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Bcause LLC

We have developed the frontend for Bcause client's and developed the backend for Bcause office staff and admins', where they control the clients details, balance information, deposit and withdrawal of funds, transaction history, and trading.

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Bcause LLC Problem

Bcause LLC, a pioneering company in the cryptocurrency industry aimed to create a comprehensive cryptocurrency ecosystem, encompassing a digital crypto mining facility with a spot market, a regulated derivatives exchange as well as a clearinghouse. Up achieve this ambitious vision Bcause LLC approached us to create a complete web solution for their business based on the Laravel framework, that builds up a foundation for their entire digital currency value chain. They require a solution that could handle client management, trading operations, and fund transactions and also complies with regulatory requirements.

Bcause LLC Solution

Zrix a top web development company in USA stepped in to provide a comprehensive web solution to one of our esteemed clients “Bcause LLC”. Our team of experts creates a full-fledged Front end and backend for their desired web solution. We have worked closely with them to understand all their business requirements. After our experts understood all their requirements we started working on the front-end that included both the designing and development phases. Simultaneously we have created a powerful backend system using Laravel that is based on the PHP framework, for their office’s staff for administering all the details about different transactions performed by the users. We have delivered them with a completely secure, feature-rich web solution that meets all their business requirements.

Bcause LLC  Solution

Bcause LLC Features

  • Effective User Interface: We have delivered them with the most efficient frontend for their web solution, equipped with a completely user-friendly interface providing the best user experience to its users.
  • Real-Time Information: Bcause LLC’s clients can easily access their real-time balance information, keeping them informed about their account status that helps them in further decision-making about their funds and investments.
  • Deposits & Withdrawals: The platform that we have created for Bcause LLC allows clients to securely deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts. Thus offering them seamless management of their digital assets.
  • Trading Functionality: We also have added trading functionalities to their solution allowing their clients to engage in buying and selling their desired digital currencies with ease through our user-friendly interface.

Bcause LLC Result

We have successfully delivered them their desired web solution based on Laravel, a PHP framework. This project consists of a frontend design that enabled clients to easily navigate and interact with the platform facilitating a seamless user experience. Its backend system provides Bcause’s office staff and administrators with efficient tools to manage client accounts, transactions as well as compliance-related tasks. After the project was delivered we asked them for feedback. When they have finished checking all the functionalities of their solution they provided us with a positive response. At Zrix we always remain committed to delivering our clients with the most efficient and high-quality solutions that fulfill all their unique business requirements.

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