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CPESN is one of the topmost pharmacy networks in the USA with over 3500+ pharmacies in 44 different States. CPESN was searching for the best web development solution to build its business website.

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CPESN Problem

CPESN is one of the topmost pharmacy networks in the USA with over 3500+ pharmacies in 44 different States. CPESN was searching for the best web development solution to build its business website. Finally, they ended their search by choosing Zrix as their web development solution provider. We @ Zrix aim to provide our users with client-oriented websites so that they can cater to all the business needs of their clients. We have helped them in building up their brand value. CPESN came with the challenge of developing a dynamic and highly interactive Business Website. They were having a major requirement to build up their brand existence among their online users. They needed to increase their pharmacy network using the online platform. They have asked us for Website Designing, Development, and Content addition to their website. They needed their website to be designed Dynamically with higher efficiency that represents their brand value.

CPESN Solution

After CPESN reached us with this problem. We have analyzed all their objectives behind web design and development. After which we have done a lot of market research for getting the latest market trends and analyzing their requirements. When finished with all such processes we have provided them with the best and most feasible Website Design and Development Packages. Their website is designed and developed by our experts who chose Drupal’s latest version. In order to meet up all their provided requirements. Our experts provided them with fully custom web design and development solutions. Our experts also provided them with the Content services on their website. After all these processes have been completed we have tested all the functionalities of their website. After the approval of our testers, we have provided them with a fully functional, responsive, and Highly interactive Business Website.



CPESN Features

Robust CMS: We have used one of the best CMS for designing and developing, Drupal 9. We have added the powerful functionalities of Drupal providing them with the solution that fulfills their business requirements.

Pharmacy Locator: We have added the pharmacy locator feature to this website. Using this you can search the nearby pharmacy within a radius of a particular distance. Not only searching you can quickly locate your preferred pharmacy using this website

 Responsive Design: We have added a completely responsive web design, ensuring that this website can be operated by its users from any of their desired devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Advanced Search Functionality: We have added a completely advanced search bar to their website that enables their visitors to search for specific content or information over their website with ease. 

CPESN Result

After the Successful delivery of the website to CPESN, We have asked them to provide feedback on the services that we have delivered to them. They have provided us with positive feedback after checking out all the features of their website. They were quite happy with our design and development work. We have provided them with the best possible custom theme design as per their preferences. After Checking out our workability They have also assigned us with the Maintenance work of their website. So what you are waiting for? Assign Zrix your Website development project to get your desired affordable web development solutions.

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