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AXON Energy Services

AXON Energy Services

The Problem

At AXON Energy Services, our mission is to provide quality energy equipment and responsive global service tailored to each customer’s specific needs for success. From customized product solutions to exceptional aftermarket services, your success is our number one priority. Rest assured, the AXON team is truly committed to ensuring you can get back to work quickly and safely.

The company approached us with a unique challenge: develop an online brand identity for a new company that focuses on promoting the use of green energy (and energy-saving mechanisms) for residential and commercial properties.

We've been tasked with a challenge to not only make the website look good but also make the visitors convert into customers by filling out online quote requests and order forms.

AXON Energy Services

The Solution

After analyzing the seriousness of their objectives, the ongoing website problems, and the challenges ahead, we ZRIX convinced the client to choose our affordable website design and development solution. We designed and developed the website from top-down with Drupal and included some minor hosting improvements.

To meet the client's expectation of the web application, we enabled a solution with custom functions in the most secure possible manner. Also, we solved various technical issues, design issues, set good SEO pages, the home page, made it primarily data-driven, optimized it to different screen sizes that brought better conversion and lead for AXON Energy Services.

Continuing the highlights and features of the websites, we are trying to replicate everything present on the website into a simpler, attractive, and information focused design. To do so, the best designers and developers are working on the UI/UX, such that the website represents at a national level.

Website Features

With the help of our Drupal hosting solutions, we successfully made it into a global brand that easily includes more people with its mission and objectives, showcasing informational content in the best design, modern website look, no downtime, no security issues, dense and easily navigable!

Drupal CMS gives flexibility and control to the users while they browse the site. The CMS makes designing around the content easy, let's update effectively with Craft's in-built management features, provides a unique user experience to business-specific needs, user-friendly interface, and beautifully simple design.

Right from theme designing to customization, we did everything to develop a secure, fast, high-performing, flexible, scalable, reliable, content-specific, 24x7 available, uptime, integrated news, event, blog, portable, and easily manageable website with diversified infrastructure, and automatic backup service!

AXON Energy Services


As per their review, partnering with ZRIX was a godful thing that had already put them in a perfect and prime position to succeed online.

Today they have a 68% increase in the traffic from mobile, 130% increase in leads, 29% increase in organic traffic, 41% more new customers, Simplified user experience, increased maintenance contracts, and now the company is doing good business!

ZRIX (CMS Website Services) chose Drupal as it is affordable and gives the freedom to use the best features, highlights, and functionalities. Contact us if you want to develop websites and mobile apps!

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