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International Focus

A Non-Profit Organization "International Focus" came to us with a mission to promote understanding between the international community

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International Focus

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International Focus Problem

A Non-Profit Organization "International Focus" came to us with a mission to promote understanding between the international community and North Carolina's Triangle by facilitating face-to-face diplomacy, personal & professional artistic exchange through education, cultural exchange, arts, events, celebrate achievements, and more. However, the website was facing challenges as the site wasn't updated, responsive, less communicable, and no information exchange. Furthermore, the content accessibility and discoverability was a big challenge due to a multi-level page website, less room to display content, no clear paths to seek information, no clear call-to-action, less website security, and increased performance issues. Also, the client had priorities, i.e., brand building, news & opinions, lead generation, online donation, and replicate the American foundation of the website.

International Focus Solution

After analyzing the seriousness of their objectives, the ongoing website problems, and the challenges ahead, we ZRIX convinced the client to choose our affordable website design and development solution. We designed and developed the website from top-down with WordPress. A non-profit organization has plenty of information to share; thus, we implemented a content management system responsible to promote a lot of content to the audience with easy website navigation and content layout. Also, we gave a refreshing look and feel to the website by increasing UI/UX features and design consistency. To create a highly interactive and responsive website, we improved the code of the website, connected payment gateways for easy donation services, improved the social media integration on the website, focussed on putting an intuitive media gallery, and gave a secure, performance-optimized, reliable and stable WordPress website for International Focus!

International Focus solution

International Focus Features

Responsive Design for Mobile Devices: Our team has developed a fully customized and responsive web design that ensures an exceptional user experience for our clients. This design effectively showcases their brand and adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes.

Enhanced Security Measures: Our experts prioritize security while crafting a feature-rich website for our valued clients. We meticulously implement all necessary security standards to create a completely secure website for their protection.

Advanced Navigation Menu: We have designed a highly sophisticated menu system that enhances the website's user-friendliness, allowing all visitors to navigate with ease. The menu provides convenient access to all sections of the website.

Powerful Platform: By leveraging the widely adopted and robust WordPress framework, we have equipped our clients' websites with an array of powerful features and functionalities. This choice ensures a solid foundation for their online presence.

International Focus Result

It's their review about us where they praised working with ZRIX! “For the clients, now ZRIX is the best website development company, especially at WordPress. Our recommendations were followed best in designing and content structuring. They have a highly professional and skilled team in the USA. Also, their understanding of technicalities is immensely powerful and guided us at every step through the process.” Today, the website has increased the number of first-time donations, increased volunteer hours, a strong social media presence, increase online traffic, and online audience, and the best features on the site! Are you interested in making a no-profit business organization website with WordPress?

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