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Infidati, a top Network administration services company in USA delivers their clients with expert IT administration services. They contacted us with the problem of building up their business’s online presence through an engaging website

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Infidati Problem

Infidati one of the most popular Network administration services company in USA contacted us with the motive of building up their online presence in the form of a website that represents their products and services. After seeking our working potential they have decided to choose us as their web development partner. They asked us for different services like Drupal Consulting services, Drupal Designing and Theming Services, and finally Drupal website development services. We have aimed to deliver them the best possible Drupal website that perfectly builds their online presence. Infidati contacted us with a challenge for creating a wholly engaging and interactive website that must be easily navigable for visitors.

The Solution We Delivered

When Infidati reached us with the problem of showcasing their brand online in terms of Network Administration and IT infrastructure management. We have completely analyzed all their business requirements, according to which we have provided them with consulting services, for generating the best possible outcome as per their budget and requirements. After they have opted for their desired final outcome, our team of experts started working on their project. We first designed a completely dynamic UI/UX for their website, effectively showcasing all the services that they are delivering to their clients. Not only designing but we have also created a full-fledged website for them with added features and functionalities as per their business’s requirements. After our experts have created their website, we started rigorous testing n their website to check out whether it is functioning efficiently or not. When testing is completed we found some of the issues that are efficiently fixed by our experts, ensuring that we deliver them with the most efficient and best web solution.


Infidati Features

At Zrix, we have tailored a completely efficient website for our esteemed client Infidati equipped with the features and functionalities required by them. We have delivered them with a completely functional website with the features listed below:

  • Effective Search Option: We at Zrix have implemented an effective search option to their website that enables their users to search for specific services as per their needs.
  • Navigation Menu: We have included their website with an efficient and well-structured navigation menu that allows their website visitors to easily navigate through their website accessing all its features and functionalities.
  • Responsive Design: We have made this website completely responsive so that it can be accessed on any device like smartphones, desktops, and tablets more easily.
  • Robust Content Management System: We have created Infidati’s website on a highly robust and feature-rich content management system that is Drupal, delivering them with top-notch features and functionalities. Social Media Integration: Incorporating social media buttons into their website allows all their users to access all their social media handles accessing all their social media activities.

Infidati Result

After completing the development process for Infidati, our team of experts successfully delivered the project to them showcasing all the features and functionalities that were asked by our client “Infidati”. After the delivery of the project we have asked them for the feedback. When our client “Infidati” completed all the checks on the project that we have delivered to them, they provided us with a completely positive feedback, stating thet they have really liked our work and the efforts of our team in creating and delivering them with their desired web solutions at such an affordable price range.

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