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Human Resource departments handle necessary activities related to employees and business-related functions

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BerniePortal-HR Problem

Human Resource departments handle necessary activities related to employees and business-related functions. In short, their work increases the amount of paperwork and makes the work ecosystem a bit hectic. Performing different duties at the same time disturb people from HR tasks and create difficulties for them. HR departments in a large-sized company always face difficulties in managing the performance of employees, application tracking, time tracking of individuals, strategic management, and enrolling online benefits. All this work increases every time a new individual enters into the company. Therefore, a permanent remedy was needed to improve HR’s fragmented and hectic paperwork.

BerniePortal-HR Solution

To automate their manual process, we built one solution and named it the BERNIE PORTAL, an HR software that reduces paperwork, saves time, and helps in developing a better employee experience. This online web portal in the field of Industrial Management, connects all minor-major HR duties in a comprehensive all-in-one HR Tool with the help of technology. This automated web application manages EDI file transfer, Onboarding, and Offboarding, Defined Contribution, Benefits enrolment, HSA management, Collaboration with banks, etc. BERNIE PORTAL’S iOS app supplies important HR information like insurance details, clock in and out management, and also performs new hirings.


BerniePortal-HR Features

Dynamic Workflow Management: Our Bernie portal web app offers a dynamic workflow management system that can easily adapt to the different requirements of its users and provides them with functionalities as per their unique requirements.
High-End Customizations: Our team of experts customized the Bernie portal according to the unique business requirements of our client “Bernard Health” helping them effectively manage their payroll & HR solutions.
User-Friendly Interface: We have added a complete user-friendly interface in the Bernie portal providing a seamless usage experience to its users accessing all its features more conveniently.

Data Security: Our team of experts has tailored the Bernie portal following all the necessary security measures to safeguard their personal information from any unauthorized or third-party access.

BerniePortal-HR Result

An automated web application with integrated IOS app which manages Benefits Enrollment, EDI file transfer, nboarding, Offboarding, Defined Contribution, HSA management and integration with the bank, integration with BCBST, Allstate, Cigna, Guardian, Unum and a lot more.... !

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"Zrix helped us create an amazing product with our BerniePortal. Bernard Health works in one of the most dynamic and fickle aspects of the healthcare industry: insurance coverage. We needed a system that could change according to requirements of the insurance companies we work with, as well as the needs of our clients. Zrix created an application that takes a complicated workflow and makes it user-friendly for all."

Alex Tolbert, Bernard Health