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CEOnline is a teaching platform for people to learn about makeup, hairdressing, nail shaping and many more. CEOnline courses are authorized by the state board. The website allows you to select your location and start learning.

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CEOnline Problem

CEOnline is an educational platform that teaches about grooming and much more. CEOnline courses are authorized by the state board. The website allows you to select your state and start learning. The client’s requirement was a design and web development in Drupal with custom themes & modules. Our primary challenge was to evenly split the home page into two equal sections. The left side needed to remain static with images and the right side required a dynamic and responsive design. Additionally, we had to incorporate video streaming on the home page without affecting the site’s loading speed. We addressed and resolved all usability issues ensuring that the templates aligned with the latest design trends, patterns and web standards. Furthermore, we integrated special mobile features to make certain all site content would translate effectively on all mobile devices.

CEOnline Solution

CEOnline is an educational institution specializing in grooming. Our task was to transform their designs into responsive Drupal themes, ensuring the templates could adapt to various content types. Although there was no existing mobile content strategy, our team worked closely with CEOnline's web services team to develop a flexible mobile design approach. We conducted prototyping and usability testing to identify and resolve issues, ensuring the templates met current design trends and web standards. We also integrated special mobile features to optimize content display on mobile devices. Today, the template is being used across various courses within CEOnline


CEOnline Features

Custom Theme Design: We've given their website a fresh and eye-catching custom theme that is designed to be responsive on any device, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience for users.

Custom Features & Functionalities: The CEOnline website is equipped with a range of personalized features and functionalities that help make their site both responsive and dynamic.

Advanced Menu & Search Functionality: We have added an advanced menu and search functionality to their website, making the interface user friendly.

Website Mobile Integration: We ensured their website and content is responsive and the transition for every screen size i.e. desktop, tablet and mobile is smooth

CEOnline result

After the project completion, we requested feedback from the client and upon reviewing their website, they shared their feedback with us. They expressed satisfaction with the work we had done and even went ahead and recommended Zrix to many other clients.

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