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Columbia University

Columbia University
Project Summary: 
Lamont came to us in need of an upgrade to the latest and most stable version of Drupal. Although this was a purely technical upgrade (Drupal 6 to Drupal 7), Lamont also needed to convert their existing theme into a responsive theme to meet mobile demand.
During the upgrade we found and fixed theme related issues including: outdated web standards, inline CSS, absolute positioning of elements, unnecessary multiple views, and static code like menus in TPL files. We also removed issues with nodes and cleaned up ones that did not follow Drupal standards. In addition, we found and fixed issues with broken fields, broken views, errors on home page, etc. We also took their existing theme and converted it into a responsive theme.
Once we finished the upgrade, we tested extensively to ensure that the upgrade was done properly. Specifically, we tested their site for functionality and other potential problems that visitors may see. We also ensured that the sites functionality would remain intact without breaking the site by doing all of the testing in our staging environment. This ensured that the upgrade was as smooth as possible.
Lamont now has a fully responsive website that can be seamlessly viewed on any device. And as a result of their upgrade, they are now taking advantage of the many benefits that the Drupal 7 offers including more power, flexibility, better performance, and security.


Features and Services Provided:
Drupal Upgrade, Drupal Update, Content Migration, Data Migration and Responsive Web Design.

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