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Our automated software solutions help you to save -work, efforts, time and of course-the costs!!

In this highly competitive corporate world, each organization is looking for enhancing productivity and pace past its competitors. But is the journey an easy one? Leveraging your productivity comes at high costs and increased management hassles. You need more heads and sophisticated infrastructure with functional excellence. With our Best Marketing Automation Software Solutions, you can easily add to our productivity without hiring new heads!

business process automation software

The Challenges and How Can We Help

The Challenge

The Financial limitations, Managerial Bottlenecks, and lack of Infrastructure Resources can be Discouraging, Especially for Small and Medium Enterprises, startups, and Small Online Businesspersons.


Zrix Offers You The Precise Solution to This Challenge.

The Solution

We Offer you The Complete Suite of Strategically Designed Service Packages for Automating Tedious Clerical Tasks, Repetitive Processes, and Other Routine Tasks That Absorbs a Huge Chunk of Your Employee's Time. In Fact, We Employ an Innovative Approach When it Comes To Business Process Automating.


Why Should I Hire Business Automation Services of CMS?

Minimum Involvement And Maximum Efficiency

We proactively recognize various area where the business process automation can be applied and come up with custom design the solutions to guarantee the best results with maximum accuracy and high efficiency.


Extensive Testing

Each for our automation software solution is extensively tested for security accuracy and functional performance. CMS technologies allow you to enhance the productivity of your team by relieving tem from many of their routine tasks.


We Compress The Routine Tasks

The routine tasks consume a considerable period of your employees’time. By compressing their processes we save a huge amount of their tie and attention. With the wise utilization of this newly gained chunk of free time, your employees can involve themselves in core productive activities that can eventually lead to success.


Hire Business Automation Services

Taking Care of Entire lifecycle of Processes

We offer our most innovate techno solutions that are loaded with the best features to support the entire lifecycle of your processes. However, we combine innovation with real life benefits and have extensively tested all our solutions to ensure that you enjoy the impressive performance.

Easy Evaluation

Evaluation is one of the most challenging task when the routine tasks are done manually. However, our automated business processes can be evaluated for functionality on periodical basis with thee help of well range metrics.

Zero Discrepancy

One of the major reasons of inconsistent outcomes routine processes is discrepancy. With our meticulously designed technical processes you are free form this challenge as every process is ode though exact the same methodology and the result is consistent outcome.

Who We Have Helped
Bernard Health

Bernard Health

The Business Challenge

Bernard Health came to Zrix several years ago with an idea to bring the complicated world of insurance elections online. They had manual processes in place that were very complex, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and required an enormous amount of paperwork.

The Solution

To tackle this complex topic, we needed to work not only with multiple insurance carriers, but also with Bernard's clients and employees. We created a comprehensive insurance portal, called the BerniePortal, which allows employers to easily set up insurance benefits and allow employees to sign up for insurance plans that fit their individual needs. The BerniePortal empowers employers, employees, and insurance brokers to manage entire company insurance elections without any need for paperwork.

The Outcome

After launch, the BerniePortal proved to be a success, allowing Bernard Health access to additional income streams from Portal subscriptions. Zrix has continually supported Bernard Health the whole way, providing continual yearly updates as insurance regulations and requirements change.

The Benefits

Reduced Workforce by 80%

The BerniePortal freed crucial employee resources by cutting down on the need for one-on-one support for each client. As a result, Bernard Health was able to reduce their workforce by 80%.

Decreased Costs

The BerniePortal significantly reduced the amount of resources, errors, time and effort required to complete each step of the process. Ultimately, Bernard Health was able to considerably cut costs associated to business process execution.

Increased Accuracy

The BerniePortal completely eliminated the need for paperwork by bringing the entire process online. By replacing old manual procedures with new automated processes, Bernard Health was able to increase business process accuracy by reducing human errors and inefficiencies.

Increased Process Speed

The BerniePortal eradicated bottlenecks by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating unnecessary steps. Accordingly, Bernard Health was able to drastically reduce the overall time that it takes to complete vital business processes.



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