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One of our clients reached us with the motive of creating an APK decompiler for extracting the APK file from any Android application. They needed a feature-oriented mobile app that effectively decompiles APKs from mobile apps which we have created for them. Here’s the overview about the complete project.

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APK Decompiler Problem

Our clients came to us with a problem that they were facing with extracting the APK files from the applications in their Android smartphones. They need a full-fledged, feature-rich mobile app for solving this purpose. After understanding all their app requirements we have accepted this project as a challenge and accepted it. Our team of expert Android developers now finally started creating this application with the above-mentioned functionalities as well as an engaging and easy-to-use interface.


APK Decompiler is a free application that allows you to extract the APK files from any application that you have installed on your device and save it to your SD card. With this app you can extract APK files from installed apps, easily share applications with others, take a backup of your applications, bypass Google Play to get new version updates of apps, uninstall apps directly from APK Decompiler, and easily reinstall any application that was deleted.



APK Extraction: The software allows users to extract APK files from the installed applications in the user’s smartphone. They can scroll through a list of installed apps and select the specific app which they need to extract.
User Interface: We have added a high-end user-friendly interface to this software enabling the users to easily extract the APK file with ease and effectively store it in the database.
Progress Indicator: During the APK extraction process, the software may display a progress indicator or loading bar to let the user know the progress of their desired file extraction.
File Management: This software also includes basic file management features, such as allowing the users to browse their already extracted files, and also it is capable enough to manage those files with efficiency.

APK Decompiler Project Result

When our team of experts finally delivered this project to our esteemed client equipping it with all the features and functionalities as per their requirements. We have asked them for feedback describing the quality of the project that we have delivered. They have checked the APK Decompiler Application thoroughly and provided us with positive feedback conveying that the project meets each and every aspect of the requirements shared by them. Just because we completely believe in delivering our clients with their desired IT solutions at budget prices, so what you are waiting for talk to our experts soon to get a full-fledged, feature-rich IT solution at affordable prices.

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