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“Detect A Malicious URL Using Machine Learning”

Big MNCs, government institutions, trusts, banks, and internet users are witnessing an increased number of cybersecurity attacks like malware injection, phishing attacks, ransomware, DDoS, etc. All such malevolent programs and pieces come to your devices with incoming URL links. Stopping illegitimate URLs in time protects your devices and data from becoming a part of cybercrime.

“But, you can only stop it when you know ‘how to detect a malicious link?”

In Our ML Model Using FastAPI

In Our ML Model Using FastAPI,

ML algorithms support numeric inputs! So, we first created lexical numeric features. It means input to algorithms is numeric rather than raw URLs. Second, we gathered data to create a dataset of malicious links and curated it for the ML model.

The final dataset is available as a Kaggle dataset!

We used around different Python and Machine Learning libraries, ML/DL frameworks, ML/DL algorithms, and Python language. Also, we found different types of URLs (Benign, Malware, Phishing, and Defacement URLs) from the final dataset in pandas dataframe.

Do You Want A Business Sentiment Analysis Predictor

Do You Want A Malicious Link Detector?

To find out the new trending features that classify malicious URLs, we need to create a dataframe for more links. It is possible with a good ML model and dataset.

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How to Use a Malicious Link Detector For Business Purposes?

Once you have found the malicious URL using the machine learning model, you can further find the details about the particular URL. For example, you can find URLs address, its WHOIS database, google_index, subdomain count, presence of multiple directories, suspicious words in URLs, its hostname, etc. You can extract all this information with our malicious link detector.

“Unlock the Valuable ML/DL Software Models in Your Business with CMS Website Services!”

Using this ML model in your business you can know spamming, phishing, and cyber attacks on your freshly launched online product/services. By understanding consumers’, customers’, clients’, and viewers’ opinions, a company can improve its business presence on the internet immediately.

“Don’t Let Malicious Links Kill Your Businesses Opportunities!”



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