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HIPAA Compliant Application Development & Hosting

We have a long history of helping healthcare organizations and other health-related entities develop, maintain, and host healthcare websites and applications. With the help of our HIPAA-compliant app development and web hosting services, our clients have been able to meet regulatory compliance standards and endure government scrutiny.

Whether you want to launch a new healthcare solution or need assistance with an existing website or application, our team of implementation experts will work with you to develop a comprehensive, fully-compliant solution that addresses the privacy, accessibility, and reliability of electronically protected health information (e-PHI).

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HIPAA Compliance and Application Development

We have been helping healthcare software and service providers of all sizes design, build and maintain cutting edge, cost-effective healthcare solutions that can quickly adapt with the rapidly changing standards of the healthcare industry.

Every healthcare solution we develop undergoes careful consideration for HIPAA compliance at each phase of the development lifecycle. Our meticulous approach means that you can have the confidence knowing that the proper HIPAA compliance measures are in place.

Some of our key HIPAA compliant projects include:

Healthcare Insurance Portal

We created a comprehensive insurance portal which allows employers to easily set up insurance benefits and employees to sign up for insurance plans that fit their individual needs. It empowers employers, employees, and insurance brokers to manage entire company insurance elections without any need for paperwork and one-on-one support for each client.

Cloud-Based Scheduling System

Our work includes creating a cloud-based scheduling system that allows administrators, doctors, patients, and scheduling staff access to the information they need on demand. In addition to scheduling, the system also holds and maintains medical records for each patient which allows doctors to view and maintain documentation directly from their computers, saving valuable time.

Online Health Record Database

Our expert team worked closely with one of the world's leading providers of Electronic Health Record systems create an online health records database. This database allows physicians to store patient records online, which ultimately improves efficiency and patient care.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Currently we provide many healthcare practices, businesses and organizations with HIPAA compliant hosting solutions for websites, applications, and data storage. Our HIPAA compliant hosting solutions are specifically designed to meet your unique compliance and security challenges as well as help you to withstand government scrutiny.


Our HIPAA compliant web hosting services include:


HIPAA Compliant Cloud

Secure your patient data in the cloud with our HIPAA compliant cloud hosting solutions. Our HIPAA cloud is encrypted at the core using AES 256-bit encryption, which means your patient data is protected. We also encrypt cloud data through every step of our offsite backup and recovery, so your sensitive data remains safe no matter where it is.

HIPAA Compliant Colocation

Designed with accessibility, uptime, reliability, and security in mind, our global datacenters are fully owned and operated by our HIPAA trained staff. We provide flexible HIPAA colocation services that include redundant connectivity, continuous power, HIPAA compliant offsite backup and disaster recovery, and the ability to scale as your needs evolve.

HIPAA Managed Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers are fully managed and hosted in our HIPAA-compliant environment with fully documented safety measures in position to keep patient data secure. Independently audited against OCR HIPAA Audit Protocol, our highly availability, secure and fully redundant datacenters are designed to deliver you with the tools to ensure compliance.

HIPAA Compliant Disaster Recovery and Backup

Safeguard your confidential patient data and applications when a disaster happens with our disaster recovery and backup services. We encrypt your data at all times, both in transit and at rest, in order to protect your sensitive information. We backup data locally and in the cloud on a continuous basis, where all of your critical patient data can be restored in minutes.

Why Hire Us?


Our HIPAA compliance hosting solutions have been independently audited, which means that all of our datacenters, cloud servers and managed dedicated servers have been audited and comply with HHS' HIPAA standards.

Expert Staff

Our highly qualified staff receive regular HIPAA compliance and security training. Our experts also ensure that your solution remains up-to-date as HIPAA evolves and new regulations appear.


Our high-availability, fully redundant infrastructure keep your valuable and sensitive information easily accessible when you need it the most.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

We consistently monitor and report any suspicious movement that may put patient data in danger. You also have access to unlimited 24-hour chat support so we can help you work through any issues you may be having.

Administrative, Physical and Technical Safeguards

We have administrative, physical and technological safeguards employed to protect against the compromise of your patient data. These safeguards give you have greater level of security, defend against unwarranted physical and technical access, as well as protect your sensitive data across multiple platforms, servers and devices.

Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Friendly

Our HIPAA compliant solutions are Business Associate Agreement (BAA) friendly. We stand by our HIPAA compliance and aim to ensure that our clients are compliant as well.


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