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Know Who Are Your Loyal Customers!

Know Who Are Your Loyal Customers

“You can predict how much revenue you are about to lose.”

Churn means “leaving the company, business, or services". It happens when your existing customers stop doing business or stop using your services. Our tool gathers customer data to predict the number of customers likely to churn at each stage of their journey. It identifies patterns to determine why customers may leave? Thus, you can take the required actions and retain customers before they leave. It’s possible when,

“A tool tracks engagement, revenue at risk, customer lifetime value, reviews.”

In Our ML Model Using FastAPI

In Our ML/DL Model,

We formed a dataset of churned customers from our hundreds of clients, preprocessed the data, did hyper tuning, Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), data visualization, and looked at distributions of numerical features with the target variable. To prepare a dataset for churn modeling, we encoded categorical features to numbers. The final dataset is available as a Kaggle dataset.

Finally, we used an ML/DL library in python to create a classifier. In our model, the dataset is taken as the input, it then preprocesses features, trains the classifier, and returns churn prediction in the output.

We used a Decision Tree Model to decide if a customer is a churn or not!

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Do You Want to Know Your Churned Customers?

Choosing the right software tool is tough. But, we enable you to go through all your customer insights with our ML/DL model to make your customer success efforts better.

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How Churn Prediction Can Improve Your Business?

As per market stats, the probability of selling your business services or products/items to your existing customers is 50% to 60%. Also, the probability to sell to a new customer is 20% to 30%. Selling to an existing customer is highly cost-effective than making new customers in the market.

Using this ML/DL model in your business can help you to know cutting-edge churn prediction capabilities, customers, different behavior, patterns, preferences, proactive features, and more. By understanding consumers’, customers’, clients’, and viewers’ opinions, a company can improve its business presence on the internet immediately.

The tools’ abilities can help you to retain your customers and prevent lost revenue. The only thing you need to know are the customers ready to leave. Once, you have a list of such customers, offer them better services and offers at better prices.

“Don’t Let Customers Leave Your Businesses and Services!”



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