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The Columbia University

Columbia University, one of the highly reputed educational institutions located in New York City USA. This institution is considered one of the most important centers of research in the world. They came up with the problem to upgrade their website’s platform to the latest version and also with the motive of making their website completely responsive.

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The Columbia University

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The Columbia University Problem

Columbia University one of the top educational institutions in the world, visited us with a problem of upgrading their website to Drupal’s latest version and also to make their website completely responsive and engaging so that it becomes operable on any of the devices by its users. They finally chose us to solve their problem after analyzing our potential and sincerity towards the work. We at Zrix believe in providing our clients with their desired dynamic IT solutions that fulfill all their unique business needs. They have asked us to completely fix and update their website more effectively making it dynamic, responsive, and engaging for its users.

The Columbia University Solution

After Columbia University assigned us their problems, our team of experts completely analyzed their goals and requirements for delivering them the best and most efficient solution. When our experts have finished researching their requirements and goals we started with our complete development process facilitating the upgradation of their website’s CMS as well as making it device friendly and responsive. During the upgrade, we found and fixed theme-related issues including outdated web standards, inline CSS, absolute positioning of elements, unnecessary multiple views, and static code like menus in TPL files. We also removed issues with nodes and cleaned up ones that did not follow Drupal standards. In addition, we found and fixed issues with broken fields, broken views, errors on the home page, etc.


Features of The Columbia University Website

Modern Redesign: The Columbia University website features a modern and visually appealing design that reflects the institution's prestigious reputation enhancing their user’s experiences. 

Department-Specific Pages: The website provides dedicated pages for different departments, including the Plant Pathology Department, highlighting their achievements, faculty, research, and other relevant information.

Latest Drupal Version: We have added all the latest features of Dupal’s upgraded version like the updated security patches as well as complete social media integration to their website.

Mobile Friendly: We have also made their website completely responsive so that it can be easily operated from each and every device like smartphones, tabs, and desktops.

The Columbia University Result

When Columbia University Contacted us with their problem with upgrading their website’s CMS and to make their website completely responsive and device friendly. We have successfully completed this project and delivered it to them. After the delivery of the project we asked them for feedback, They provided us with completely positive feedback after checking all the functionalities of their website as well as its responsiveness.

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