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HIPAA Compliance Management
and Reporting System

We have been helping healthcare organizations and other health entities replace manual HIPAA compliance processes with automated solutions. By implementing automated HIPAA compliance management and reporting systems, they were able to significantly improve efficiency, simplify HIPAA compliance, and minimize costs.

Whatever your technical requirements, we can help your healthcare practice, business or organization automate HIPAA compliance and withstand government scrutiny.

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How We Can Help

HIPAA compliance is not easy,in fact many organizations aren't even aware that they need to meet this legal requirement.

Under the Privacy and Security Rules of HIPAA, all healthcare providers, health plans, their business associates and other covered-entities, must deploy the proper administrative, physical and technical safeguards to prepare for audits and protect sensitive patient data, whether it is being stored or transmitted.

Meeting these complex HIPAA requirements can be challenging, and that is putting it lightly. Without the proper tools to increase accuracy and efficiency, HIPAA reporting can be very burdensome. Not to mention if you fail a HIPAA audit the consequences can lead to harsh fines and in some very rare cases jail.

No matter what part of the healthcare industry you serve, we can help your healthcare practice, business or organization automate HIPAA compliance processes. Some of the ways we can help you include:


Risk Analysis and Management

Assess risks and weaknesses in networks, applications or databases that manage sensitive patient data


Certify that session identifiers are not susceptible to authentication attacks, such as dictionary attacks, brute force attacks and spoofed logon screens.

Data Security

This involves data loss protection, network configuration, secure backup of data, access control, process and technical controls, etc.

Malicious Code

Safeguard critical applications from malicious code that is intended to cause unsolicited effects, security breaches or destruction to a system.

Benefits of HIPAA Compliance Automation

Simplify HIPAA compliance by centralizing audit information

Avoid penalties and fines associated with HIPAA violations

Improve efficiency and accuracy by eliminating manual errors

Key controls and more timely compliance status information



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