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Checkhub Workforce Management

Checkhub Workforce Management

The Problem

Organizations and businesses always struggle to check into the tool usage, visibility, productivity, risk management, and efficiency of remote workers and employees. The last few years saw a sudden increase in the remote workforce.

Today, 80% of employees are working from home, remote locations. Managing a remote workforce can seem overwhelming and disjointed. Checking out day-to-day operations, checklists, tasks, project completion, with complete accuracy is quite difficult with remote workforce management software.

With fewer inefficiencies, we need everything at our fingertips, and software can not fulfill managers, administrations, and company officials' every time needs.

Checkhub Workforce Management

The Solution

Is to use a remote workforce/employee management app named Checkhub, which is available for both iOS and Android platform for mobile purposes. It is a holistic app-based solution that manages everything, every time, from anywhere.

The app creates tasks combining locations, assets, teams, schedules, and checklists. Also, track issues, task completion, workforce visibility, perform processes with step-by-step instruction and generate final reports once the task is over.

Chekhub is the ultimate platform on your phone in the easy reach of your hands, spending less time and getting work done on schedule remotely!

The app is made for everyone's use and has 4 different paid plans. Choose based on the size of the remote workforce your business operates at different locations.

App's Features

The app provides all the necessary tools like asset management, data customization, analytics, reporting system, Computerized Maintenance Management System, built-in ticketing system, real-time workflow management, task management, project management, workforce management, and more.

We made the app on the Flutter, which is free, open-source, fast, expressive, single codebase, API supportive, secure, flexible, faster testing, easy debugging, cross-platform app builder that gives native-like iOS and Android experience.

Checkhub Workforce Management


Checkhub is a new and easy way to manage your team tasks and assignments with an easy-to-use interface, overseeing all activities from anywhere, assigning, managing, performing tasks, comprehensive checklist, uniquely engaging, and all manageable on the easy-to-use app - Checkhub.

ZRIX (CMS Website Services) chose Flutter as it creates apps budget-friendly with the best features, highlights, and functionalities.

Contact us to develop business work-related applications to ease your task management and employee management.

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