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Software Development Challenges Of Startups In IT Industry

Software Development Challanges

Businesses whether big or small always adopt the latest software development industry trends and dedicatedly follow them to survive the competition.


Technologies and software process automation to improve work, offer quality and deliver better services and products to their clients/customers. The software development industry is highly volatile and rapidly adapt to changes in the working environment.


However, to keep growing a web development company in USA should manage the technology correctly and face the software development challenges with proper strategies.


Even more, the custom software development process must streamline common problems in software development projects of all sizes and shapes.


Often people think that software development is not a big game! Yeah, they might be true, but the software development challenges of startups are at different levels.


Projects involving cloud computing, product enhancement and upgrades, in-house products and services development, web-based solutions, mobile application development, etc. using the latest tech are the biggest challenges in the software development industry, especially for the startups.

Use of techs like AI, ML, AR, VR etc. is one of the many software development challenges for the startups at times when clients demand to use them inexpensively.”

Thus, if you are a software development startup company in USA, then upgrade yourself with these techs and deliver outstanding products and services.


Going further, let's take a look at some challenges every software product developer or company faces. The software development problems and solutions are as follows:

Globalization: A Biggest Software Development Challange

If your business relates to the software industry, then you are either building software solutions or offering software services.


Global competitions often force businesses to redefine their product’s design by integrating new feature functionalities for retaining their position in the market.


Correct project management plays an important role in any new software company; otherwise, it might affect the client-company relationship. Finally, you might lose the project!

Moreover, being a startup, you must look at the parameters like ROIs, product pricing structures, customer retention and engagement, service level agreements, etc.”

It is easy to fix all these software company problems; first by funding properly into the company and second, hiring quality, knowledgeable and dedicated employees.

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SaaS: Not A Software Development Problem, But A Solution

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform helps small and mid-sized businesses to avail extensive enterprise level capabilities. Companies are shifting their gears to SaaS application development due to its reliability in building robust, flexible, scalable and user-friendly applications.


Thus, with an excellent team of developers and designers in USA, a software development startup can redirect a large chunk of investment on SaaS which in return give more value to your business strategies.

SaaS is a businesses-friendly technology that works for practical innovation, cloud development services and gives real-life benefits to customers and users.”

Software Testing: Quality control

A product or service has value only when it's tested thoroughly for errors, bugs, and defects. Being, reliable is an important criterion for a company in the software development industry.


A Project manager, therefore, focuses upon implementing powerful quality tests to ensure the project deliverables. Several types of tests ensure the quality of the software. Some of them are as follows:

  • Unit Testing

  • Functional Testing

  • Integration Testing

  • System Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Stress Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Regression Testing

  • Acceptance Testing

  • Beta Testing


Testing is among those challenges every software product developer faces to produce bug-free software. A Project manager must know every testing methods of development platforms like web-based apps, mobile applications, cloud services based apps, etc.

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Project Reporting: A Common Offshore Software Development Challenge

If project reports are not appropriately conveyed to the clients, then a sudden rise in tension between a software development company in USA and client might put a project to halt.


Thus, as a startup focuses on keeping reports daily with these:

  • Project Status Report – A report containing the project’s overall health.

  • Time-sheet Report – Monitor resource availability for the tasks in development.

  • Resource Workload Report – It schedule resource across different projects and measure budget impacts.

  • Expense Report – It provides insights to the client about their investments.

  • Portfolio Report – To capture clients, give your samples as a portfolio to them.

  • Risk Reports – Detailing all the involved risks in a project along with their solutions.

  • Board/Executive Reports – A weekly status update which directly goes to your project team and important business stakeholders.

Third-Part Integration Challenges Affecting Software Project Management

Technologies keep on advancing, and software vendors tap their potentials to build third-party integration modules that offer pre-defined functionality. These modules reduce the development time and safely integrate into the existing systems.


This can increase all the stress levels because managers are forced to invest a particular time in understanding how the modules work.


Custom software development project must be regularly monitored by the startups to avoid all the biggest challenges in software development projects as discussed above.


The monitoring process consumes a lot of time, but interaction with various individuals in the team of your software development company.