to leaving 2020, we must realize a few things related to eCommerce trends. You can stay ahead of your competition to drive sales in your eCommerce brand.

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Below we have mentioned the top eCommerce trends in 2020:

  1.  AR/VR to give more real shopping type behavior to the customer
  2.  Increasing voice search by the customers
  3.  Artificial intelligence to learn the behavior of the shoppers
  4.  On-site personalization to give better individual experiences
  5.  Using Big data and Cloud computing for personalized experiences
  6.  Chatbots integration for an increased level of shopping experience
  7.  Mobile responsive website development or eCommerce mobile app development
  8.  Blockchain affiliated Payment gateway system; secure and safe payment
  9.  Make better social network development using social media platforms
  10.  Headless and API-driven eCommerce evolution
  11.  Video solutions to provide products in a better way to the customers
  12.  Focus on subscriptions, sustainability, and digital strategy for conversion
  13.  Lastly, focus more on B2B along with B2C

Focusing on these existing trends and investing in them will bring you food eCommerce business opportunities. You will probably make good profits if you keep your eye on the latest tech and trends in eCommerce.

Smart Insights to Grow eCommerce Business Opportunities!

grow ecommerce business

Based upon eCommerce marketing strategies, different marketing channels & tools, above trends, and top marketing experts in the industry, we have made our own insights that can help you to grow the best business throughout a year.

Follow these eCommerce insights, and make better profits.

  •  Offer Social Media login to make eCommerce website more friendly
  •  Add user-generated content to your product pages
  •  Use a proper email marketing; campaign better to get better
  •  Use Popups cleverly to show offers, discounts, coupons
  •  Gather quality Data from live chats integrated into your website
  •  Create videos of a viral product, excite your shopper, increase your sales
  •  Keep introducing rewards and keep shoppers engaged
  •  Use emails and recommend the best products from your
  •  Always display reviews, feedback, and ratings at your every product page
  •  Focusing on mobile optimization to increase user experience
  •  Up-sell and Cross-sell like eBay, Flipkart, Amazon just to boost onsite engagement
  •  Reduce friction in the checkout process and always focus on increasing brand awareness

What do you think now? Are these insights enough to increase sales and grow your online business?

When it comes to marketing strategies, there is no such fixed strategy. Actually, things you implement for your business depend upon the audience you are selecting. Don’t ever make it complicated.

What steps are you taking this year to increase your eCommerce business? DO mention them in the comment section below!

eCommerce Market Future After COVID-19

eCommerce Market Future

Right now in the world of eCommerce, where COVID-19 is now the new deciding factor, many countries saw increasing usage of eCommerce websites and apps.

Not only the private enterprises, but the government enterprises are also continuously focusing on making online shopping better, easy to access, afford, and deliver home to home.

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Industry experts predict that the Coronavirus impact is not a short one, but will remain with us for a long time. Therefore, the chances of more online conversions are high.

A new audience will switch over the online eCommerce business with better comfort, convenience, beneficial contact less payments, attractive website, and app layouts, and an increased understanding of human behavior.

A shift in digital purchases will boost the eCommerce industry to new heights.

If you have plans to get into the business and achieve extraordinary results, then follow our eCommerce guidelines and these insights. But, before that create a top-notch professional eCommerce website by using top Drupal web development services.

Create your website, start selling online, and get back to us to find solutions to your everyday problem in the eCommerce business.