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This platform functions as an all-inclusive HR (Human Resource) solution, incorporating a range of features like tracking, onboarding, payroll, time management, attendance, PTO tracking, and many others. By utilizing this software, HR professionals can allocate their focus toward other elements that contribute to the overall success of the company.

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BerniePortal-HR Problem

Human Resource departments handle necessary activities related to employees and business-related functions. In short, their work increases the amount of paperwork and makes the work ecosystem a bit hectic. Performing different duties at the same time disturb people from HR tasks and create difficulties for them. HR departments in a large-sized company always face difficulties in managing the performance of employees, application tracking, time tracking of individuals, strategic management, and enrolling online benefits. All this work increases every time a new individual enters into the company. Therefore, a permanent remedy was needed to improve HR’s fragmented and hectic paperwork.

BerniePortal-HR Solution

To automate their manual process, we built one solution and named it the BERNIE PORTAL, an HR software that reduces paperwork, saves time, and helps in developing a better employee experience. This online web portal in the field of Industrial Management, connects all minor-major HR duties in a comprehensive all-in-one HR Tool with the help of technology. This automated web application manages EDI file transfer, Onboarding, and Offboarding, Defined Contribution, Benefits enrolment, HSA management, Collaboration with banks, etc. BERNIE PORTAL’S iOS app supplies important HR information like insurance details, clock in and out management, and also performs new hirings.


BerniePortal-HR Features

Onboarding : BerniePortal Onboarding feature auto-populates the new hire’s information and saves their details and e-signatures for future use.

Offboarding : We created this guide best practices of offboarding, so you can let your employees leave as gracefully and tactfully as possible.

Applicant Tracking : We created this guide best practices of offboarding, so you can let your employees leave as gracefully and tactfully as possible.

Payroll : The Payroll feature seamlessly populates employee data from BerniePortal for more accurate paydays. HR teams can rest easy knowing an employee’s benefit deductions, time and attendance, and PTO days will auto-populate every pay period. Benefits Administration - BerniePortal’s Benefits Administration features allow

Benefits Administration : BerniePortal’s Benefits Administration features allow organizations to offer more robust benefit packages to their employees without all the tedious paperwork.

Time & Attendance : BerniePortal self-service Time and Attendance feature allows employees to clock in and out, request time edits from their manager when needed, and view real-time data reports.

BerniePortal-HR Result

After we have delivered their initial desired solution our team asked them for feedback. After having a glance at the solution, and checking out all. At Zrix we are proud to have a successful partnership with “BerniePortal'' They came up with the challenge to build up their online presence and we with our dedication and teamwork created exceptional software for them at completely affordable prices. We are still working with them and taking care of further enhancements and upgrades with their team.

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