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Make your website simple, Increase usability and gain more benefits!!

You spend many dollars on getting an awesome website design and decorate it with a number of apps and advanced functionalities. But in absence of best website usability features these things won't leave the desired impact.
The quick access to your website, ease of navigation, text format, fine working links, and retina-friendly resolution are some of the features that play a vital role in enhancing the user experience. We offer you the full packages of services to ensure that your site is loaded with the best usability features. We have a dedicated team that helps you enhance the appeal of your site by making increasing its usability.
Make your website simple, Increase usability and gain more benefits!!

Why choose us ?

Why Choose Us

Deep insights

Our global experienced talent pool checks each and every minute aspect of your website to ensure that it is easy to be browsed not only by the human beings but also by the search engine bots. It helps your audience to land quickly at what they are looking for thus enhancing their browsing experience.

Design Evaluation

We also evaluate the design of your website to make sure that it has just the right level of resolution, typography, and colors so that the visitor would love reading your content. In fact, we pay a keen attention to the fonts and structure of the content and help you make the most important changes required to offer to maximize the stay of the client.

Best standards

Our team follows the best standards of commitment and we proudly take the full ownership of each project we handle. Quick turnaround time, best output and high standards of work quality makes us the best choice.

The healthy team

Our team is comprised of both the fresh ambitious staff with awesome ideas as well as industry veterans who evaluate the practical aspect of these ideas. Thus you can get the best services that promise to fulfill the creative requirements as well as ensuring the practical viability of the same that can offer you the tangible business benefits.

Screen Resolution

The best advice on screen resolution is available from usability expert, Jakob Nielson. He says to optimize for 1024 x 768 and to make your site “liquid” so that it stretches for any resolution. You can view his detailed advice at this link:
Note: Screen resolution is widely debated and as with most things in web design it depends. :)


Fonts and Sizes:
The font and size of your website’s text will greatly affect your customers’ ability to read
and understand the contents of your website.
Font and Size Recommendations
Fonts – It is best to use a website font that is standard for everyone’s computers and that is easy on the eyes. The following fonts are commonly used web fonts:
Aerial, Times New Roman, Trebuchet, Georgia, and Verdana
Size- Jakob Nielsen is the Usability Guru for websites. These are his “Readability Guidelines” for Website Font Size:
  • Do not use absolute font sizes in your style sheets. Code font sizes in relative terms, typically using percentages such as 120% for big text and 90% for small text.
  • Maximize the color contrast between the text and the background (and do not use busy or watermarked background patterns). Despite the fact that low-contrast text further reduces readability, the web is plagued by gray text these days.
  • If possible, avoid text that is embedded within a graphic, since style sheets and font size buttons do not have any effect on graphics. If you must use pictures of text, make sure the font size is especially large (at least 12 point) and that you use high-contrast colors.
  • If your site targets senior citizens, use bigger default font sizes (at least 12 point).
  • Make your default font size reasonably big (at least 10 point) so that very few users have to resort to manual overrides.
  • Consider adding a button that loads an alternate style sheet with really big font sizes if most of your site's visitors are senior citizens or low-vision users. Few users know how to find or use the built-in font size feature in current browsers, and adding such a button within your pages will help users easily increase text size. However, because every extra feature takes away from the rest of the page, I don't recommend such a button for mainstream websites.

For more comprehensive information on website usability, visit Jakob Nielsen’s website at


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