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Virtual Dressing Room to Boost Sales During COVID-19

Virtual Dressing Room

COVID-19 has seriously changed the ways people behave daily. Whether it is living, transportation, businesses, jobs, or shopping, everything is now changed. When it comes to shopping, we understand that the traditional dressing room or changing rooms in shops are now transforming to virtual dressing room online shopping.

All credits go to the eCommerce market and their highly thought customer engagement stories. It’s been decades, retailers trying out new methods to boost sales online. Some got success, while others went far and started using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to make their eCommerce websites more engaging.

Now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is viable to keep social distancing. And you can’t try clothing, makeup, jewelry, etc. in traditional dressing rooms. Thus, industry experts have found virtual dressing room solutions. Today, we will discuss it in brief!

COVID-19 changed the retail businesses into virtual dressing rooms by using top artificial intelligence development services in USA. It is one of the new customer engagement strategies that promise to boost online sales.

In a virtual dressing room solution, a user uploads the video of itself, then renders an AR-based image of the person. Different sectors of eCommerce and the retail industry are embracing Augmented Reality dressing solutions for jewelry, cosmetics & clothes.

The virtual dressing room technology isn’t new. It is in practice for the last couple of years. The only thing that made virtual dressing a major factor to boost online sales is COVID-19.

In many digital businesses, we use AI, AR, VR, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, and many other advanced technologies. Though the usage of virtual dressing rooms is less, it is only a moment of time when people would try it once, for sure.

It is because the consumers are attracting towards eCommerce online solutions and portals.

As the eCommerce industry grows with more digital solutions, the customer engagement strategies like virtual dressing room solution will help eCommerce companies to boost sales online.

"We estimate that by 2027, the virtual dressing market will become a $10 billion industry."

How A Virtual Dressing Room Technology Works?

From a specialized point of view, the two wide innovations urgent to the virtual changing area are Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

These are gigantic spaces that stretch a long way past the extent of a virtual changing area arrangement, and it's helpful to see exactly how these advancements apply here.

A smartphone is an ideal medium since it contains both the camera to catch the video and a screen to show the AR picture of the individual/body part with the wearable thing demonstrated.

The video is parsed by human posture assessment calculations that recognize the scope of central issues or finders on the human body, which permits the application to comprehend the forms, size, and spatial area of the individual.

Frequently, AI profound learning schedules are utilized to make these judgments. The exactness of these AI-driven cycles can be far better than a human customized measure, considering far more noteworthy constancy in virtual changing area advancement.

When the body's measurement and area are fixed, the application at that point annexes the thing of attire or assistant to the picture on the screen, permitting the client to demonstrate that thing basically in a 3-D, photorealistic show.

Can Virtual Dressing Room Solution Become A Mainstream eCommerce Technology?

For several years, a few top eCommerce retailers have experimented with virtual dressing room solutions and AR/VR applications. As a result, the technology has successfully increased the quality of eCommerce websites and uptick online sales.

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Global eCommerce retailers such as Macy’s and Adidas are using virtual dressing room implementation. Amazon is also contributing its time, money, and energy to the development of a fully AI-enabled virtual dressing room development for the global marketplace.

Due to the global spread of COVID-19 and the urgent requirement to keep physical social distancing, the virtual dressing room solution is much needed.

Mainly, because this solution opens an opportunity to recapture some lost businesses and increase profit margin!

What Are The Top Benefits of Virtual Dressing Rooms?

Virtual dressing rooms allow the customers to sample, model products online! For this to happen, the AR rendering related to the product must look realistic.

In case, if the user isn’t comfortable with the AR rendered image, the virtual dressing room will be a great failure. But, fortunately, the AR/VR science related to virtual and mixed environments is currently working fine!

As the virtual dressing rooms become important for eCommerce, the AI + AR + VR will transform to new horizons and we would see better video capturing and rendering process.

Not, only these technologies, but the Deep learning algorithms will also help in estimating and displaying the user’s full body, hands, face, head, feet, etc. with increasing clarity and accuracy.

In the near future, we can see ourselves trying clothes, wearables, jewelry, etc. on a virtual dressing room application. We just hope that the experience is equivalent to the physical experience.

What Are The Drawbacks to Virtual Dressing Rooms?

As virtual dressing room technology is new, not many people have used it. Furthermore, other than image clarity, not many drawbacks are found.

One of the most important drawbacks that must be addressed in the coming years is the immersive and clear picture quality from AR rendering.

Most of the customers would trust what they see. Thus, you must let them see better & clear!

Currently, the most important question is, can virtual dressing room online shopping give a seamless and accurate customer experience? Also, will this technology risk the data it posses?

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These two-three concerns are universal with respect to this technology. We hope its resolution as time passes and the virtual dressing evolves.

Virtual Dressing Room - The Future of eCommerce!

We finally conclude that virtual dressing rooms have their own pros and cons compared to traditional dressing rooms. As the virtual dressing room technology evolves and develops into a game-changer technology, its usage in the industry will increase.

As the COVID-19 is taking lives, disturbing us mentally and physically, it is somehow letting our think tanks to make use of technologies in a better way for a more business-specific purpose.

We can just predict that AI will become a matured technology in the future and virtual dressing applications will be its best by-products in the eCommerce industry.

Meanwhile, if you plan on implementing a virtual dressing room online shopping solution to your current eCommerce website, then you can hire eCommerce website developers in USA.

Contact us soon!

And do tell us your views on this tech!