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MD Logic

MD Logic
MD Logic Problem

The Problem

MD Logic, an industry leader in Electronic Health Record Systems, was founded in 1994 to maximize efficiency while navigating patients electronic health records.

It was a few years ago when MD LOGIC updated its website and the technology used at that time was old, vulnerable to security breaches and difficult to upgrade.

The website also lacked clear calls to actions as well as had old live support site and content management system for blogging, news & events.

We understood MD Logic’s requirements, the challenges and the need for countless features.



The Solution

A complete overhaul of the website was needed because the site design, features, and technology were all outdated. Since we started from scratch, there was no need to worry about working with old, obsolete features or modules.

We rebuilt the necessary features, imported them from their old site and made sure that content is transferred flawlessly. To do so, we used Drupal 7 and migrated the whole content to a new CMS.

We also tested the site features on different devices and quickly worked to fix all bugs and errors before the launch time to ensure the site’s smooth functioning.

Even after launching the site successfully, we are helping and guiding MD Logics in their other projects.


The Result

MD Logic site now is a clean code base responsive website that can handle any media to convey their vision and message. Their site now displays bold graphics to draw the user's interest and allow them to explore the company's solutions and products is a web tech-friendly manner.

Website Features

The new MD Logic site contains countless customized features. Below are a list of features that were particularly important to the success of the platform.

  • Drupal Design

    We designed efficiently for the Drupal platform.

  • Drupal Themeing

    We worked quickly to turn finished designs into Drupal code.

  • Drupal Development

    Custom programming helped achieve the finishing touches.

  • Responsive Web Design

    The new site is compatible with all devices and screen sizes.

  • Custom Graphics

    We created unique graphics to help push the core message.

  • Content Migration

    We interfaced with old databases to move content to the new site.

Project Screens

MD Logic 1MD Logic 2MD Logic 3


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